Why men are to blame


Why men are to blame

For years I have seen men and fathers getting screwed over in family courts where they get restricted or denied access as a result of a woman's lie. Many of these fathers end up committing suicide, or end up with severe depression. Trust me, I have seen so many good men and fathers get screwed over big time by the legal system and family courts.

But it recently occurred to me that men are the ones who are stupid enough to have children. The toxic nature of western women is very well understood by most men, yet men continue to get western women pregnant. It's true that some men get lucky and end up with a good woman who is committed to family life and never uses the kids as a weapon. But alongside that, there are many other men who've had their lives destroyed by toxic women and crooked family courts.

I've had no choice but to remain single for the last 12 years. When people ask me why I don't want kids, I just tell them that fathers don't have equal rights and that women today are too unpredictable. It's just too risky. The brainwashing of feminism and the lies of the media have made western women harmful to men. Sure, I've missed out on family life, but I've managed to save up thousands of pounds and live life more freely.

If men are stupid enough to keep having children with women, then maybe they deserve to learn the hard way. Many years ago when I was out of work my job centre advisor once told me that he's had a lot of young women say to him that they can just have a baby and claim benefits. A lot of women do actually use men as sperm donors and then push the men away after the child has been born. So, why the hell do men keep feeding these parasites? Men are stupid for having children with women today. When will men get it through their heads that it's far too dangerous?

Why men are to blame
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  • Anonymous
    "If men are stupid enough to keep having children with women" It isn't like men can have children without women. Saying it is a man's fault for being stuck in an unfair system makes no sense. It is unfair to expect men to not want a family.

    Eventually men will be able to have children without women, and that will change the family dynamic over night. Men will have their own children, and women will have their own children, but few kids will ever have more than one parent. That is the direction we are headed. That is the price of a world without gender roles where both parents are truly independent of each other.
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  • Anonymous
    My dad actually attempted to commit suicide due to losing custody of me and my sisters (and my mom). He's better though but still has depression which breaks my heart.
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    • DBAOracle

      I feel for the man. Your dad loves you and your sisters very much, he's going through what many men today are going through, he's not alone and neither are you.

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  • RansomDraven
    Then the entire human population would die out. And to avoid something because your afraid of what could happen is a sad way to live. You can always stand outside of the fire and call yourself strong, like the song, but that's just surviving, not living. Now on another note, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man or woman who doesn't want to have kids and prefers to stay single and travel for example, or get a lot of life experiances that you won't get through having a family. There is nothing wrong with that. But to say that "men are stupid for having children with women today" is very uncalled for. Many men want to be dads and I think that if anything, if it were this huge risk that you have it written out to be, that would make them couragous and even brave. Now I also must say that I do agree that lots of women use the child as a weapon or as a convenience. That child should not be used for benefits for either party. They are a person, not a tool. So I agree with you on that point.
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    • DBAOracle

      @RansomDraven Honestly, human beings shouldn't be concerned with reproduction to continue but rather chemical, biological and nuclear warfare. "if it were this huge risk that you have it written out to be, that would make them couragous and even brave" I highly disagree. There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. When over 50% of marriages end in divorce, 70% of divorces initiated by women, 97% of women get alimony, how women can always get custody of the children just by showing up in court while the man has to prove why he's fit AND why she's not fit to raise the children. How courts do not require women for any proof when they claim abuse which can be something as simple as "he didn't have sex with me for 2 weeks!" oh, bad man... when man doesn't get sex for 2 weeks, "she's not an object or a sex toy, she's a human being, suck it up!" Marriage for a man is not bravery, it's foolishness. Children are not an issue, but their mothers are.

    • Stephen10

      Well if the divorce laws and family courts are not going to change, then what are men suppose to do?

    • Stephen10

      @DBAOracle Bravo! The truth is, men still hold the power. The best way to destroy a parasite is to starve it. If men refused to get women pregnant then it would be game over. I accept that there are dead beat dads, but far too many women use the kids for profit and to hurt the father. The main reason that women hold the cards right now is because stupid, foolish men keep getting them pregnant and then complain when the kid is used against them.

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  • Octavius
    Ugh enough of this bs "him vs her" crap. Men and women are equally to blame for all the issues of the world. There's an absurd amount of shitty people in both genders and there's a couple truly decent ones in both genders accept it and move on. Moping is not going to solve the issue it's not going to make you feel better in the long run and it's not going to get you sympathy it just makes everyone ostracize you. #Dealwithit
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  • forgottenmonkey
    I agree with what you have to say about custody but not so much the western women stuff. Courts really do favor women heavily. I've had a bunch of friends go through this. My friends wife had two kids with another man while they were married and skipped half the court dates and the court still gave primary custody to her. In fact she skipped so many that he lost his job because he ran out of days off allotted for court stuff.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    So many guys on GaG have a ridiculous victim complex and wouldn't last a day with real issues.
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    • Stephen10

      what i've said is absolutely true whether you like it or not

  • Joc4Position
    LMAO!!! 😂😂😂😂

    Oh those terrible, fat, hamburger eating Americans. They are bloody terrible ey mate?
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  • Mysterio421
    A lot of these men want kids sure, but a whole lot changes after the child is born. by the way not to mention how women "accidentally" forgot to take the pill. Speaking of pill, women have 11+ forms of birth control. The woman decides whether to have the baby whether the guy wants to or not. Prenuptial agreements can be nullified in courts. It's a whole mess not to mention alimony. There is no benefit for a man to get married. That's why I am not getting married. It's just not worth it. I feel bad for the kids too. We need to spread this word.
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  • VampireEmpress
    would you still be willing to date a single woman with kids? I'm curious if you think that would be a better or worse situation than having kids yourself.

    and I've heard tons of horror stories from the courts too. lots of women are hurt, but the majority that are hurt the most are guys.

    to me, the worst part is that lots of these guys are trashtalked by other people; like they don't care about their children enough, or they don't pay child support so they're awful people. lots of people don't understand that a lot of the time the men aren't capable of being with their kids or even paying a low amount of support because of how badly they were used by the court system. like being forced to take on a lot of debt. it's not always a simple situation like how the trashtalkers make it out to be.
    • Stephen10

      No I wouldn't. I don't see it as my job to bring up another man's kids.

  • SIGguy
    Ouch. Course, I can't bitch, I have no children and odds are slim I'll have sex again anytime soon.
  • GreatnessPersonified
    I hear a lot of talk and no solutions.
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  • Anonymous
    For me having my daughter was worth it. After 14 years of an amazing relationship suddenly I was told that it was all a lie and that it was over. I was shocked and devastated. The wife then went on to take my house and everything else and left me with the debt. The same woman who for 14 years was outspokenly against women having all the rights and always thought it a tragedy how some women behave after a breakup. I lost everything.

    But I got my daughter. For her I would do it all over again. She was worth it. It's a bullshit world but in the end I got the best part. Too bad it cost me everything else.
    • Stephen10

      Oh, I know of many men who have experienced the same fate, after being married for many years, thinking everything was fine. Did she give any reason for breaking up with you?

    • Anonymous

      She went for another guy.

    • Stephen10

      Women, especially western women, are too unpredictable. Just can't be trusted. Maybe it's to do with a woman's biology or the brainwashing of the media, or a combination of both.

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  • Anonymous
    Men are increasingly waking up, OP. Word has reached the younger generation, I'm in the prime of my 20s and I'm 110% cautious. Yes, we are ALL to blame for how far we let feminism go, we are to blame that some of us are "feminist allies", we are to blame for some of us are "white knights", we are to blame for a lot of things. But, the damage can easily be undone by something as simple as this: "don't date, don't marry, don't get children." The last one is driving me a little buzzy. :P
    I'd like to have children but, I'll just wait for some technology or whatever it is in which a child can be created with only my sperm... it's a very tough shot but, never say never in technology. :)
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  • Anonymous
    "The brainwashing of feminism and the lies of the media have made western women harmful to men. "

    That pretty well sums it up right there. I agree with everything you've written here. By breeding with modern women, men are only perpetuating and enabling the problem. And it is not just men and fathers who are the victims. The children suffer in so many ways as well. The gynocentrism of modern women has done immeasurable harm to men, children and society as a whole, to an extent that will not be fully understood for years to come.

    Men having sex with women is not the problem. Rather, it is allowing those women to become pregnant that is the issue, thereby giving women the means to victimize men and their children. Western men need to either wear condoms and make absolutely certain women can't get pregnant, or take a page from the book of all the Japanese men who are opting out of sex altogether.

    Only when the populations, and thereby the economies of the US, Canada and Great Britain are seriously threatened, like Japan's is today, will their governments take actions to address the inequities men face in laws that govern reproductive and parental rights.
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    • Stephen10

      Very well said. It's okay blaming feminism and western women but why on earth do men keep playing the game? The media, feminism, and a woman's biology has made women too unpredictable. I've known men, good men, who were with a woman for many years. They thought everything was going fine. But then out of the blue the woman turns on him like a animal turning on a wounded animal. She takes the kids and goes off with another man. Many years ago the divorce laws were different and it was much harder to get a divorce. People had much more to lose for walking out of a marriage. But now women can benefit from a divorce, especially if the man has a well paid job. Why are men so stupid to keep breeding? Can't they see how risky it is?

    • Anonymous

      They think they will be the exception. It won't happen to them. Pure naivete.

  • Anonymous
    Sadly... I agree with you.

    Due to their insistence on unfair conditions, Women have reduced themselves to financial/legal liabilities. They just aren't worth talking to, much less marrying or fucking.
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    • And that's why you're still single?

    • Anonymous


      No, I'm single because I broke up with my girlfriend for hitting me. She was quite surprised I found that a good reason for breaking up, but there you go.

  • Anonymous
    Same reason women are suddenly the devil incarnate when they break up.
    This is why I don't feel too sorry for these girls with deadbeat baby father's and these guys with girls who mess with the dads seeing his kids.. Like seriously, choose better people to reproduce with. The only victims in these situations are the kids, the parents brought it upon themselves.
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