English Girls Are the NEW American Girls


Obviously, this video is biased but I can attest to it's partial validity (about the hammered English girls in the street) from many lost drunken nights partying in London.

For the American Male looking to spend a little bit of time visiting Europe he should know...

Why English Girls Are The New American Girls

English Girls Are the NEW American Girls


English Girls Are the NEW American Girls

The British Empire...the American Empire...one just was obvious and one tried to be a secret but we all knew what was happening. The fact that both our countries have been such global powers and influences it's not hard to see why English Girls think they have the world by the balls and they squeeze every bit of fun for as long as they're sober enough to still walk in a moderatly straight line. English girls have a lot in common with they feel they've earned by simply being born. Of course, there's a bunch of sweet, humble English girls, but MANY think they're the **** and you'll often think you're back in the States.


English Girls Are the NEW American Girls

Hey, I like a girl with confidence, but compared to other European girls English ladies are more than comfortable belching in public, wearing clothes that don't always match, and generally walking around with an idgaf attitude. Hey, don't let me stand in your way Brave, New English woman.


English Girls Are the NEW American Girls

Holy God, I've never seen so many vomit so much on the sides of so many streets while there girlfriends decide whether it's worth holding their friend's hair back at this point. English girls go hard and drink to ******* win! So boys don't think you're going to get a little vodka and cranberry juice and she'll be feeling it. She's prepped to down multiple 6 packs.

Yet Still Alluring

English Girls Are the NEW American Girls

Everyone talks **** about American girls and yet everyone still wants one. Similarly, we can talk **** all day about this, Keira Knightley is still English. These girls get it. They dominate the World Fashion industry. Their overabundance of black mackup that constrasts ever so sharply with their white as snow make up is set to kill. They don't have to work at it as other culture's girls, because they're already saught and being considered the top of the heap--they act however they want and let haters hate.

English Girls Are the NEW American Girls
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  • meatballs21
    Superb post. There is a perception strongly rooted in blissful ignorance (you see it often on here) that all British girls are Emma Watson and Kate Middleton.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. You have chavettes, and splotchy Boots assistants, and tarts who work reception and admin, who slap on their foundation with a trowel, force their greasy buttocks into a pair of black stretchy pants from Topshop, and head to the nearest Wetherspoon's to knock back countless pints of cheap cider and white wine. Or they're all dressed up like brides or princesses or sexy policewomen for a hen party (read: slag do) fuelled by Sambucca. Or they've got their knickers around their ankles, trying to piss in an alley without dropping their kebab.

    This is not a European thing. This is a uniquely British thing (the same happens in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and successive governments have struggled to contain the binge drinking epidemic and the huge cost on public services like the NHS and police. Watch some episodes of Booze Britain on Youtube to see what I mean. Every Friday and Saturday night in every city in the UK is like that.

    You're also right about the misplaced sense of superiority and arrogance. When it comes to most of the girls, as the fellas say, I wouldn't touch it with yours.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LovesTVDx
    This is absolutely ridiculous.
    "Wearing clothes that don't match" Are you seriously being this particular? Does it really matter 😂 I'm glad we've adopted a "idgaf" attitude as you put it; we have the freedom to wear clothes that do not match, to drink like our male peers, to have fun, let loose! Not be some passive, oppressed shrew like less western cultures like their women.
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    • pavlove

      haha i like the feistiness of this. i like it a lot.

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  • nalaa
    Well I agree with the drunk and no fashion sense points. A lot of guys here complain about how American women drink too much, sleep around and dress slutty. Well they've clearly never been to the UK
    Though in fairness and I think most americans don't get that, drinking is part of culture in Europe. It's very common to have wine and beer with your dinner every day in most of mainland Europe. And the UK and Ireland are big on going all out once a week instead.
    And the same with the french. Europe is not the US, we've had a lot more history with each other and some things stick. It's just good fun now. You may think it's cocky but it's basically a running gag, that you might not get

    But I've also been to Poland and work with some polish women and jesus christ those must have been some of the trashiest outfits I've ever seen in my life.
    You already said the video was biased, sad part is the person who made it probably believed it was true, precisely because of stupid stereotypes like this. That aside really I don't see the point of you posting it? Aside from making English women feel bad
    • pavlove

      inform American males what they're up for when they hit london looking to score with some English girls

      lol i don't blame you irish girls throwing back those guinnesses


    • nalaa

      I have no idea what anything you said means?

    • pavlove

      how's that possible? lol

      the first part is this is an instruction guide on English girls for American guys who go to london hoping to hook up with English girls

      guinness is a popular beer in Ireland. irish people are known to drink a lot. i'm saying i don't blame an irish girl for following the stereotype and drinking a popular beer in her country.

      how on earth is that confusing?

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  • Mysterio421
    I agree totally with you. This is generally how it is. I believe the culture is partly the reason for this. That's why I will NOT date American women. I have travelled across the world and the best women in my opinion to date are South American, Latina, Indian, and other women in South America and east of Europe. You forgot to mention how these broads chunk up 50 pounds and tell you: "you have two hands make dinner yourself".
    • Azara

      so. why don't you? make diner for yourself. You're an adult.. Ah but an entitled one.

    • Entitled? No dear. I make dinner myself. What's entitled is that I paying for all the dates, I pay when the rent, light bill, food, gas, gifts, and then you sit there and get everything because your a lady. Then on top of that, you don't want to do anything and then start saying what I can and can't do. Now that's being entitled. It's give and take. Not take take take. Speaking of that, divorce is 50% where 69% initiate divorce. Taking half or more of a man's assets. Now that's entitlement. This is how a lot of marriages are in the west. And that's why I will NEVER date an American women. The only exception is if she is "old fashioned".

    • pavlove

      @Mysterio421 she's never heard of this crazy concept called doing a nice thing because it makes someone else happy lol

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  • Agrojag
    I don't have any experience with English girls but I hope they aren't too similar to American girls. I have plenty of experience with American girls and their attitudes just totally suck as do their sense of fashion.
  • angelling
    A lot of this is pretty true especially about the drunk thing, though I don't drink personally. Not too sure about the entitled thing or maybe I just haven't run into any girls like that. I've always been told I'm not the typical English girl haha
    • pavlove

      haha you're one of the good girls!

  • the_rake
    yeah, I'm British and I've never really found our culture all that different, apart from the fact we spell colour with a 'u' and we're not quite so fond of apple pies. as for British girls... definitely not that different, hah!
    Fortunately the United States still has the South where the girls still adhere to traditional values and take pride in their appearance. Can't necessarily say that for my native NorCal where most girls are adopting the ugly short-hair butch hipster/lesbian look. Does England have its own traditional region akin to America's South?
    • California is a lost cause. Michigan isn't much better. The women may not be all going butch, but a lot of them are pretty fake. So I'd say watch yourself around them. Can't trust 'em.

    • 26ukdude

      You mean the "southern belle?" Girls that have been bought up with conservative values still exist in the uk, they are usually from an affluent educated background, i'd much prefer my future wife to be like that than a drunken foul mouthed chav who wants 5 kids by the time she's 20.

  • Eugene
    From what I've noticed personally while studying in the UK, English girls usually are either ugly or just "meh"; rare exceptions happen though.
    Most of the time when you meet a good looking girl in the UK, she's either immigrant or her parents are immigrants and she was just born in the UK.
    • LovesTVDx

      Says this guy ^ 🙄😂

    • Eugene

      @LovesTVDx you seem to disagree?

    • LovesTVDx

      Yes dear.

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    The English forth runner for female entitlement:

  • Azara
    So what you are claiming here is somehow, centuries of imperialism though developed established endured enforced brutally murderously torturously with LOTS of rape to keep it exciting by MEN, somehow affected women who had no part in it politically legally socially, and somehow skipped over the innocent men.

    • pavlove

      lol you're not my biggest fan are you...

  • AleDeEurope
    This basically can be applied to all Europe. Visit the South and you'll see the same thing.
  • Taraborelli1997
    Haha I am really curious now about what you think of Welsh girls now
  • Zombie-Killa
    Entitled says it all, its all downhill and shit from there :|
  • justbanANNAz
    i wouldn't know.
    what about Aussie girls? :P
    • pavlove

      haha figuring out which angle I'm going to take with those Ladies.

    • ok, be careful 🔫 :P

    • Aussie girls, definitely got drunk and alluring covered :P

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  • Burrow
    British women are horrendous, thank heavens that we have a lot of immigration into the UK. Send some more Latin American women to the UK; this white Englishman is looking for a wife.
  • Nuqood
    Those bints who vandalised the SGC flag should be flogged.
  • You destroyed your credibility by replacing words with asterisks. *** ******** ** ****?
    • pavlove

      i'm not gonna write this whole thing just to have some jerkoff mod report it and get it taken down cuz i used explicit language lol

    • They won't do that. I curse a lot, the few opinions that I had removed didn't even contain any curse words.

    • pavlove

      well, it's happened to me before. i think they're probably like aww he's a cute 15 year old don't worry bout him

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  • Anonymous
    You really wanna bang a white chick dont u lol
  • Anonymous
    Well, you've just got to love a bit of stereotyping, haven't you? :P
  • Anonymous
    Laddettes but don't tar all of them with the same brush.
  • Anonymous
    I'm not sure what it is about English girls but when they're hot, they're REALLY freaking H. O. T.

    It's too bad that they're all the way across the pond. I'd like for one to show up on my doorstep actually. That'd be quite nice. 😅
  • Anonymous
    English girls have had this going on for a long time and are known for it in most countries. I travel a lot, and from before I can remember, people abroad are quick to point out I'm not like the other brits that visit their city/town because I'm not falling all over the place half naked, half drunk with a mouth like a sailor. It's embarrassing for me when I travel, and can be dangerous to some girls because they also have this "easy" stereotype so guys might try things and some girls aren't assertive.
  • Anonymous
    They are on average easily the least attractive women in the European countries I've been to. Figures, since I can (somewhat) communicate with them.

    With apologies to my late grandmother who was from there...