Things some single people are tired of hearing


As a single person, I have heard some of these things before. Yes we get it. If you are easily offended this mytake is not for you

Part 1: Sayings

Things some single people are tired of hearing

"You will find the one when you least expect it"

"When you are looking for love you won't find it" First of all I'm not sure what makes some people assume that I'm looking for love, I'm actually looking for a job, some of us just want to order a pizza

"You have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else" Again I'm not sure why some people like to think all single people hate themselves when there are a ton of taken people griping online and in real life all the time about how they are insecure and feel they don't love themselves

"you will find someone that will make you want to get married and have kids" not everyone wants to get married and have kids, some people are content with being in a long term relationship

Part 2: Misconceptions and stereotypes

Things some single people are tired of hearing

Single people do not date: Yes, some single people do date, dating and relationships are two different things, just because someone is single does not mean that they are not talking to a person or dating someone. Not everyone is so quick to jump into a relationship

Things some single people are tired of hearing

We are lonely: Being lonely and being alone are two different things, lonely is an emotion and being alone is the literal state of being by yourself. However, taken people can experience loneliness too because surprise! Its an emotion

Desperate: Some people are newly single and just got out of a relationship, not everyone is eager to be in a relationship just to be in one

Attractive: There seems to be a stereotype that the most attractive people are the loneliest because people assume they are taken. effing LOL

Things some single people are tired of hearing
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  • Pinkbeauty
    nice mytake I was asked by a guy if I was single and I said ya and he asked if I felt lonely and I sortive but I don't really feel lonely I try to entertain myself by playing games on my computer iPad on phone and I try and find online friends to talk to online and I go shop do yoga and paint pottery and walk
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