Careful, Girls, Your Bitterness is Obvious... And It Ain't Pretty


Careful, Girls, Your Bitterness is Obvious...And It Ain't Pretty

This is sort of like the reverse of the whole "bad boy" question.

It has always been true that women will be attracted to the bad boys, at least in some way. They may not all want to marry a bad boy, and they certainly won't be attracted to every bad boy they meet, but there's something about danger that makes a woman a little giddy. Admit it, girls, and we can move on.

But how's about men? How do they respond to girls who have pretty hardcore attitudes? I don't mean biker chicks, per se, but outspoken girls who really embrace the word "bitch," who are obviously really, REALLY bitter about life in general. That's what "bitch" is starting to mean to me, and some recent GaG stuff seems to be revolving around that one word. It makes me think: If the days of the quiet, demure, ultra-feminine girls are gone, and we're now in the "this is me; take it or GTFO" era, do men really find that attractive?

Then again, it's clear that women can have very different definitions of the word "bitch." It's obviously pretty subjective; case in point:

Okay, I don't like that any more than I do the bitter chicks with the horrid attitudes. And I certainly have no interest in women who have no opinion on anything. I can't stand it when a girl just shrugs and says, "we can do whatever you want to do." I care nothing for girls with no backbone because I don't respect ANYONE who doesn't have a backbone. But I admit...there's something not-so-appealing about a girl whose attitude and personality is just plain over-the-top and/or depressing.

These bad attitudes that girls seem to be embracing aren't even "bad." I mean, not really. They have every right to be as loud and obnoxious as a guy...but the girls are now drowning out the guys in the "loud and obnoxious" category. Bitterness seems to be driving these very loud female personalities and men sometimes feel as if they're on the receiving end of that bitterness. Which they didn't earn. Some other guy pissed off this girl and now she's pissed at every other guy.

It being Valentine's Day soon, I wonder if this almost cheerful bitterness can morph into something extra nasty after enough time passes:

I dunno, I love girls with unique personalities and who aren't afraid to let their thoughts and feelings out. But there's a difference between "personality" and "attitude fueled by bitterness," isn't there? I think there is.

Careful, Girls, Your Bitterness is Obvious... And It Ain't Pretty
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  • kat_gran
    Really nice discussion and you make some very good points. I wrote an article about women and how our submissive attitude is a disadvantage to us in real life and how we need to put ourselves there and become more real go-getters, following our dreams and not settling so fast. However, you highlight another issue that is associated with an "extravagant" female behaviour, which is that some women (usually the uneducated) mistake as being independent or with "backbone" when it is actually obnoxious, bitter, bitchy, loud and disrespectful to the other gender. However, you also have to understand that women who become like this are uneducated and have probably experienced hurtful and painful situations with men equally ignorant and have emotionally destroyed themselves along the way. Therefore these women become this way.

    While I truly believe that women need to learn to stand their ground and put themselves out there (become go-getters and stop being so afraid), like all human beings, men and women, need to be respectful and know when to sit down and back off and bite their tongue. It is called manners and being a gentleman and a gentlewoman. I think people (men and women) mistake this "go getting" attitude with being an asshole or an itch and it is not. However, you made some really good points.
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    My theory: everyone here feels a reason or several hundred to be bitter. All of us are frustrated. Not all of us are willing to reach out and make those few changes necessary to turn it around.

    For the change to happen, two parties have to agree to make sacrifices toward something they deem more important a calling in life than merely what they want at that moment.

    However, therein lies the rub: we choose leaders poorly, and learn from them. They forget they're appointed to serve those who appoint them, and instead it becomes all about serving themselves, and making those who appointed them into servants. Anyone who asks too many questions, they squash like a bug.

    And worse, we allow ourselves to learn all those wrong lessons. Because when someone doesn't fit an agenda that's all about the individual and nothing higher than, it's easier to squash the less-than-perfectly-compatible schmuck like a bug; than it is to place anything higher than self.

    All of us have grown proficient at bug-squashing. Not all have learned when to make sacrifices, and which ones.

    Until any two mutually learn, the status quo cannot be broken. The same egotism drove Cain to build a city and murder Abel, and have instant rationalizations for both. Are any of us today really so different?
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    • nothing can become of status quo

    • cause some people don't want to be told what to do cause we're not robots

    • we're not programmed to be brainwashed

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  • Starfishlover
    For the first video, I am afraid any girl under the age of 23 is 90% basic.
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  • KawaiiPie67
    I don't get what your point is. Some loud/obnoxious girls have bitter pasts... and? Everyone's had a bad person or two in their lives who left them bitter. I don't get this post.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    I'm a bitter bitch and men still flock to me. Not just for ONS or sex, but real relationships. It's sad at how low men's standards are.
  • ArtDent
    No, only males who aren't into being second choice can be called bitter. Everyone else is empowered.
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    • ArtDent

      And to your question about women these days being out of their minds and totally unappealing? Yes.

  • LittleSally
    Ditto for guys... =)
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  • Anonymous
    I don't like people with toxic personalities, male or female. No, I don't like assholes or date bad boys. That being said, I do know some bitter ones, and they are not great to be around. I limit contact.
  • Anonymous
    I think most people with toxic personalities get that way long before they start dating. Generally bad childhood environments of some sort. It takes realizing your baggage and doing some damn work to overcome it.
  • Anonymous
    Men can be bitter too. Especially the guys who feel entitled to a girl. I'm single and I will be single on Valentine's day too. This is not my first Valentine's day single and I don't understand how eating chocolate alone makes someone bitter. I like chocolate.
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