The perfect date from a guy’s point of view

The perfect date from a guy’s point of view.

Girls I know you are always trying to make your man happy. I am going to share some ideas for the perfect date, from a guy’s point of view. Us guys aren’t that hard to figure out, you know what we like and quite honestly we are pretty simple. A perfect date would include our favorite food at our favorite place. Sometimes we like to be spoiled too! You know your man and what he likes, for me this is wings and sports. Taking me to my favorite sporting event and renting a movie at home is the perfect date night to me! As long as laughter and fun is involved we will have a great night with you. Maybe your man likes adventure and is spontaneous. Take him snowboarding or rock climbing. No matter what you do just remember it is not as complicated as it may seem : )

Guys feel free to chime in your ideal dates below:


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  • I actually love this! I know this isn't a myTake but you should make it one, a lot of girls would read it, I definitely will


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  • A good date to me is just about anything where I get to talk to them as much as possible. I personally thrive on getting into deep conversations with people and the level of intimacy and closeness it brings.

    My dream date has always been waking up in the morning, putting a full tank of gas in my truck and taking off with her, driving with no plan, no map and no direction of where to go. Stopping anywhere interesting along the way and just exploring everything around us for a day or two. It gives a lot of quality 1 on 1 time to talk and have fun as well as having a bit of an adventure and fun.


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  • If I had to describe a perfect date, it would be your exact description. Honestly I would feel uncomfortable if it was some sort of fancy date too. It's best to just keep it casual.


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  • Honestly, the perfect date for me is just me and her, maybe outside in the park, or walking around the city, or at the beach. A place where I won't be disturbed by anyone, and a place where I can kiss my girl whenever I want, and talk, and laugh about anything. Even staying at home, cooking or just watching TV is a great date.


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