Those little sparks that enters your life sometimes


Have you ever met someone you instantly got along with but for some reason it never worked out? Isn't strange? That one person can enter your life out of nowhere and bring color to your everyday life so easily but one day they are gone. Yes, life goes on and yes you are generally happy despite that but some nights you find yourself staring at the ceiling thinking of all the moments you shared and memories you created as if it was yesterday and you wish their name would suddenly show up on your phone like they used to but they won't.. And it hurts because it meant something, it still does. You now walk past each other like nothing ever happened, as if you didn't exchange all those kisses or as if you never fell asleep in each other's arms at night. As if you never pictured a future together with them. It sucks. I like to call those people sparks because it was never a relationship but there was something that sparkled so beautifully. There was something, and maybe it would have become a permanent star in the sky but it didn't. However I don't believe that the spark ever dies because once you have a connection with someone it never really goes away you just accept that all good things comes to an end, so hold on tight to what you love.

Those little sparks that enters your life sometimes.

Those little sparks that enters your life sometimes
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  • Nik1hil
    😌😭😭that is so true! thanks for such a simple and short sparking take.
  • steveguitar
    Not really. I have always been shy, or turned into a friend.
  • shortandsweet24
    That's beautiful. ❤