The World Is Messing You Up


No, this isn't a take on how life isn't fair and how you don't really have a chance. This is quick take on the many thing I see the many, many things that are throwing you off your course...

THE WORLD is constantly comparing you to everyone else

The World Is Messing You Up

Guys can't stop comparing themselves to others and finding greatness only in being superior to another man rather than simply living up to his own set of expectations of what makes a real man. Girls too contribute to this as, in their search for the perfect man, they consciously and unconciously set a hierachy sytem. Your face, your height, your dick size, your wallet, even your personality is constantly being ranked by random girls as superior or inferior to other guys. You must resist feeling better or worse than any other man. Realize that any comparison, even positive, will inevitably end in you feeling worse.

THE WORLD tells you how it wants to be impressed

The World Is Messing You Up

Most people have an understanding of what they think the world is expecting from them. It's why you see so many stereotypes playing themselves out...the world tells you you are x, you internalize that message, and in some way live it out. It can be as general as internalizing the message that you are ugly and acting like it to internalizing that sex makes you cool and trying to become cooler through frequency. Yet, the people who have the most success know the key is so incredibly easy it's hilarious. Amuse yourself, impress yourself, and you'll never be alone. That sense of self joy is so glowing it can come off as cocky in a good way--why is this guy so happy and self amused? Let me get in on that fun! Of course, every single day you are told to impress the world so it's extremely difficult to realize once and for all that if you can impress yourself the war is already won.

THE WORLD tells you that you can have it all

The World Is Messing You Up

Everything is a sacrifice, yet you will always spread yourself too thin. You live your life constantly putting out fires in your live your life constantly wanting only what you don't already have. The world never tells you to be happy af that you have what you tells you to want more. Your car, your girlfriend, your work...relatively meaningless and all your focus goes on that guy at the gym who's always hassling you to let you use the benchpress. If you're's not enough you have to also be a charismatic life of the party...good at sports...not good enough you're not emotional enough. What if being really smart and constantly doing things that your smart brain enjoys is not a bad thing? What if you're really good at sports and 90% of your life is spent killing it on the field? Why is that a bad thing? Because the world teaches you that to be happy with yourself is selling yourself short. That you should have and be everything. That 99% is not enough. You need 100% or 0%.

The World Is Messing You Up
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  • archiz
    yea but still people will always be comparing themselves to others...
    It is inevitable and I think it's good if you can turn it into constructive criticism rather than putting yourself down for lacking in certain areas.
    I ve always been good in everything, never brilliant but I always manage good enough and that's how it should be. The more you know, the more you experience, the more confident you are about yourself and the more you know yourself right?
    This will make it much easier for you to socialize, since your interests are quite eclectic.
    Also it keeps you motivated... I have different types of friends, with different interests, intellect etc... and I can manage and get along with all of them. I get to learn smthng from each of them and they get to introduce me to new stuff that I become suddenly interested to.
    so eventually it all comes down to how you control your mind. a bit like a person having schizophrenia...
    you confuse illusions/ideals with reality like in the movie "a beautiful mind".
    In the end Russel Crowe made a decision to try and ignore the illusions.
    same thing with us, instead of thinking negatively about others accomplishments, one should make the effort to control his mind and be motivated by it rather than jealous/intimidated by it.
    The jealousy will still be there but we chose to go above it in a way and turn it into smthng more productive.
    got my point? I was just talking about this to a friend so the ideas are still in my mind xD
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    • pavlove

      i disagree... yes you can achieve some sort of motivation trying to be as good as someone else in some area but it is a false improvement... a cursed improvement... your self esteem tanks as you give deference to this other person... why is it so difficult to try to improve for yourself and not for you to feel as good as another?

    • archiz

      erm... correction... not as good but better :p
      it's not that I have a particular person in mind that I compete with, but I wanna be one of the top in every activity I do.
      So obviously the person that is currently on top is going to be my target.

Most Helpful Guy

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I agree good job. Fuck expectations, just do want you want.
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  • Jrizzy
    Did you know your username is a Russian psychologist?

    Ivan Pavlov was famous for his research on classical conditioning. Though I think Watson and little Albert received more worldwide attention on that subject.

    Is it a coincidence or did you pick it for that reason?
    • pavlove

      yeah I picked it off a FOB song that I emotionally connected with called pavlove but I knew it was a play on the word pavlov as in Ivan Pavlov because of his experiments and how they kind of contradict the idea of love

    • Jrizzy


  • PinceNez
    Great take!! I try to be my "best self" - the best version of what I can be, without being better or worse than someone else... You're just different - that way comparisons aren't even possible because it'd be like comparing apples to oranges
  • Kingfrosty
    Iagree man it true but hard 2 change you out look even if you see it
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    • pavlove

      i agree... and maybe it can never be done 100% but we can get close

    • Kingfrosty

      Your* lol didn't read it before i sent it ^^ and yes we can always try

  • DizzyAster
    Pro tip: Adopt a "fuck off" strategy.
    "Oh, molly's son gave her a new car."
    "Then go adopt him!!!"
    (can't tell your mom to fuck off, really)

    "The Rock is sooo sexy."
    "Then, go suck on his pepples, and fuck off."

    "I just gave John a promotion."
    "Then, why don't you give him a promot--- oh. Still, fuck off!!"
  • BeFriendly
    Great take. Happiness starts when you stop comparing yourself to others.
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  • brain5000
    Are you able to do this? Because I am. Can we compare which of us is lonelier?
  • abundantlyrich
    It reminds me why people need to write a take on proud to be a virgin to feel better or being quiet
  • bluenose1872
    The media is the world's new bible. You're hypnotised by it from the day you open your eyes and see it. Psychologists are employed by advertising agencies to better get their message across to the masses and hook them in for life. Be a loyal customer, dump all your hard earned money into our tills. Standards and morality are dictated by the corporations these days. No-one really cares what they are as long as the cool people are doing them. We're taught gluttony, greed, vanity, pride as if they're seem kind of virtue. They're not, they destroy a human being and isolate them. You're being shaped and milked for profit. Not yours. Some rich dick you'll never meet or want to. It behooves you all to learn real human values and turn your back on the fickle and shallow world of the corporarion
  • DarkHumorRUs
    I agree, LOVE THYSELF.
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  • Smells-like-lavender
    Great read. Hal from Malcolm in the middle picture cracked me up
  • Anonymous
    these problems exist only in lower level consciousnesses.
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  • Anonymous
    I stopped reading at "Guys can't stop comparing themselves to others"

    • pavlove

      lol ok... so all these penis size questions is just a collective hallucination of everyone on the site?

    • Anonymous

      Not everyone compare their dick size to another

    • pavlove

      If it makes you that upset i can add "some guys" next time

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  • Anonymous
    Very true. Great take.
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