Dating Someone In The Music Industry

DON'T WORRY, THEY ARE JUST BUSY WORKING!!!!!! My boyfriend is in the music industry which can be difficult when it comes to seeing each other. He is an Audio Engineer , so he writes and produces and creates his own music and for other artists, etc. His main focus is mixing but all of these things keep him super busy. He is usually only available in the middle of or late at night. For anyone who is or wants to date someone in this industry has to have patience and understanding. If they tour and you don't with them, that's another challenge. Even though my boyfriend lives across the street from me (literally two minutes away!!!!!!) I still may go two weeks or so without seeing him. You can't get caught up in your partner not texting back because they probably won't or will take forever to do so. It can be fustrating if you let your mind wander but just know they are extremely busy. They will be in the studio all day or at home working on music all day. Therefore they didn't forget about you, they aren't cheating, THEY ARE BUSY!Dating Someone In The Music Industry


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  • As someone who just got done mixing/mastering 4 songs after my band wanted to "save money and not go to a studio," I must agree-- mixing and mastering... Or even just mixing... Takes FOREVER.

  • From what I heard the mixing/producing process takes a long time - You have to incorporate his lifestyle into yours a bit to move forward.


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