The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!



How does a guy stand out on an online dating app? Swipe left swipe right and upload some photos. This is 2016 online dating in a nutshell. We are so bombarded with social media apps that many of us can't keep up with our normal day to day lives. Hours go by working 12-14 hours a day sometimes for the same money we made in 1999. The economy has not treated us well and we have no time to play games. Time has become the most valuable commodity in our lives. Saving consumers time is what we all look for in an app. This is also true for online dating. I don't have time to read 3 paragraphs of nonsense. Your list of enjoyments will not get it done anymore. I don't care if you like camping...I just don't. Look I have my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix and Chill to get back too so don't insult my time. J

We are all consumed with apps and social media that we have all become voyeurs whether we like it or not. I am a dating coach and I am also single so of course I have all the latest and greatest dating apps. You would think with all these apps I would have it made right? Not necessarily. The problem is everyone who is looking for a date online also has the latest and greatest dating apps on their phone. So I see the same profiles and pictures everywhere.... It's like a bad dream. The funny part is that some profiles... although have the same pictures... tell a very different story. People looking for different things on three different profiles. Happiness has become splintered into different avenues that can now be explored thanks to the digital age. Creepy? Maybe... but it appears that you can now have your cake and eat it too. Changes are coming and coming fast. We haven't even touched on Virtual Reality. Zucks over at Facebook will lead the way on VR and it will be amazing. Imagine your first date is actually a VR date. So real that you can't tell the difference. Like FaceTime on crack.

"Here's the thing about the future...every time you look at changes ...and that changes everything else."

So take these next words to the bank. Online dating in the near future will be much like Vine with a sprinkle of Snapchat thrown in for good measure. All the dating profiles will have Vine like videos with cool Snapchat filters. This new intuitive dating app will allow anyone to look cool through certain editing tools and the use of creative filters. The fear of uploading a video of oneself will be gone. It will be a normal way of life. The videos will allow everyone to be creative and come out of their shell. These small short films will be consumed at a ferocious rate much like movie previews. Online dating will move so fast here in the next couple of years that I implore these current dating apps to take notice. Evolve or go out of business.

What can I do right now to stand out on these swipe dating apps? Great question. Women rule the roost. They get so many matches because the men are just swiping right. In an effort to slow things down and get some upgrades, Tinder has put a cap on swipes to the right. Once you run out you will have to wait 12 hours until you can start swiping again. I find that women actually look at Tinder profiles. I am sure some are on Tinder playing around but the ones who are serious are looking at every photo. So be creative. Shock value is key here. Selfies of you hanging out with your buds or in front of a mirror isn't going to cut it.

Here are 5 cool ways to stand out:

1. Wear a t-shirt with something funny on it. Like a joke... maybe a knock knock joke. Something interactive. Women love a man with a sense of humor. This is one easy way to do it. Send her a message through 5 photos with 5 different T-shirts. The last t-shirt should be the call to action. This shows you are creative and probably fun to be around. "If you like what you see behind the shirt swipe right."

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!

2. Post just 1 photo with a bunch of photos inside. All they have to do is zoom to see them all. Most will stop and zoom because it's simply human nature to look. ( I don't recommend a bunch of photos shirtless but this is what I could find with my limited time.)

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!

3. Attach your Instagram to your Tinder dating profile. This always gets people to stop and look. Who doesn't love Instagram?

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!

4. Women love men who can cook so take a photo of you making a tasty dish maybe holding a sign with the question, "Ask me what I am making you for dinner?" Or "Guess what I am making?" Swipe right to find out. Be creative.

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!

5. Do the opposite. All the photos are the same. If you do something different no matter how crazy or stupid it seems it will get their attention. The same goes for going to a bookstore. All books look the same.... but some stand out and catch your eye with a creative BOOK COVER!!

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!

Tinder has the option to attach your Instagram photos. Everyone knows that Instagram is much more attractive to the eye then a dating app. I like this idea because it gives you more information about the user. Bumble is a mess in my opinion. The woman has to be the one who sends the first message when a connection is made. Well that's just counterintuitive to our evolution as a species. You know because most guys are getting asked out or approached at a mind boggling rate right? HA. The only thing this does is keep women from getting a bunch of messages that are meaningless and that I kind of like. It puts the ball in their court but will women make the first move? Ladies if you like Bumble let us know in the comments below?

Lets face it video is coming. Someone will create SnapDate here soon and you... just like me... will download it. With video it's very hard to lie about what you look like. You can upload photos from five years ago but uploading a video with the dating app's filters will let you know it's current. All the pretty people will use it first but anyone with any self confidence...will devour it.

This is an excerpt from my new book The Art of Online Seduction coming out in May. If you would like a FREE copy of the book before it hits bookshelves then feel free to sign up at

T. Anthony

The Future of Online Dating...And How to Crush It Right Now!
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  • Scrambledagain
    On the news in Australia, apparently a survey said that women want a guy with 100k yearly salary and 500 Instagram followers. I know money has always been numero uno with with women but with the rise of social media, it seems we also have a way to judge the guy based on popularity too...

    Introverts are fucked.
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    • @scrambledagain I hear you man. There will always be some type of bias, negative or discouraging survey or review online. So many people don't take action though because of this and it's quite scary. I wouldn't be driving the car that I drive, drinking the whiskey I drink, or be in business if I consumed or cared about what anyone else thought. I help introverts everyday... because you see... all of us has something to offer someone else. Its about finding that person RIGHT for you and not giving a fuck about the rest.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Shorty1991
    I've tried online dating three times. . . its shit. I'll never do it again. It can work for some people but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I'd sooner meet guys when I'm out and about.
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  • aficionado
    Very good myTake, but unfortunately online dating only works for ridiculously good looking men (due to the skewed male-female ratio). No one gets to display their amazing personality, or any other skills they have. So online dating is pointless for men who are less than an 8 on a scale of 10, in terms of looks.
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  • Fugue
    No offense, but this advice is the typical middling non-advice. Basing your dating profile strategy on your t-shirt, etc., if that's all you do, it's like trying to improve the gas milage of a jalopy by putting fins on it.

    If you are sexually attractive (or at least if your pic is), you will get noticed. That is the bottom line. The same applies for both men and women, but men have a lower threshold, for reasons that have been repeated, ad nauseum. Acknowledging that your physical attractiveness is the major factor that gets attention is not necessarily doomsday pessimism. If you prioritize your strategy around adapting to that knowledge, you will get better, more efficient results (speaking of saving time). If your goal is to get the most attention on those services, #1 on your to-do list should be maximizing your looks and your photos. You didn't even mention these things, and thus this take was fail.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I like the idea of the cooking photo - Clever
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