5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

Fun date ideas to make you feel young again!

Recently I asked a Question about fun date ideas. This question received many great responses for fun ideas from people's opinions. Today I would love to share a few of those with you.

1. Mini golfing

5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

This idea is always fun. It gives you a chance to have fun while knocking a few balls around. Mini golf is fun because of all the tricky gimmick ideas they use such as waterfalls, windmills, moving clown heads etc... It also gives the chance for the guy to get closer to his lady to show her how to swing the club just right.

2. Bowling5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

This is always very fun for myself. I also think this would be a awesome date idea as well. You can compete friendly and flirty like to see who is the better bowler. Not ti mention a chance to get close and personal with your aim as you go for a strike.

3. Amusement Parks/Carnivals5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

This would be a awesome date! Ride all the rides especially the roller coasters,spinning rides, water rides, and more appropriate the Ferris Wheel. You can also have fun eating all the delicious junk food from nachos and pizza to cotton candy and fried oreos. Plus if you feel lucky you could play one of those rigged carnival games to win a giant stuffed Bart Simpson for her. Those can be legitimate though I once won a stuffed Timmy Turner from Fairly Oddparents by playing one of those amusement park games. As a matter of fact I still have it.

4. Go-Karts5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

This is a awesome idea! It's fun to race in high performance machines with lawnmower engines, Or to me it is. Go carts give you the feeling of racing at Daytona or Indianapolis. You and your date can pretend you're Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt racing and drafting trying to take the checkered flag. And afterwards whoever wins can gloat about their victory of kicking their significant others ass at driving.

5. Amusement Arcades5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

5 Super Fun Date Ideas to Make You Feel Young Again!

Nothing beats a good game of skeeball or wack a mole. These places are like Casinos for kids (except there is no mafia, and if you lose your money you still walk away with something even if its just a pair of cheap vampire teeth). There are even adult versions now called Dave and Busters. Which still offer tickets, but the prizes are more high quality. Yes kids can still go to Dave and Busters.

More date Ideas of honorable mention:

-- Video game dates

-- Stroll through the park and playground

-- Watergun/nerf gun war

-- Picnic

-- Hiking

-- Stargazing

-- Bird watching

-- Swimming

-- Sporting events

-- Disney movie night

All of these are awesome ass ideas! Thanks to all the GAGers who helped me with opinions from the question:








And La Renia @Apple24

You all are awesome at giving ideas! If anyone has any more ideas for fun dates please feel free to list them below. I might look into those myself. Next date night,make it fun and interesting! And remember,don't eat a whole lot of junk food before going on those fast rides!



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Most Helpful Girl

  • Cocktails w/conversation & a view
    Waiter/menu dinner for two
    Ballroom/C&W dancing
    Nightcaps & massages


Most Helpful Guy

  • Go to a water park, Go to the Beach and ride the Jet Skies, Go to the gym and workout together, Go to an NFL game and after the game throw the football with her at the park, Go to a state fair and ride the rides.


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  • And La Renia @Apple24
    Ohh lol fancy! Lol yes I am the queen!

  • Don't you mean old? Because I swear people did those types of dates in the 50's. Jk JK Ilu man. xD

  • Mini golf is always fun, concert or sporting event are great too 😍

  • Nice mytake all great ideas

  • These are so cute! <3


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