20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You


Figuring out whether someone appreciates us can be very difficult. And starting to flirt without knowing if the attraction is mutual is risky. To interpret your crush's behavior and to know whether he likes you or not, here are some signs that he is interested.

1- He/she looks at you a lot

Often unconsciously, we can not help but look (repeatedly) at people that we find attractive. If they keep looking at you (even discreetly), you have your first clue.

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You!

2- His/her pupils dilate

According to Patti Wood, a body language expert, dilated pupils indicate that we're looking at someone with desire. This is a brain response that occurs if you enjoy or are attracted to something. Yes, it's a detail, but a significant one!

3- He/she asks questions

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" "Where do you want to live in the future?". We show curiosity only when we are interested in someone. If they ask many questions, they want to get to know you.

4- He/she is creative

They don't only ask you to grab a bite at the local restaurant, or have a coffee at Starbucks. Exhibitions, concerts ... They're absolutely trying to impress you with a fun and exciting activity.

5- He/she makes plans

If they want to see you again, it's simple, they're interested. No one agrees to go on a date with someone unless they want to spend time with that person. They plan a new thing for next Thursday? This is a good sign!

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You

6- He/she lets his/her body speaks

If your arms are often "accidentally" touching, if your legs meet "innocently" under the table or if you are often relatively close to one another when talking: it is not unintentional!

7- His/her feet are pointing toward you

No, it's not a joke. Feet tend to point toward where the heart wants to go. It's a key sign!

8. He/she doesn't talk about his/her ex

Whether they dated many people or had a solitary life, they will not talk about it. There's nothing more crippling than a crush who talks about their conquests. The only one they want to win, it's you. You can of course talk about it later, when you get to know each other better.

9. He/she asks for your opinion

What movie to watch? Where should they go this summer? Whether for anodyne questions or reflections on life, they want your opinion. And they take it seriously.

10. He/she licks his/her lips

Apparently when we are attracted to someone, we produce excessive saliva. If they press their lips or run their tongue over their lips, it could mean that they like you. A strange but very important clue in your pursuit of "does he/she likes me?".

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You

11. He/she asks about your past

Where do you come from, what studies you've done ... They are curious to know what made you the person you are today. And they listen attentively to your answers.

12- He/she stays with you late

Even if they have to leave early for work the next day, they will talk to you until the last train or bus arrives. And they don't care if they miss it!

13. He/she shares his/her problems

They don't pretend to be okay all the time, no one is. They prefer to discuss with you what worries them, even the small things.

14. He/she's a little nervous around you

At first, being nervous is a normal reaction when we meet a new person. But if your crush seems to have butterflies in their stomach when they're with you, they're certainly excited by your presence.

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You

15. He/she's real with you

They don't try to hide their grumpy or seriously awkward side. They don't claim to be flawless and show their true colors.

16. He/she smiles a lot

Like really a lot. A big smile that doesn't fade in a few seconds is a proof of real interest. Add to that the fact that they smile for no reason and you can be sure that they really like you.

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You

17- He/she invites you to meet their friends

It means that you're starting to hold a prominent place in their life. Therefore, it's important that at some point, you do meet their friends.

18. He/she doesn't play games

When you text them, they answer. They don't wait three days before replying with a simple "ok". In other words, acting indifferent is not their thing. They want to be authentic with you.

19. He/she appreciates your friends

And makes efforts to meet them and get to know them. After all, if they are so important to you, they should be as interesting as you.

20. He/she calls

When they want to talk to you, or make plans, they call instead of texting you. It's more direct and personal.

20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You
20 Signs a Guy/Girl Likes You
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