Signs that a Girl Likes You!


"Does she actually like me?".

It's the age old question that just seems to keep repeating itself over and over again in your mind. This girl is a complete savage. One day, she's head over heels blowing kisses at you, the next, her eyes seem like hardcore laser beams.

She likes you; oh wait, no she doesn't; oh wait, yes she does!

The possibilities are endless.

My job today is to help you distinguish what the possible possibilities are and why she's acting this way. Let us begin.

1. Why is this girl acting so weird? Whenever she sees me walk into a room, she turns her head somewhere else.

Okay, let's begin. First of all, if a girl is turning her head and looking elsewhere when you walking into a room, there are generally two possible reasons:

-You annoy her.

-She likes you.

How do you know if she's annoyed by you? Have you been annoying her? Do you bother her constantly even after she tells you to stop or even after she turns her attention away from you? If you answered yes, you have your answer. If you answered no, read on. If a girl is annoyed with you, she may try to shrug you off completely. She won't look at you ever. She won't turn and look at you at all even if you've been in the room for a very long time.

How do you know if she likes you? Typically, if a girl likes you, she may look at you as you walk into the room, but as soon as she sees you make eye contact or look at her, she will look away rather quickly. She will also look back and forth at you repeatedly.

Signs that a Girl Likes You!

2. This girl that I like never talks to me.

If a girl that you like never talks to you, there are numerous reasons:

-She is irritated by you, she does not have anything to tell you.

-She is very shy but likes you.

-She does not want to seem random but likes you.

-She wants you to approach her but likes you.

-You did something to get her angry and she doesn't like you.

-You did something to get her angry but she likes you.

How do you know if she is irritated by you and she does not have anything to tell you? Simple. Did you do something to annoy her? If yes, there's your answer. If no, read on. She may just be stuck up. Who knows?

How do you know if she is shy but likes you? If a girl is shy and she likes you, it will be EXTREMELY HARD to differ her feelings towards you with those that she harbors for others. If a girl is shy but likes you, she won't talk to you and she probably won't talk to others either. You will have to be extremely perceptive and notice her body language. I will write more about body language later on.

How do you know if she does not want to seem random but likes you? This next one probably doesn't seem to make sense to other people. I have this crazy problem. I am extremely nervous of coming off as annoying or of seeming random. By random, what I mean basically is, I don't want to say something stupid. If a girl likes you and doesn't want to seem random, her body language will display it. She will also be able to talk to you if you start the conversation. She may or may not act all gushy. Some girls are just hard to read.

How do you know if she wants you to approach her but likes you? Many girls are really nervous when it comes to the guys that they have the hots for. That's a really good thing though, because that means that she really likes you. Grab your balloons and just go talk to the girl. She will appreciate it.

How do you know if she's mad at you and doesn't like you? A girl that is mad at you and doesn't like you will act really cold usually, or perhaps even mean. She won't get over it quickly and will completely brush you off.

How do you know if she's mad at you but likes you? If a girl is mad at you but she likes you, she may act cold, however, when you're not looking at her, she'll be looking at you. She may be mad at you at first, but eventually, she'll get over it. That's the type of girl that you need, boys!

Signs that a Girl Likes You!

3. What body language would a girl that likes you exhibit?

If a girl likes you:

1. She will have open body language. Her arms will not be crossed.

2. She will have her legs crossed towards you.

3. She will touch her thighs a lot.

4. She will play with her hair a lot.

5. She will flip her hair a lot.

6. You may notice her playing with her bra strap around you.

7. She will touch her lips a lot, maybe lick or bite them.

8. She will laugh at your jokes even if they don't seem funny.

9. Notice if before she sees you, she's grooming herself. For example, if she goes to the bathroom before the class you have with her or if she looks in a mirror when you're in close proximity.

10. She might bite her nails.

11. Her feet will be pointed towards you.

12. She will adjust her jewelry around you.

13. She will fiddle with little things nearby.

14. Her body will be angled towards you.

15. When you look into her eyes, she may either look really deep into them.

16. When you look into her eyes, she may look away quickly. Check if she looks back at you.

17. She may look you up and down.

18. She will giggle a lot around you.

19. She may try and get you jealous by talking or laughing with other guys.

20. She will blush a lot around you.

21. She may get louder around you if she's quiet.

22. She may get quiet around you if she's loud.

Signs that a Girl Likes You!

4. What do these body language signs mean?

Body language signs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 20 are done unconsciously.

Body language signs 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22 are done consciously.

They are all good indications that she likes you. However, at least about 6 of these should be present.

I hope that this article helps you. Get ready for Part 2, which will be coming soon!

This is accurate.

Signs that a Girl Likes You!

Signs that a Girl Likes You!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • fueledbythc
    This is great information for guys who dont understand girls at all. I can think of 4 girls who do like me but all do it differently. Sorry to tell you this but girls are easier to read than guys because girls have a harder time masking emotions and it comes off through their body language. The main problem is that people dont realize most of human communication is non verbal. Working in customer service is the best practice in understanding human communication.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I agree with you 100%. Girls are much easier to read.

    • Im an asshole about it too. I know how to charm women very easily and thats why my boss really likes me (not like as in crush but as a friend). She even gave me 4/20 off cause she knows im a syoner.

    • Stoner

Most Helpful Girl

  • Kirah
    Unless she outright tells you "I like you", there's no way to know for sure. Plausible deniability is one hell of a thing.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Not really true.

    • Besides that, everyone has their own way of showing attraction. Clumping a whole gender together isn't really a smart thing to do. Perhaps there may be patterns, but that's it. There's no surefire way to know if someone likes you, unless you ask them, or as you mentioned, they outright say so.

      On that note, I should probably tell the girl I like that I actually like her.

    • Kirah

      @Superchick123 but it is. I have met a lot of women, and quite a few of them give "hints" in a very subtle manner. I have concluded that they're intentionally subtle, so they can play it off as "hey, I was just being friendly!" if they ever get rejected. Hence, plausible deniability. And this fact makes it impossible to reliably distinguish hinting and "just being friendly".

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  • JSmuve
    I appreciate the effort this took, but unfortunately it's not universal. Not all girls will do these things and some will do these things for other reasons other than liking you.

    Oh, and I also love how you asked "How do you know if she wants you to approach her but likes you?" then didn't even remotely answer the question. Just goes to show that even women can't answer this enigma.
    • I already wrote the reasons. It is pretty accurate.

    • JSmuve

      Could you point those out then? Because there was nothing I found that actually answered that particular question.

  • PecanPie
    I remembered playing with my bra strap or fiddling with my hair. I wanted to look my best. I wanted to smell good and make sure my skin was soft. I always wore lip gloss and I always made sure I looked at him to get him to notice that I was doing it. I always made sure he knew when I walked into a room or appeared somewhere he was. I did talk to other guys to see how he'd act or get him to get jealous. I wanted him to see I was trying to get his attention.
  • Logorithim
    Good information here, primarily the section on body language. Women do express themselves differently, and sometimes we guys are clueless and miss things completely, so it's good to have a mental framework in your head that gives you a general idea of some of what to look for.
  • hunkkennedy
    Really helpful but still I am confused. Although I can guarantee that I haven't done anything annoying as I mind my work always. But these signs are exhibited by almost every girl in my school and tha 'eye-contact' thing, it is me who has to break it even when they started looking at me. They just keep on staring at me making me way too self conscious. A little more help please?
    • Bparker

      Dude women stair you down to see how confident you are... Its a subconscious thing that is determined and interpreted. The stairing is conscious while the confidence level is determined unconsciously. Its complicated. the only thing you need to know is don't break eye contact and if they say why are you stairing at me then say because your beautiful.

    • @Bparker
      This guy gets it. I would stare at a guy from across the room and look away quickly if he caught me, but when he was right up in my face, I couldn't look away. I rejected him for a kiss the second time we met, so he told me I'm beautiful. It took a couple months of this persistence, but we're finally together

      (There is never a bad situation to tell a girl she's beautiful)

    • @Idonthaveausername (There is never a bad situation to tell a girl she's beautiful)

      You would say that... The ''you are beautiful'' is one of the most over used phrases and borderline cliche. I've seen it used and most of the girls don't even respond because they heard it so many times. Boring...

    • Show All
  • Lman3000
    I'm not gonna lie but I am shit when it comes girls I never see signs and I'll admit give up on dating trust me you'll feel better over time when you get girls out of head cause I use to do it now I finally doing something productive and getting back into top physical shape BUT hey it's just an opinion if wanna keep by all means go right ahead
  • Pizzalover101
    Sum mite be true but not always Cuz I had a girl flirt with me An she did it to make her boy friend jealous cuz he wasn't around then showed up
  • Asingh
    Girls are easier to read then men, they are so obvious. They stare, touch their lips flick their hair. Make any excuse to touch you. It's so obvious just when a girl looks at you for no reason.
    I could have told you this without reading anything like this, just using my brain.
  • Truthatanycost
    All of those lists of body language don't really mean much until you understand the importance of getting a persons baseline first.
  • bente2
    I don’t think this is true at all. I’ve never heard of ANY girl doing those things. I’ve never seen ANY girl do these things. I’ve never done them myself either.
  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Thanks for sharing your Take with GirlsAskGuys Community.Signs that a Girl Likes You!
  • bellybuttonlint
    Despite all the "signs", the best way to know is if she tells you herself.

    Trust me, I can check these signs off like it was on my bucketlist, but I've been burned before so while this list is exhaustive it is by no means definitive.
  • Mi2mi2a
    Good take. It's actually pretty obvious when a girl likes you. Some girls may not be my friends but they are obvious that they like some guy a mile away.
  • naraku
    Nice post.

    But based on this I probably won't get far anytime soon ! A girl likes me but doesn't look at me , turns her back to me , but talks loudly and squeaky voiced and laughs. Twirls her hair while chattering to friends ( females) , seems to have this " buzz " about her in my presence but I'm supposed to connect those very subtle dots and figure it's about me ?
    I am DOOMED !! lol
  • YHL6965
    Damn, I liked a girl and I didn't know if she liked me or not but I just realised she had a good 11 of these body language traits. That, plus the rumors that she liked me. I fucking suck at detecting girls who like me...
    • It's all a learning experience so you'll pick up on these signals for next time 😁

  • Comesaveme
    Also they text you a lot with long replies, never one words
  • weirdwriter79
    Superchick, what kind of language is this-I see a girl, she sees me and she puts her hand on her face and walks? And Face to face with her, she looks down and walks?

    (Great writing!)
  • JimRSmith
    My Take of the Day by an inactive user, and the best answers have already been chosen?
  • king_casanova
    Maybe I should get my protractor out and see if she is pointing one degree more towards me compared to the other guy. If she flips her hair to the left, is that directed to the guy to the left of her? Maybe I should make an inverse cosine trigonometric function based off those angles to determine if she likes me? If most women like guys based off of personality, how can they possibly like them if they have never talked to them? Make my skin glow with my personality as I enter the room? Hmm, all these variables, I will have to go experiment.
  • John_Doesnt
    Screaming "Do me baby" is the only signal I can interpret properly.
  • PromiscuityIsDisease
    That's the only reliable the sign.
  • Apope16
    This is great stuff. I would say that several girls I've had sex with had their arms crossed while talking or walking with me. Its a sign they are uncomfortable... but uncomfortable because they might just be extremely horny.

    Women have told me they were shy or nervous and had their arms crossed.

    Last weekend I had sex with a girl who faced away from me on the couch in my apartment. I kept talking before making a move so she'd be ok. She still didn't face me but smiled and rubbed against me while dancing in the room. But in the couch once again her leg was shaking in spasms and she wouldn't face me. I kissed forehead with uncertainty. then boom! It was on!

    She showed all the signs of being hot and cold... the article mentioned messing with her hair.. yeah.. she did that a lot the first date.

    We had sex 3 times that night.
  • bubble_tea
    Omg.. based on this body language list I like every guy that I talk to!
  • Iron_Man
    It's the eyes they never lie, It always goes by the eyes
  • serious
    Excellent post!.
  • LegateLanius
    A lot of the signs are hard to read as many women are not the same.
  • Uglyman1001
    I'm too ugly for any female to like me. I get rejected, ignored and laughed at in person and when it comes to online dating I get scammers.
  • Jude_Wills
    Her smile and eyes said everything she likes me or hate me
  • Just to get this straight: Liking as an acquaintance, as a friend, or potential partner?
  • AlexBlade
    Actually, really cool signs. Found several signs that I missed...
  • Nice222
    This is a great take. I wish I had this information years ago.
  • Yumix
    no one likes me lol
  • Nice work, this is pretty accurate
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Purple_Babe14
    Lol, I pretty much do everything on that list
  • ArabianPwincess197
    Good take
  • Slimey2
    girls are confusing
  • micheal727jovanie
    Great my take
  • omgjassy
    All true
  • jokery56
    good ill keep these in mind! good take!
  • LilPump2178
    Can I guy do 9ne on if a guy likes you?
  • Hannajenky
    Some of this seems really accurate
  • xZoeyx
    This is pretty accurate. Nice Take!
  • NightOwl_23
    No girls are attracted to me
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Good pointers. Thanks!
  • Halucinator
    great take super🔥
  • Malono
    Should I say when she puts her hand into my pants?
  • red_knight
  • CT_CD
  • disgustingweebtrash
  • LastNightmare
    love it baby