Boys Vs. Girls Mindset

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Boys Vs. Girls Mindset

I was reading reviews of Tropic of Cancer before deciding whether I'd give it a read and noticed how women consistently hated it and men either loved it or just found it too heady to be digested at a comfortable pace.

It made me think that there's actually a lot of hate and mistrust between the two genders. Although then it was several months ago, I still see a lot of "you just don't get it" attitude lobbed at men who choose to be vocal and outspoken about their opinions on girls. For guys, there seems to be a lot of "she's a b****" mentality.

I know it seems obvious that this exists but i think it's why the divorce rate is so high. How can really be happy with any woman if on some level you hate femininity? Can you really feel fulfilled by a man if on some level you think there's something that needs to be fixed about men?

There's worship too, i suppose. The frustration is often born out of love for femininity or masculinity respectively and the failure to reach that ideal in a person of the opposite gender.

I think the answer is not letting it go, since that builds resentment. Use this site to learn how women feel. How women think. What problems seems to be most troublesome. How something you're doing like texting her constantly might make her feel pressured to respond. How a guy will probably always check out other girls but the majority actually would never do anything about it.

Boys Vs. Girls Mindset

Don't think you have all the answers especially if you're still young. If you're old, then it's possible you have a lot of them, and you should feel confident giving advice to the younger generation, though sometimes you're wrong as well. Find people who actually have what you want and ask...learn people. Don't make the same mistakes twice. Be humble and don't compare yourself.

Write your own story. Create. Love your own story that you've built and realize it's about that and not about the participants in it. Be independent. Don't try to rule over other people don't try to take away other people's will either by force or mental manipulation. You're a whole person right now and nothing about you needs outside participants to function.

Share yourself and give everything you have to others. Not materially of course but in terms of affection, ideas, your creations, your love.

A lot of love is about luck. A lot about a successful sex life is about luck. You can be in a great position to receive it but you can't own it or predict it. Stop looking for a handout from the other gender and ride the wave until you get what you're looking for.

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