Some facts girls should know about boys


I think some facts girls should know about boys..☺

OK.. I know I am underage but I would like to share my views.

Some little things done by girls can make a boy sad or hurt him a lot.

1: Top of all is bad attitude of a girl towards an ugly guy. Like sometimes girls talks to them like they are servants from we hate it. If you dont want to talk to them, then ignore them easily. Why you girls show that dumb attitude, for what that attitude you have? Just because you are smart, beautiful, attractive, rich etc. It's my own experience. Like somedays ago I asked a girl for her notes and she was like "Ohh!! Just get away from here". Wtf....huh..I would like to eat your notes?

2: Never cheat on a boy who loves you. If a guy loves you he will do anything to make you laugh, help you when you are in trouble. If you reject a guy who loves, he will never cry in front of you but will think to sucide and will cry in corner sitting alone.

3: A guy can't leave his friends for you but can't leave you too for his friends.

4: If a guy doesn't like you, he will ignore you. There are some dumb guys about 5 of every 100 guys who will talk to you rudely if he doesn't like you. It only happens in these types of matter otherwise they will talk to you nicely.

5: If a guy baths daily for you even in winters, he's the one.😜It is just my own thinking.

6: Sometimes you may find a guy staring at your breast. What can we do? It attracts us. Let's take an example like a boy standing near you wearing an underwear and his dick is gone hard just for a moment, your eyes will go there right? Its obivious. The same happens to us. Every guy is not a pervert.

Dear Girls,

Please remember the thing, we boys too are humans😛

Some facts girls should know about boys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Aud_Queen
    6: Sometimes you may find a guy staring at your breast. What can we do? It attracts us.

    So lol? If I see you staring down my shirt, I'll simply walk away. I'm not standing there naked. I'm fully clothed.

    2. If you reject a guy who loves, he will never cry in front of you but will think to sucide and will cry in corner sitting alone.

    Suicide? It's not that serious :O
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    • mikemx55

      Not that serious? Male brains work in strange ways... believe me

    • Aud_Queen

      But to kill yourself for it? Your worth a lot more than what a couple girls think of you imho...

      I guess I never will fully understand the male brain 😰

Most Helpful Guy

  • DarkHumorRUs
    So I'm the only one who has never been talked down to by a girl? Girls are never bitches to me.

    By the way your Take is suckish!
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  • ThisDudeHere
    This advice is for girls who are with very sensitive guys.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah it is but if they do sh*ts with a hard boy then he wanna slap her and then they will be like 'wtf... he is disrespectfull to girls.' And again boy's image is down.

    • You're putting boys in two distinct extremes - either too sensitive or too aggressive. You do realize that there's a healthy middle ground, right?

  • James19
    Point 5 and 6 are controversial other than that love your take. LOL
  • hypno-trip
    This is all for underage boys who aren't men yet.
  • SurströmmingLover
    Number 5 LOL I shower every day only for me
  • Ashely_Princess
    Number 6 is definitely true. Lol
  • Not_Helping
    You've described me perfectly.
  • abc--123
    Number 5 is gospel truth
  • Anonymous
    4. It's semi true. Fear plays some part in ignoring when you like a girl.

    6. Strongly agree. Sometimes guys aren't even looking at you. They're looking at something around or behind you. Once my friend got beaten by mob when he was looking at huge poster behind a woman and telling me about that company. Woman shouted and you know people. We're not always staring at you -_-
    • James19

      OMG that is hilarious and sad at the same time

  • Anonymous
    6. Yeah I would glance, and think "What the fuck?". Then try not to watch it.

    And in what situation would a stranger or a guy friend stand next to me only wearing underwear and having a boner? When a girl is standing next to you only wearing bras, and her nipples are hard, then you can stare and compare these situations.

    Staring is not polite, but sometimes you can't help looking.