The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You


You see her for the first time...she's gorgeous isn't she? She turns heads...Absolutely beautiful. You talk to her, get her attention. She's interested in you.

The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You

You think that she is out of your league...So what do you decide to do? You decide to make her your princess. Make her the centre of your world. That way you'll make sure she stays? Right? What could go wrong? Girls say they want to be treated like that, No?


You go out on a date, she makes an excuse. To not see you again. Even worse, before the date.

You wonder...why? You treated girls like shit before and they stayed. You treated a girl with care, they left.

Doesn't make sense, you feel like you have just won the lottery, and lost it a week later. Disappointment, anger, regret. A cocktail of emotions.

Why did she leave? The answer is clear. You put her in the spot. She was the centre of your attention, and the worst thing is you made damn sure she noticed this.

While single, girls always say they want to be treated sooooo nicely. They want to be the centre of attention.


Remember this one rule:

"Girls want, what they cannot have"

When you get their attention. Do not make her your world. Not even when you get married (if you do that is). That is the key to a lasting relationship, or she gets sick of you and believe me, after a while you will get sick of her.

Why is this?

Always show a girl the required attention. Not less but not more. You show her too little, she thinks you're not interested. This is recoverable, though unlikely. You show her more then needed, you come across as desperate.

This is not recoverable.

The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You

Girls want what they cannot have. Which means they want guys who are wanted by other girls. But they are the special girl that has wooed him. Girls treat it as a competition on an unconscious level. When you direct all your attention to her. She is the only girl you see. And it's not a competition any more. It's just her. She doesn't feel like she has won something. She might have thought you were perfect one day ago, dreaming about you two on a honeymoon in the Maldives. Today she won't even want to spend 5 minutes with you.

Yep. She was turned off faster than superman reversed time. Completely common. Yet so confusing?

The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You

How do you avoid this?

Its simple.

You give them what they deserve. If you have just met them, it's your first date. Doesn't matter how perfect they are, you should not show them too much attention or love. It shows you have no self respect. It shows she is the only girl you could have. It turns them off. Seriously. You barely know them, and you talk about love and long term plans? Gifts? Spoiling them?

Don't get me wrong. Don't be a jerk who doesn't show attention. Just show what they deserve.

Prove what you are worth.

Then when the relationship develops you should treat them with more attention. But again not more then what they are worth.

Don't make her your only attention. Do something. Have a passion, everybody has a passion. Show her you aren't afraid to say you're busy and want to do at another time. Don't just say you want to see her ASAP.

Say you are busy. BE Busy. But don't be a dick. That's crucial. There's a fine line between the two.

I think, this is the difference between nice guys and guys who are successful. Nice guys make the girls their attention spot, successful guys see success as more then just a girl by their side.

I learnt this the hard way. Didn't take me long to learn. But it happened after I dated a girl who I truly loved. Emotions got in the way and I showed her too much attention. She took me for granted.

Learnt my mistake.

Thank you for reading.

The #1 Reason Women Lose Interest After Falling For You
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    You're right in a way. You're not saying treat her like shit as many men on here say, you're just saying treat her as what she's worth don't put her on a pedestal. It's true. I think all of us give little hints without knowing telling people what we think we're worth, guys too, and we expect to be treated as such. Like I know hoes who hate really good guys, and I know really good girls who'd never date anything less than a really good guy. Why? Because they know their worth.
    I think if you want it to work long term, you'll need to make effort though, and saying you're busy too many times too often won't show her any commitment or that she's important enough for you to sometimes work around and instead she must always fall in with your plans only, that will only be slightly acceptable in a very new thing where you're just getting to know each other.
    But, i think if you meet a great girl you should treat her extremely well. Don't let one girl you met ruin all your future relationships because it will if you do this too much. It's like some girls have been taken advantage of too in the past, it happens to a lot of people in young relationships both guys and girls, but if they let it rule their future relationships they will surely lose out in the long run.
    I hope guys get your message here though, I fear many will read between the lines and think it means treat her like shit instead of basically saying treat her well but still have your own life.
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    • yucel_eden

      Thank you for understanding what I was trying to get across. Some people didn't get it.

      It is what I am trying to say. Treat her what she is worth. I'm not saying treat her like bad, I'm saying treat her good all the time.

      And in terms of the busyness you Gotta make time to see her, what I'm trying to say is don't make her your world and want to spend all the time with her.

      You shouldn't give too much attention at the beginning or too little after things get serious.

      You were like the only one who got my message properly tbh.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think most people read it properly, they just read the title and got mad thinking it was like all the rest lol. Everything you said really makes sense. And anyway, just for a guys own self worth and self esteem this is what he should follow. I'm impressed you really get it at your age to lol. Not trying to be patronising, but really plenty of guys 10 or 15 years older than you don't get it, so it's surprising you get it so well.

    • yucel_eden

      Lol thanks yeah. I got it after falling in love and being taught a terrible lesson.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    It's messed up though. So essentially a woman rewards a guy for treating her badly and a guy who actually is sweet to her will get the innocent her. Wtf?

    What do you do if she has a bf? In a situation where you can't avoid her or help becoming friends/social circle (e. g. uni or work) and then later in life she becomes single? Let's say she's been single for a year?

    Oh and pls opine on this question:
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    • yucel_eden

      It's more about giving the right attention and respect.

      There is something called being too nice.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I kinda see your point, but I really can't see a guy being too nice. The jokey youtube style driving her round and shopping with her constantly hardly ever happens. In general a guy who happens to be respectful, good to her, texts her (i. e. makes an effort texting), even sends her sweet stuff, is being pretty good in my opinion. That's being a confident and good guy.

      Yet that is rewarded with an innocent persona and not being suggestive. A rowdy guy who gives zero respect and just sexual attention at best (if not no specific attention to her as a person versus every other girl) will get her being all touchy, posing and sexual fast?

    • yucel_eden

      "Can't see a guy being too nice?" ask any girl this, and they will disagree. Girls want respectful guys, not nice guys. There's a difference.

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  • isjusti
    So play silly little games is the solution? I dont think that what you suggest will work well
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    • yucel_eden

      its not playing silly little games. It's doing things right.

      Like I said, girls do this on an uncouncious level.

      And about it not working. after I learnt this the hard way like most guys, It has worked ever since like a charm. This what my friends think, what guys who are experienced with girls think. It works.

    • isjusti

      What can i say, it wouldn't work for me for sure. But it it works for you what can i say, fair enough

    • singlebee

      So what works for you?

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  • Pacificblue62
    Take it your British. I knew when you said "center" lol. Too bad this isn't an audio recording because British accents are awesome to listen to. Besides the point awesome take. You're right on.
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  • Junlian
    The bitch was not worth it if my kindness and being nice cause her to turn the other way. I for one am not about games. I agree with give them what they deserve part. But I'm not going hide anything either. If she's happy to see me then I'll be happy to see her, she whips out her phone then I'll whip out mine and leave her ass.
  • slimstiffy
    some guys need to have this shovved in their face, lol..
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  • Mario21
    I agree 👍👊
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  • Anonymous
    How do you know how much is "too much"?
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    • yucel_eden

      How do you learn to ride a bike?

    • Mario21

      Well first you start off with training wheels. Then you kinda take them off after you feel ready to go. You might want to use your feet to keep you from falling and any injuries. You also might want parental supervision :)

    • yucel_eden

      @Mario21 see that's the thing. No one can tell you how. You just Gotta try and practice. Fall and picky ourself up lol

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