So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?


If you’re a guy who’s attracted to women and you aren’t successful with women, this myTake will tell you why.

You have misogynistic attitudes

You may have misogynistic attitudes without realizing them. Do you think women and men are not (or should not be) equal on a political and social level? If you have some of these attitudes, it might play out in your behavior towards women and in the way you talk to women. These days, sexism is an easy thing to spot. If she’s not socially off, she can easily find out that you’re sexist. Today, most women would find sexism as a turn off. Common sense would tell us that most women wouldn’t find sexism attractive.

So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?

You have no ambition

You don’t have to be filthy rich and you don’t have to have a six figure income. A lot of women place importance on your ambition, your potential, and how financially stable you are. Today’s economy is pretty rough, so most people place importance on the ambition, potential, and financial status of their partners. Most people don’t want to be with someone who can never pay at least half the bill. Your financial status and your career has to be enough to help pay the bills. Otherwise, you would look like a “loser” to most women.

So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?

You’re below average in looks and your standards are too high

Whether people like to admit this or not, women are visual. Looks are just as important as personality. Most people don’t prefer to be with someone who is below average in looks. Looks do affect how people will interpret your personality and your intentions. If you’re physically unattractive, women will judge your personality more harshly. Some guys who are below average in looks only prefer to date women way more attractive than them and it’s those guys who are the least successful with women.

But many guys who are below average in looks do date women within their own league, and they’re happy and they’re doing just fine with women. It’s either because they subconsciously know that they should stick within their own league, they can find women within their own league attractive, or they eventually realized that they’re most likely going to be alone forever if they choose to only date women who are way more attractive than them. Common sense tells us that women who are above average in looks can be more pickier in who they choose to date, so it’s no surprise if they reject you every time you approach one of them.

You don’t know how to interact with women

It might be because you are socially awkward and anxiety may get the best of you. And gender plays a role in how you interact with people. Interacting with women is different from interacting with other men. Women are generally more sensitive and they usually don’t want to hear any sexual comments unless you are her partner. If you struggle with interacting with women, it’s most likely because you don’t understand how women think and what women want. It’s probably because you think women are so complicated and you’ve given up in trying to understand them, including the woman you want. How you interact with a woman and how she interacts with you determines your compatibility together. If she realizes that she’s not compatible with you, then she won’t be interested.

So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?

You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone

If you want to be successful with women, if you have to get out of your comfort zone. Women aren’t going to flock towards you if you don’t make any efforts to be close to them. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone, then you will never the right match for you. Confidence also plays a role in how successful you are with women.

So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?
So What’s Making You Unsuccessful With Women?
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    This should be the 1st myTake promoted on the 1st page of this site for forever, thank you!
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  • Cosytoasty
    Spot on, on all counts. This should be pinned somehow lol.
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  • SmartButBroke
    I don't know what the one female anon 18-24 is talking about. This is a very good list, especially coming from a guy. The misogynistic point is the biggest thing I run into with guys who approach me, to be honest with you, which is always why I find it funny when guys say things like, "I didn't do anything wrong, everything went great, so I don't know why there was no second date." It goes with the "not knowing how to talk to women" point, as well. Sometimes it amazes me the things guys think it's okay to say to women, and some of it does come off as sexist and they have no clue.

    The one that is HUGE that I personally don't understand is the ambition point, especially given what you said about the economy being rough. If the economy is rough, why not be more understanding if someone doesn't quite have it all together when you think they should, you know? Ambition is not all it takes to be financially successful or successful in a career, and just because everything went great for you doesn't mean there aren't millions of 20-somethings who aren't still struggling despite doing their best and having goals. Plus, I personally see a job as just a way to pay for what you need and want, nothing more, so I don't care at all if others see it that way and would rather have work-life balance than run the company and make 6 figures.
  • cth96190
    These are possible reasons, but the list of possibilities is much longer. It is a 'how long is a piece of string' question.
    In my case, I could almost not get a date during my teens and 20s.
    Any conversation with a girl that did not include her using the words 'fuck off' was generally counted to have been a success.
    I knew that it was not me, because I ticked nearly all the boxes on what was supposed to be the female wish list (according to the women's magazines). Also, after they turned 30, some of the same women looked me up and attempted to reinitiate things.
    One even arrived at my front door, with a Mini Me version of Ivor Necktattoo snapping at her ankles.
    What was the problem that I had with women?
    The problem was the bad-boy phase through which most females pass.
    Between the ages of (roughly) 15 to 30 an estimated 80 per cent of females are attracted to sociopathic bad boys as a moth is drawn to a flame.
    About the time that they turn 30 and begin to hear their ovaries counting down to zero, they have the epiphany that Harley MacBadBoy, Ivor Necktattoo and Chad Thundercock are not husband material.
    What occurs, between the ages of 30 to 35, is a 180 degree change in demonstrated female group preference, in terms of the sort of men who they want to date and hope to marry.
    By the time that I was 35, I found that women in the 28 to 35 age range would make fairly blatant displays of their interest wherever I went.
    Believe it or not (yes, people of my age have sex), I am still fielding approaches by women who would not have given me the time of day when they were 20.
    Some of the most blatant approaches have been made by women who I classify as 'menopausal desperate divorcees', whom I encounter at weddings. I do some private security work, mainly as a bodyguard and at weddings. I cannot remember a wedding at which I was not approached by at least one of the mature-age females, who engaged me in a conversation that was actually an interrogation that was intended to ascertain whether or not I was single and heterosexual. :-)
    More often than not, I will be asked for my business card. If I give them a card, I can be certain that within 48 hours I will receive an invitation to 'coffee' (sometimes more).
    The way that women change is fascinating to observe.
    • I agree on this 100%. This is why ill always be single. I know how to give nothing for women to work with so they can't come up with a proper judgement of who i really am. I notice when im around the same women for a period of time it suddenly turns from friendly and smiley to shy and extremely submissive. Some would even get nervous when i get close and then stare from a distance.

      I know im ugly but im past accepting it. Its how i was born and too bad if the general population finds my face ugly. Its a way of trolling people.

  • JohnDoe3000
    You forgot "you're not meeting many single women (or only trashy ones)", just wanna put that up there.
  • Franitz
    I agree with you expet the stadards part. Everyone has different tastes. There was this girl I was attracted to, who I thought was one of the most attractive woman I've ever seen. Well, none of my friends thought she was hot.
  • DizzyAster
    Most of the stuff is good, but this:
    "You’re below average in looks and your standards are too high"

    Looks is one thing, but style and confidence will get your through.
    If you have high standards, then raise yourself to meet those standards.

    Good take
  • bloodmountain1990
    The looks thing varies. True the less attractive you are, the harder it'll be but not always. I've dated a wide range of women from knockout gorgeous to just ok /not so good looking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what's attractive to one may not be to another.
  • zagor
    How about "You almost never meet women". I go to work, 80% male. I go to a bar, 80% male. Do I need to hang out at nail salons?
    • I know that struggle man! And in my opinion you have the right to beat the shit out of anyone who has the nerve to suggest online dating as a solution.

    • zagor

      @JohnDoe3000 Yes, I find online dating about as productive as if I write messages on toilet paper squares and flush them down the toilet.

  • Gonetowardthewind
    lol I don't know how to interact with women I find attractive at all, I become a nervous and sweaty mess.
  • Browneye57
    Well, your opener is complete bullshit because if you forget that YOU ARE THE PRIZE you'll not get to first base.
    Otherwise, there's some to it. But really, if you're not successful it's because you're seriously lacking in any kind of game - the ability to attract. It's a fine art, not that hard, and mostly developing a good attitude about your worth and being able to project that.
    Likely you would benefit from some reading here:
    and here:

    And learn how to easily strike up a conversation with ANYONE ANYWHERE. Just practice, everywhere you go, talk to everyone around you 'till it's easy to do. Casual convo is the first step - not some corny come-on line.
    • Phoenix98

      Those are good, I personally like Art of Manliness good stuff there to.

  • windfall2017
    a lot of guys won't ever admit their weaknesses and flaws.
  • BigBallerSodaPop
    If you're not at least a little misogynistic, you're not much of a man.

    Just because some girls want to be told that they're special little princesses, doesn't make it true.

    Men do all the grunt work for creating society and get very little credit.
  • Bipolarjew02015
    I don't agree with the "stay within your league" reason. There are a lot of gorgeous females that I see with ugly guys and not because they have money.
  • Love_Is_Eternal
    I've been single for about 13 years now, simply because western women are toxic and cannot be trusted. As a result I've saved up a shit load of money and am enjoying life :)
  • rjroy3
    Pretty solid list. I'd shorten it to the last point tho. You miss all of the shots you don't take. Change that one thing and your success goes up lol. You can be misogynist and some girls will roll with it. You can have higher physical standards than what you yourself have and some girls will be into it. You can be lacking in know how when talking to girls and some girls will throw you a lifeline just for trying. You'll only get better with practice. So the last one is the most valid, most important point of all.
  • CHRIS11796
    I never agreed with the whole stay within your league bullshit, go after who you want.
    • red324

      Yep. It's hard for me to be charming when I'm not attracted to the girl.

  • Phoenix98
    Nothing really I've never really been unsuccessful with women and I just act like myself the traditional man I am don't sweat whatever happens, and it works like a charm.

    You don't need your silly list, the only thing you need is to love and be comfortable with yourself and confidence in general, to look decent and act like the man that you are and talk, communicate, converse in other words talk and listen.

    You don't need a mytake you don't need pictures mainly you just need common sense that should have been taught to you at a young age.
  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    You want women? Just be yourself. It happens naturally.
  • Patriots512
    Point of this article is looks is all that matters. Either be good looking or you don't get anyone.
  • CorruptedDocument
    Not bad, but not stopping being "sexist", personally
  • 3timesaday
    I thinks it's because I have approche anxiety. Girls only like high energy, rich dudes.
  • dwiller943
    Yes. Those are all true.
  • starbucksjr69
    It's mostly because I'm taken
  • Nahid1234
    I'm ugly 🙂🙃😭🙍‍♂️ Haha😂
  • Wontstop
    lol i don't care about any of this
  • Sabretooth
    her family pretty demonizing me
  • Anonymous
    good one
  • Anonymous
    I defenitively have no ambition, I don't know how to interact with none, regardless is male or female.
    I am not confident because my life is a trash...
    I have standards I don't know how high are them
    I hate women so you can say I am pretty missogin
  • Anonymous
    As always everything's the guy's fault for why he's not successful with women. Also you can't help who you're attracted to, so guys dating in their "league" are actually forcing themselves or pretending to be happy
  • Anonymous
    There is only one suitable response to this entire take...
  • Anonymous
    Yep, all true, that's why I'm still single, never had a kiss, virgin in my late 30s :(
    • Unit1

      Heya Mr. virgin wizard. Are you the reason we are having global warming because of your virgin sorcercy? I'll get there eventually too :P

      I'm the same as you actually. No girlfriend, no kiss, still a virgin. I'll be there where you are mate. :>

    • Anonymous

      @Unit1 Don't make the same mistake I did, maybe there is still hope for you, I'll be a grandmaster wizard in a few years :P

    • Unit1

      What mistake? I am destined to the same as your destiny 😂😂 I am hopeless and can't get any girl at all! It is like my fate or like god does not want me to find a girl 😂😂

      I know what I want to master if I reach my 30s being a virgin! It will be destruction >:)
      I will assist you in the global warming then :P

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  • Anonymous
    Well done, this is excellent haha
  • Anonymous
    I agree with ambition, but the rest is total BS.
    • Yes, and why mock people with anxiety and social disorders as if they can help it.

  • Anonymous
    So basically this is all about slating men with Autism and slating men because of their looks and trying to justify women rejecting them because of this. Typical feminist mentality and ideology. Rid the world of this cancer.
    • Anonymous

      Very offensive as well to people with anxiety and social disorders as well.

    • Anonymous

      The first part about misogyny makes you a hypocrite because not only are you being ablest towards people and anxiety/social disorders, you are also being misandric.