Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women


A lot of guys refer to being in the decider role as "flipping the script" on a girl. By this, they mean to turn it into a tactic. They realize that girls have egos as well and once disturbed can cause them to chase endlessly and give no heed to the actual value of that which they're chasing.

For a man, though, it's the tight rope act of the century. One false step of you pursuing her and the magic illusion is broken. So, instead of flipping the script on a girl, I'm simply advocating rejecting girls as healthy exercise of your self worth and self esteem.

You Only Involve with YOUR Best

Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women

You have a finite amount of time to talk to girls, date them, sleep them, let alone make one your girlfriend. As such, you shouldn't be so quick to take what comes easy. God forbid you knab a really "rare" one, you abandon all rejecting power and consider yourself lucky until such a time as something better presents itself.

Yet, by being selective you seldom if ever talk to a girl that doesn't feel rare and checking all the tick marks in your attraction bar both short term and long term. Your whole "pool" as it were is filled with girls that you have a lot of common with and that are very pretty.

It Helps You Realize You Have Value

Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women

When you reject a girl for not being what you want, it makes you realize that not every girl is good enough for you. This isn't a mark against her, but rather, again, what you find attractive. You start to believe that a girl you bother talking to must be valuable by the fact that you chose her out of other girls--and, by this logic, you are a source of giving value rather taking it.

It isn't about hurting their feelings that gives you a boost, but rather hurting their feelings is the sacrifice you have to make in order to get what you want. As males, we know all too well the pain of rejection, and I honestly believe a lot of "douchey" behavior like not texting the girl back and even cheating is a misconstrued desire to protect the girl from a face to face rejection.

What men don't realize, though, is that rejection is a necessary part of acceptance. It gives context to accepting a girl and falling in love. If you love everyone then there is no crossing eyes with a stranger from across the room and immediately falling for them. That only is important if it doesn't happen all the time.

You Secretly Want It

Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women

What's maybe more important than being with dream girls is being the type of guy that is with dream girls. That guy is different from you because he won't be interested in something in front of him just because its in front of him. Like someone who's dined across the world, he knows a fine cuisine when he sees it. He has taste. You want to have be a decider, not a bottom feeder.

Go out there and reject some ladies, Gentlemen.

Why You Guys Should Start Rejecting More Women
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Most Helpful Guy

  • HeWhoPonders
    Imma just go grab a bag of popcorn and a soda for when the women flood this take all triggered about you having the "audacity" to help guys remember that we have worth in the dating world too. It will be glorious.

    Yea but good Take. I see guy after guy here talking about how women have all the power in the dating world and I keep thinking to myself, "is the reason for that not because we don't put enough emphasis on ourselves and what we want when it comes to women?" I suppose it doesn't help that the modern dating world philosophy is that it is a borderline sin for a man to have tastes unless he's Patrick Swazy. This Take is a step in the right direction.
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    • I'm not sure when women ever thought of guys as worthless? Not being interested in a person does mean that person is worthless. It's simply matter of attraction.
      Jesus, women can't win. If we slept with everyone who spoke to us, we'd be huge sluts, if we don't, we're bitches.
      Make your mind up guys.

    • "Not being interested in a person does not mean that person is worthless." You must be one of the chosen few cause, what I've seen of girls, if a particular guy is not deemed attractive by the general female populace and he gets his girl seduced away from him by another guy that most girls WOULD deem attractive, they get extremely ruthless about it, saying that he's just upset because he "got no game" or that he deserved it for being less of a man in some way. Look at the comments on this video and tell me I'm wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFZrM38mf7Y

Most Helpful Girl

  • TakeMaker
    Stop hitting on anything that moves, that would help men as a whole. The main reason I would reject random approaches (and I would reject guys even if I thought they were attractive) is because I either saw him just get rejected by another girl or I know he's going to go hit on someone after me, so I'm just on his list of attempts. He can go fuck himself. When you stop hitting on everything the things you hit on will actually feel like you genuinely like them instead of just being the person that didn't tell him to go suck a dick.

    Desperation stinks and trying it on with everyone is desperate.
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    • grace9876

      And I bet u have never had a man hit on u lol I can tell by ur attitude u are single

    • TakeMaker

      @grace9876 nooo, never. You're so perceptive. I actually live alone with my ten cats and porcelain clown collection, eating ice cream and drinking cheap chardonnay as I watch Bridget Jones's Diary on repeat all night. Every night.

    • grace9876

      u said it not me lol and thank u for being so honest for admitting it

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  • shortandsweet24
    This is a great take! It makes certain women who have been rejected feel like there is something wrong with them or that they aren't good enough! Regardless of appearance or personality.

    Thank you for those of us who have been badly hurt by this behavior. You have just justified all of the way that men can treat a girl badly...
    • And yet you ignore that girls here try to send that exact message to guys all the time?

    • @HeWhoPonders Not at all. It's horrible when girls do it. But, I'm not one of those girls. I may be a rare breed but, I'm not... That's the truth.

      And, it sucks when guys do it just as much as when women do. It's never okay.

    • Fair enough.

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  • A man can't reject women if he doesn't have women approaching him to start with.
    which is true for most men, especially those on GAG.
    • Lol!!

    • Mrwoo99

      No men reject women differently, it's called MGTOW.

    • PrettyBama

      @mistixs yes! Drag them 😂

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  • Waffles731
    "What's maybe more important than being with dream girls is being the type of guy that is with dream girls. That guy is different from you because he won't be interested in something in front of him just because its in front of him."
    If I like someone and think that there is a chance for a relationship why the fuck would I reject them
    • pavlove

      because maybe they're good but not great? i'm just saying a real man considers his options before getting settled in a relationship with Marginal Mary

  • Rissyanne
    So if you reject all women... are you going to start going for guys?
    • pavlove

      lol where did i say all? just cuz you don't got what it takes doesn't mean other girls don't

    • Rissyanne

      Sorry dude but I have a man. I'm not the one whining about the opposite sex. Besides I was mostly kidding.

    • You're 50 on a site called "girlsaskguys"... do you really think you should be insulting anyone?

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  • Lillevalss
    Yeah, I think most guys lack standards these days. I think it's partly because our society labels a guy as a jerk if he rejects a girl. It's kind of unfortunate. I'm not saying that you should deliberately reject a girl for fun, but if you are not into her, just know that you are not obligated to accept her.
    • AnonRom

      Yeah I rejected a girl once (well I didn't realize I did she didn't blatantly say do you want to go out? so I didn't really realize what she meant until a mutual friend who knew her plans was talking to me about her asking me out... anyways moral of the story is that all my friends who knew/found out about it just started asking me if I was gay and calling me a moron for passing up getting laid. (to be fair I would have said yes if I knew what she was saying because I knew her a little and she came across as nice and friendly.)

  • LittleSally
    I agree. Reject most women that approach you, fellas! So we learn our lesson! =)
    • pavlove

      lol god damn it you know that's not what this is about

    • Haha I know... But I do agree - men nor women shouldn't just say yes to anyone.

    • @LittleSally yes-we SHOULD reject the entitled ones... like you. We reject selectively-just like women. If you're not attractive as a person (like entitlement issues lol) don't expect to get any great guys...

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  • AriadneSky
    i didn't realize men accepted any woman in the first place. i assumed people go after people the are actually interested in i guess bc i only do that. i dont see the point otherwise.

    but yea i agree. dont date people that are not of interest to you.
    • anonman32

      yeah there are these men that have no real preferences and just fuck anything that comes along really. we can call them sluts.

    • Panay

      Well some guys are desperate

  • Thrifty
    THIS IS SOOOOO TRUE. You took what I had been thinking and manifested into print. Thank you.

    The reason I agree with this is that quality is better than quantity. Plus, if you accept everyone then you wear yourself out. However, by setting boundaries, you allow yourself to better utilize your time. This is what hot girls already do. They reject anyone just to screen out the losers. Lesson learned.
  • rjroy3
    It's kind of shocking how big of ego's a lot of girls have actually. I know men have egos too. But I've never seen worse than a hot girl that gets rejected. She has to get you back for rejecting her. While most guys with egos, they might blow up a bit. In the long run, they don't find another person to parade around in front of you to try and make you jealous or hit on your friends. Not unless they're sociopaths lol. It gets very vindictive and borderline creepy.
    • pavlove

      yeah, if you reject a girl be prepared for all hell to break loose. Especially if you've already hit it and were like ehh that's not for me

  • ManOnFire
    Guys are already rejecting women, just not in the way you mean. When a guy picks and chooses which women he's interested in and makes a move on, he's obviously already rejecting the ones he's not into, even if she's into him and wants him to be into her.

    All the talk of guys not having standards doesn't really add up. In many ways I think guys can have MORE standards than women, seeing as a lot of women get into bad relationships a lot more than men do. What does that say about their standards and decision-making? Out of a desperate need for love, romance, or connection, they get with guys who are no good.

    A guy doesn't have to reject like a woman to be a rejecter. What you're talking about can really only apply if more women were approaching men, which many do not for the large reason that they DO fear getting rejected by him.
    • pavlove

      A girl might agree to talk to any guy who's cute just to see what he's about, but quickly reject him if she sees something she doesn't like, gets bored, or feels she could do better. I'm saying that many guys feel like... say a woman calls you by the wrong name by accident and she's hot. The guy will be like... whatever I'm not going to stop talking to her because of it. I think in such an instance a guy should be like you're a great girl just not what i'm looking for right now. It's a hard rejection of her and it means he has taste and he follows that taste. She's just being social and in the process confusing a few names... and he happens to not like that about her and thinks he can do better FOR HIM and so doesn't go along with it.

    • ManOnFire

      I don't think most men get pulled in that easy with the scenario you're using. In fact, women have done that kind of thing with me on a number of occassions, and I really just found it to be a cheesy attempt at flirting that didn't impress me, so I didn't try to keep up a conversation. I've talked to a lot of women who HAVE tried to talk up a guy and expressed how disappointing or hurtful it was when the guy brushed them off. So I don't really think guys are just jumping at any chance to have a girl interact with them.

    • well that's because they don't want to interact with us is the "PROBLEM" their to afraid of us

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  • cth96190
    I have been rejecting advances by women for about 25 years.
    I am heterosexual. On one level I would like someone with whom to snuggle, but on another I realise that it is not worth a 50 per cent risk of being destroyed by a divorce court and the Child Support Agency.
    It is a reversal of the situation in which I found myself when I was a teenager and then a 20 something, who could almost not get a date.
    Now women practically throw themselves at me and I could not be less interested.
    • Unit1

      Are they gold diggers?

    • cth96190

      In one sense, all women are gold diggers and that is not a bad thing.
      Take things back to earlier times. The female who mated with a male who was the best hunter and warrior was more likely to survive (as were his offspring), because of the resources to which the male had access.
      In the modern context, money takes the same role as being a good hunter, farmer, warrior, or whatever.
      As a matter of evolutionary biology, women are hard wired to be attracted to the males who have the greatest resources, because they are descended from the women who survived.
      In my case, yes I have more than the average amount of resources. I also look pretty good for my age, thanks to good genetics and a devotion to karate.
      What I see is not a gold digger, but a former nightclub princess for whom I would not have been 'fun' or 'exciting' enough when she was 20 and fucking a conga line of bad boys and players.
      The bitterness and resentment is strong in me. (said in voice of Yoda)

    • Unit1

      Yup :/ I can clearly see that.
      "As a matter of evolutionary biology, women are hard wired to be attracted to the males who have the greatest resources"
      This is sad but true. But so what.
      If we end up single because we were not attractive enough because we had not so much resources, then it's a good sign: We repelled away the gold diggers. Makes sense.

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  • Unit1
    And if we reject someone (whom we are not interested in) we get branded gay.
    No fucks given.
    But in all honesty I did not have the chance to reject someone. In my opinion we all have the rights to reject or accept relationships and it's NOT because "it's funny".
    • Kkaos

      Who brands a guy gay for rejecting a girl? Lol, if anything my guy friends would tease the crap out of me if I didn't reject a girl who wasn't attractive, as terrible as that is.

    • Unit1

      @Kkaos Plenty of idiots call me gay for as much as not being interested in our local gold diggers or just having my unique own taste.

    • pavlove

      what if every girl just slept with a guy after he tried to brand them a lesbian for not responding to his advances?

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  • reixun
    Who knew there was so much plotting and conscious decisions. Makes me wary of pursuing a relationship if everyone plays games.
  • The_Texting_Prince
    Screw these haters man - this is solid advice. It's about that mindset. Not being easily impressed sets your own standards high. Every man and woman should have high standards and we wouldn't have all these complacent relationships where both parties let themselves go.
  • PrettyBama
    I'm so glad I found a real man before all this bullshit started spreading lmao 😂 I feel sorry af for the single women.
    • PrettyBama

      😂😂😂😂😂 Bitter how? Because I'm glad I don't have to deal with these games. you def jumped the gun with the name calling and the insults 😂

    • Unit1

      Real man as in?

    • PrettyBama

      @Unit1 well real man was a weird term to use. every man is a real man. I'm glad I found a man that doesn't subscribe to this way of thinking before it starts spreading 😂 Because this is crazy to me.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Rejecting just for the sake of it is stupid in my opinion.
    I think guys should stop settling for women that are less than them, which is a very often occurrence.

    If the woman isn't what you want, it's not as good as what you know you deserve, then reject her. It's pretty simple.
    You can't lower yourself just to have a girl.

    It's just about doing what's gonna be the best for you. No games, no bullshit, just what is right for you.
  • adrianalima0
    Rejecting every women you meet in hopes of securing a supermodel only works if you really really good-looking, lucky, supernatural attraction abilities (in spite of looks) or are loaded. Otherwise, that is sure way of ending up alone.
    • Mrwoo99

      Or you could just buy one... simple.

    • Those are human beings...

    • That's why I said loaded/rich

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  • YepThatsIt
    Lets be honest, the men who can reject women somewhat frequently aren't exactly lacking in self esteem or feelings of self worth to begin with. Being picky with your partners in all honor, the whole concept here might not apply to those who would need it.
  • aggresor
    lol, you are like someone who saw Bill Gates pointing at the sky and start telling everyone "Hey! Pointing at the sky will make you a billionaire!! "

    um.. NO.

    rejecting girls is not even a realistic scenario for most guys, unless you are someone like Justin Bieber who have 18 yo hot models lining up overall the world to sleep with him, people like that reject girls because they have more than they can take, ok? They didn't gain their confidence from rejecting girls you dumbfvck, they reject the 8s and 9s because they already don't have time for all the 10s that are lining up their front door, or they can easily find another 8s and 9s with a better personality.

    It's like me at my job, I hire a lot of college/university age girls, and I can afford to fire even the pretty ones if they have a sh1t attitude because I know I can find someone as pretty as her the next day with a much better attitude and ability.
    • Justin201

      "It's like me at my job, I hire a lot of college/university age girls" where do u work? and whats ur position?

    • pavlove

      no, i reject that notion. I think you can mostly determine what's your standard. I mean, the guy can still make the first move but if he quickly finds something about her distasteful he should reject her even if she becomes really into him.

    • aggresor

      @Justin201 if you want a job like that, just think about what industries where the customer demographic is exclusively targeted towards young 16-29 years old people.

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  • brain5000
    This is good advice. Is it just me, or are men generally encouraged to always go for it, and that who do we think we are, being picky? all women are beautiful, blah blah blah, which leads to a world of hurt on all possible sides?

    That's the thing I think you left out - that if men held back a little and hesitated before jumping, we wouldn't hit our heads on the bottom of the dating pool quite as often.
  • WillowTree
    You have a finite amount of time to talk to girls, date them, sleep them, let alone make one your girlfriend. As such, you shouldn't be so quick to take what comes easy. ****God forbid you knab a really "rare" one, you abandon all rejecting power and consider yourself lucky until such a time as something better presents itself.****

    And then they question why we hesitate to sleep with them on the first date. Too many games.
    • pavlove

      I agree that it makes no logical sense for a woman who's looking for something more to hook up on the first date.

      consider this though... a lot of rejection comes in the form of being a bad or average lay... would you rather be told you're not his type before or after?

    • WillowTree

      If it came down to that, I'd be judging him just as much as he's judging me. If I feel there's no sexual compatibility or felt his performance was lacking with no potential to improve, I'd be just as willing to walk away from the whole relationship.

  • ParamountArmada
    i can't reject a girl, i respect them, and give them chances, unless she's not my type or not attractive.
    im no jerk.
    but i get your point reject them so you dont seem to easy so they can have an excuse to walk all over you, treat you like some big joke, and ditch you. aka playing hard to get.
    • pavlove

      no no no reject them because you deserve to have a standard more than just cute

  • EddieJude
    a lot of girls don't even have egos generally but gain themas a result of their looks and advances from guys and dating experience. If I girl is playing hot or cold , or u activate nice guy mode and she's fucking up get up and leave her. Next her with no contact and let her learn not for your sake but for your fellow brothers sake. Peace
  • sp33d
    Reject the people you don't like. Your take makes you sound like a teenager :<
    • pavlove


    • sp33d

      You make it sound like you have to "upkeep" some image of yours and that "rejecting women more often" is more about some (unknown) principle rather than having actual reason.

  • Otakugeek
    I m sorry all I got from this is that your a horrible person
  • anonman32
    lol i agree, did you know there are even men that will shame you for rejecting a woman that you are not interested in? they want to pressurize you to put your cock in any woman that comes along because its "manly".
  • J1020
    I have, it doesn't make feel good about myself. I only did it cause I didn't want them or the one I wanted.
  • chc0009
    Yeah, I've had women hit on me before, but I rejected them since a lot of the were African American and I only like white women.
    • Afrochick

      LOL you really love pointing that part of your life out eh?

    • Mrwoo99

      @Afrochick yeah... the same way you women do about a man's height or bank account.

    • chc0009

      @Mrwoo99 I wouldn't say height, since a lot of white women reject me and I'm 6'2" tall.

  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    Women are automatically rejected by not hitting on them, or asking them out. Just staring at them for a moment, not talking with them. Or not even staring, just ignoring them. A man just minding his business, not noticing a girl nearby makes her feel rejected.
    And why? Because women are so used to being worshiped and cat-called, flirted with, hit on and asked out on the streets by black and brown guys, that when they see a guy not doing that they feel immediately rejected.
    And most White men are so passive, nonchalant and inactive, most women feel completely rejected by them.
    Blonde guys are the worst in that regard. Most blonde guys are lethargic when it comes to girls. They never hit on or ask girls out. It's because they believe naturally the girl has to take the first step. I don't know why that is, I thought like that too, growing up.
    • Justin201

      y u being racist tho?

    • @Justin201

      Racist? Against whom?

    • Mayamoon02

      Blonde guys are not above tall/dark/handsome and yes they do ask girls out equally.
      You live in a weird bubble.

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  • Eric644
    i love it. I have to say, whenever i reject a woman i feel empowered , especially if it is a woman that rudely rejected me in the past, i absolutely love it.
  • John_Doesnt
    These don't apply to me because the only women who approach me are the ones who will get rejected anyway. No amount of booze or desperation will make me sleep with the elephants that have hit on me in the past.
  • schnipdip
    I mean, yeah, that's great and all if you're good looking. Join the other spectrum of ugly guys and you will see we don't have choices.
  • Alex88F
    did that a couple of times, except the last one i felt Always like i was givin em a good ol attitude adjustment - im no longer your Butler not a second choice, see ya princess!
    • Eric644

      yep!!! Agree, i am also an ex-nice guy, i realized girls don't like good guys so I decided to be a jerk and low and behold. We must stop giving them all the attention in the world, some guys think that by being the shoulder to cry on and being nice, the girl will realize that you are a catch, sorry unless you want to wait till you are 40, it isn't gong to happen any time soon. So men, change your attitude, there is a reason why the asshole always gets the girl, learn from one of them and change

    • Alex88F

      @Eric644 im not saying you got to be an asshole man. just raise your standards. be unwilling to being played and tricked into mind games and other BS. if you spot her doing that or telling lies - #NEXT

    • Eric644


  • Guccigabbana18
    I agree actually, good take.
  • Tokyo-D-Man
    If you need to reject someone to feel better about yourself you are just a loser and deserve to be rejected be the world. Just work hard on improving yourself every single day and don't give a **** what anyone else thinks of you. Then you will make some real progress! 90's Hip Hop & R&B is so much better than the crap they put out today and who in their right mind especially Drake tries to duel EM. Drake you make Canada look bad. Get your neighbor Gordon Lightfoot to Battle Em at least he has some real lyrics to spit! Choads go home! :)
    • Eric644

      unless it is a woman that rudely rejected me in the past or a woman that i feel is stuck up (she either looks stuck up or gives me that vibe- uses mini purses, wears aviators, etc) than she deserves to be rejected and I proudly do it.

  • Joesyyyywhales
    Just lol if you're already not rejecting women
  • Revengercm

    If I want it, I want it.
  • Anonymous
    manginas of the world, start having some self respect!
  • Anonymous
    90% of guys on gag are in no position to reject anyone.
  • Anonymous
    Its ironic , I used to do that in my teenage years, if I knew then what i know now, I would have not rejected that many I regret doing that immensely. I think I dont have dating skills and have bad luck, its hard for me to even get a number now a days, there is no way I would reject a girl even if she is far from pretty
  • Anonymous
    I agree guys are pussys nowadays
  • Anonymous
    So are women only slutty/less innocent to guys who treat them like rubbish?

    I like this take but worry that you end up rejecting a lot of ppl!

    Can u help me out pavlove? I wonder if women are only dirty to some men? www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2078940-do-women-categorise-men-are-they-only-truly-dirty-in-the-bedroom
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous


    • @Opinion... good lord get a hobby to go with that narcissism

    • Anonymous

      @feminismisnarcissism no narcissism here.

  • Anonymous
    There's a difference though. Some guys get girls making the first move all the time, and those guys sometimes do reject girls they don't want. Other guys, like the majority of guys on here (I know because they complain about it so much) don't ever get approached in the first place to ever be in the position to be able to reject anybody.
    Guys who get approached don't get overly flattered and get gassed and just say yes to everybody.
    • dudeman

      what do you mean by first move? women flirt with me all the time and i just usually ignore them.

  • Anonymous
    Of course, I always reject all the ugly, fat and nerdy girls, but that didn't help me in getting my dream girl, because I'm out of her league.
    • Eric644

      There are some cute nerdy girls out there though, id take a cute nerdy chick over a hot bitchy chick any day.

    • Anonymous

      @Eric644 I prefer hot girls rather than cute. I like gamer chicks, but not nerdy girls with glasses who are into math, chemistry and physics.

    • Eric644

      Gamer girls and anime fan chicks is what I meant, there are some pretty ones out there.

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  • Anonymous
    I'm a women and I'll take your advice and start rejecting some men.
  • Anonymous
    To be clear, in order for us to do that, they must first start making the approaches...
  • Anonymous
    This is true..
    It reminds me of my lover man!

    My partner hasn't slept with a lot of girls but all his exes are STUNNING.
    I knew when I met him that he wasn't an easy catch cause he didn't ogle at girls in a bar and was confident in his abilities (footballer and dancer).

    I snooped his old messages and girls would offer themselves on plates - but it seemed to turn him off.
    He's not your typical hot guy. But he takes care of himself.

    Until he met me and relentlessly persued me with them hungry eyes :p
    I was doomed to fail the way he wanted me. Specifically me. No one else.
  • Anonymous
    Makes zero sense, unless you're gay or something.

    Rejecting a girl is pointless.

    Here's some facts. When you have a girlfriend, you are more attractive to other girls.

    There is nothing stopping you from dumping the girl you're with and trading up, if that's what you want.

    • Kkaos

      That's absolute trash. Girls aren't just a level to get to or an accomplishment. Relationships also take effort and I'm not going to get into a relationship with someone I'm not attracted to. And I'm also pretty sure other girls aren't going to view you as more attractive if you're with someone who isn't attractive, in fact it will make you look worse. I've rejected tons of girls simply because I'm not attracted to them and I expect girls I am interested in to reject me as well if they're not attracted to me and not just go with me until they can 'trade up' like you advocate for guys.

    • Anonymous

      @Kkaos "I'm not going to get into a relationship with someone I'm not attracted to"

      Who's talking about a relationship? Wow, are you showing your feminine side.

      We're talking about dating. Simple, casual and most important of all, fun.

      Being with girl makes you more desireable to other girls. So there is always a reason to have a girl on your arm if one is available. Don't believe it? Ask them. Look around. The world doesn't work the way you think it does at 20.

    • Afrochick


  • Anonymous
    Yeah, but mostly we even don't have the chance to "reject" women.
    Normally men chase women, and not vice versa.
    • pavlove

      she looks cute you say hi she says hi back you say can i get you another drink she says thats such a cheesy pick up line you're annoyed that she's giving you shit when she doesn't even know you but she's a hot blonde and you'll put up with it since you might get laid...

      What i say is NO. If she's annoying reject her... if you think well, it might hurt her feelings reject her... if you think well if i hang in there i'll get something out of it reject her