Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You


Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You

You Focus More On Who Should Pay For The First Date, Instead Of Focusing On The Actual Date!

Maybe a man should pay on the first date or maybe he shouldn't, who knows? All I know is dates are about getting to know each other better and that should be the only focus. Worry about who pays when they check comes because it's not about the money or shouldn't be anyway.

You Get Upset Because He Calls You "Honey, Sweetie or Baby" Like He Called You A Bad Name Or Something!

So what a guy calls you honey, what's the big deal? If the worst thing you are ever called by a guy is "honey, sweetie or baby", you should count your blessing.

You Say Guys Are Bad Communicators But You Expect Men To Read Your Mind!

Sure I agree with how annoying it is to wait for someone to get back to you or to not call when they say they will and how sometimes a one word answer isn't enough. However, guys are different than women when it comes to communicating and some guys give one word answers because they aren't good with their words (I know guys like that ).

Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You

However, when a girl is upset about something she expects a guy to read her mind and know why she's angry, so what's the difference?

You Are Too Quick To Assume All He Wants Is Sex!

It's pretty known by now that guys are suppose to be very into sex but just because a guy is, doesn't mean that's all he wants or that he can't control himself. Maybe some guys might invite you over for movie and to relax, with hidden motives attached to it. However, not every guy that invites a girl over for a movie and to relax is hoping to get laid. They do have self control ladies, believe or not.

You Accuse Him Of Being Clingy, When Girls Usually Are The Clingy Ones!

Sure there are probably clingy guys out there but there's more clingy girls, who can't live without a man (I know many women like that). So, let's not act like girls are never clingy because they usually are the ones more likely to be clingy not the guy.

Women, This Is Why Men Might Not Want to Date You
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  • LifeIsStrange
    I always offer to pay on the first date, don't see why it should always be the guy having to pay!
    I think 'Honey' is a sweet term 😊
    I say if somethings bothering me.
    The sex one... well ye I do tend to assume that way too fast abd shouldn't taint all guys with the same brush, it was the 2 bad eggs I've had which have lead me to believe there aren't many good ones out there but I know they exist and some men are gentleman and more than willing to wait.
    Well after my ex wanting to spend every minute of every day with me and getting upset for wanting alone time with my family I did get a clingy one, I seem to attract them! But I know quite a few guys who aren't clingy at all.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • martyfellow
    You forgot to mention that girls especially in the US are highly manipulative quite often, , and once manipulated, guys are reluctant to trust or respect ANY female again.

    Yes, guy are often not 'good with words', and the girls take advantage of that to use them...
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    • But this is a very good. Take, notwithstanding.

    • Thanks.

    • Christop59

      Some of us guys have been used so much that we are walking away from women. Look at ( men go their own way ) ( mgtow. com )

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  • ManOnFire
    Nice comeback to that other Take. I could understand if the things she mentioned in it were maybe annoying to females, but to outright say that's why women don't want to date men was just a passive-aggressive pout moment. Sending guys a message like that is really just gonna make THEM not want to date women more than women not wanting to date men. If it's anything more irritating to a man it's hearing a woman whine in hostility that's supposed to manipulate us into giving a damn.
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  • renogaza
    in my opinion since we live in the era where guys are expected to date the girl but girls are starting to date the guy instead, then why not just make it so that whoever asks the other out is responsible for the bill, makes sense?
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    • renogaza

      Personally though i'd much rather spend for it because he's a working student, he needs to save a lot more than i do, and amassed a small fortune from all the times he wouldn't let me pay, so i end up buying him a gift every now and then instead

    • renogaza

      And i amassed* typo

    • This is exactly as the world should work

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  • hellionthesage
    Thank god a reasonable response to an unreasonable take. My only question is what constitutes clingy? I mean I am a cuddle whore so if I am with a girl then I will almost certainly be cuddling as much as possible but on the other hand I like my solitude so I NEED at least a day of no contact just so I can be alone. So what constitutes clingy?
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    • Truth be told, I'm not really sure. I was once told by a guy I was too needy because I suggested to him we talk more because we never actually talked much, so I think it's based on the individual person.

    • Hmm. That's weird. I mean I would assume that it would be based upon the individual but for something so many are against, it seems no one really knows exactly what constitutes needy.

  • Junlian
    I fawking love this mytake!!! If only there were more women like you who gets it. My goodness your a rare women to come by.
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  • Shorty1991
    Well I do none of the above, have been on dates and still can't find anyone suitable enough for me to have a relationship with.
    I'm not saying that all men are bad communicators, but a few that have taken interest in me have been. The first guy flirted with me using non verbal communication, I reciprocated. But when he got close enough to talk to me, he was incapable of even saying as much as hello. He kept following me around and standing next to me for 2 years. I get that he might have been shy, but surely it wouldn't take someone as long as two years before they even decide to talk to you. Yes, that's right "talk" not get committed to a relationship right away.
    The second guy displayed the same antics, he never attempted to talk to me either. But he had a good enough reason not to get too attached to me. I discovered that he already had a girlfriend.
    Both of those guys got extremely jealous whenever I talked to other people (mostly other men) they would glare at me and listen into my conversations.
    Even though subtlety was never my strongest point, being blunt and straight to the point, I can still communicate clearly. Be it non verbal or verbal. I think I just have the knack for attracting the wrong guys. Unlike some women, I prefer a straight forward approach from men rather than all that chasing malarkey.
  • howardque
    Fantastic take!

    I think the point about all he wants is... is a great one. The problem is all this playing games results in just that. Constantly playing games with no outcome. We end up just playing a game with no end in sight.
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    • Thanks and very true.

    • tyber1

      I agree, women can be a real pain with the games and the misleading, makes you not want to actually take women on dates.

  • cth96190
    Why a man might not want to date you.
    This list includes, but his not limited to:
    1. For US university students, the insanity of the affirmative consent rule. This Cultural Marxist madness makes female students strictly off limits to male students, unless the male has a death wish.
    2. The possibility of an education or career ending sexual harassment complaint, if he asks you out. You do not even have to be the one who makes the complaint. A Feminist land whale who is lurking in the background can complain that she 'felt harassed' when she witnessed him ask you out. Something similar to that happened to me in the workplace, when I was younger.
    3. The risk of an education or career ending false rape complaint, if there is consensual sex, but she changes her mind the next day, week, month, year, or whatever. False rape complaints ruin men's lives and happen more often that women realise generally.
    4. The risk of a false rape complaint, whether or not there was any form of sexual contact.
    5. If you become pregnant, a child-support order will transform him into your impoverished slave for the rest of his life.
    All this and some women wonder why men to not approach them.
    Have women not been paying attention to how dangerous the Feminist sisterhood has made it for a young man to simply show normal interest in a young woman?
    There is also the mindfuck that men experience when dealing with any woman.
    If we do not try to rip her panty off during the first date, we are accused of being queer.
    If we do try to get that panty off, we are a beast and a rapist who is interested in only one thing.
    No matter what we do, we lose.
    Some of us just give up and go MGTOW.
  • TesticleMonster
    1.) yeah thats true, they got fucked up priorities and it says immediately that they're a terrible person on the inside
    2.) yeah its a term of endearment. we're not calling them n** jew whorebags or something. they just need something to get offended about. also a sign that they're a terrible person on the inside.
    3.) every woman who has said that men are terrible communicators are the WORST communicators. in fact i always here these bitches complaining about how men can't come up with an original topic for conversation (as if even hollywood could come up with something original these days) but they can't even hold a 2 sided communication. they're not engaging, they're not even close to decent conversational partners, even and yet they expect men to entertain them and constantly be a million times better at social skills than they will ever be.
    4.) yeah men have needs but we do get to choose where we dip the stick, and it is not in the kind of women you mentioned. whether we crave sex, is completely irrelevant to whether we crave sex with YOU. If not you, then literally anyone else who is not completely full of themselves or offended by my absolutely normal human biology, behaving as it is supposed to.
    5.) nothing to add. you sound like you actually listen to men. thats a first.
  • 19magic
    Sometimes I do assume he wants sex, especially if he wants you round his at 3/4am to 'read him a book'. If it's planned like do you want to catch some pizza at 6 round mine, then I would mind it and if I like him then do whatever I feel comfortable with.
  • lightbulb27
    one comment on communication: Nature is cruel in that if the guy is really attracted to her, he loses some of his verbal skills... he's stunned. It makes it hard to think sometimes. So give him some graces.
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  • Flurr
    I really appreciate this counter take done by a woman. For some reason it is extremely appealing when a woman comes to the defense of a man by another woman.
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  • SunDevil11
    Those are some good reasons that a guy might not want to date a girl! Nice myTake
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  • LittleSally
    Oh, this is a reference to that other take some girl did, right?
    I see...
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  • BubbleBoy69
    And the counter take to the take that pissed people off. Right back to back.
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  • Stacyzee
    This is a parody take of the other one, I see.
    Why can't we all just respect other peoples views?
    Too much things here on GAG is taken out of context I believe.
    • Stacyzee

      Not saying anything about you per say, just generally speaking.

    • I understand. And, this isn't really a parody per say I just see way too many women on here writing takes about men that make them seem like they are worth crap and horrible to date, I don't agree with that. I have a lot of male friends all with different personalities and way's of communicating and so I know all these takes women put together to clump men in the same box aren't true. So, instead of rambling on her take I thought I'd write my own.

    • I know this may seem stupid but looking back at my middle school days when I was bullied, the one thing I wish the most is that someone would have defended me or at least supported me so I wasn't alone. So, now when I see people picking on other people or an entire gender or something I feel the need to stand up and say something about it because I wish someone would have done that for me. I understand how stupid that may sound but it's how I try live my life.

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  • AlwaysBelieving
    Thanks for writing this. Hopefully more gals will read this.

    As for the "you are too quick..." Part, I'm labeled as "safe" by gals (and I'm ok with that). Is it so "wrong" that a guy talks to a gal like an actual human being and not trying to hit on her?
    • You're welcome and no, there's nothing wrong with that.

    • Can you follow me so that I can PM you? Either that or just PM me. I want to get your opinion on some things that I don't want all of G@G tosee

    • Sure, I can do that.

  • Pacificblue62
    Has to be in the running for the female mytake of the year
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  • Unit1
    You nailed it! This is true!
    + I'd add to the list, that some women are making themselves unapproachable or playing hard to get, which makes us believe the woman has no interest in us so we move on.
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  • 10dsw
    A woman who views things from both sides is incredibly attractive.
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  • MagiAlphaOne
    Dating Women is Dangerous.

    More Men are waking up to the risks of dating women. A Man in College is faced with the very real danger of being accused of Rape. Check out California's "yes means yes" law and "Title IX abuses". A Man having sex with a Women can claim she was raped MONTHS later even though the sex was consentual.

    Divorce Courts are heavily biased against Men. 90% of the time the ex-wife gets custody of the Children. 50% or more of his assets are taken. If he is unable to pay child support, he goes to Jail. Did you know that 17% of the Jail population in the United States are Men who are unable to pay Child Support?

    Beyond this, Men are finding that Western Women...

    - Behave more like Men
    - Indoctrinize by Feminism
    - Fat
    - Bad attitudes
    - Princesses
    - Can't cook
    - Hate men
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  • CancerianMan81
    another reason is most women want to punish a man for him wanting to be in love with a woman
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  • Major_Vybz
    If I could give you a amazon gift card I would. Lol Well done 👏👏😉😎
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  • NajemEddine
    most women act like a blood sucking vampire needy annoying clingy over reacting and over sensitive
    there are plenty of fish in the sea dear and your pussy is not magical in any way :p
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  • Djaaaaaay
    That's a good part of it for sure. A first date is like the first day on a new job , be the best you possibly can be. Impress the boss , not the other way around.
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  • MG-TOW
    This list is bigger but still this is a good list. Especially that all he wants is sex thing and mind reading thing is a date killer for me.
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  • Heera
    I agree except for the pet names which are annoying
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  • sp33d
    So, you've managed to look at the situation at both ends, but the underline remains: it's all about mindgames.
  • Puppylove94
    hmmm spot on lol im guilty of a few of those not going to lie.

    awesome take
  • matt1209
    I agree with women thinking men should be able to read minds. Women can be bad communicators also.
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  • Revengercm
    omg. Again.
    These aren't reasons why I wouldn't date a girl, lol.

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    • Revengercm

      the true reasons I wouldn't date someone is because they're crazy, mean, liars, abusive... you know. Things that really turn off away.

      Men can be clingy. It depends. Stupid point.

      Gold diggers are bad but I don't think only paying the first date equals a gold digger.

      I don't call someone sweetie or blah blah.

  • Vivaldi
    You must have meant hot men who may not have wanted to date you. There are a lot of men are hungry for girls. They are dying to date you.
    • Vivaldi

      There are a lot of men who are hungry for girls, who are dying of girllessness.

  • ice_vampire
    Great take. Enjoyed reading your mytake.
    I love all your takes.
  • meatballs21
    Yay! Good comeback.
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  • singlebee
    Ahahahha nice take... :-)
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  • ParamountArmada
    awesome mytake hits it dead on
  • Zorax
    Excellent Take, I agree 100% :D
  • Redstang88
    Bang on.
  • jjfrancis
    shots fired! hahaha
  • TheButterfly
    So basically you opposite dayed the other take
  • Heemus_Christ
    Movie and relax = netflix

  • WhaChaChaKing
    Hmmm okay.
  • Blud007
    I love chubby girls
  • Tiger288
    Thank u! Praise it!
  • Anonymous
    Don't forget that princess syndrome
  • Anonymous
    I love this Mytake. I thought the other one was ridiculous, so it's good to see this one.
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  • Anonymous
    You Are Too Quick To Assume All He Wants Is Sex!

    I like that one. Very true in most cases.
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  • Anonymous
    I don't do any of those. Maybe that's why I'm still dating the guy I'm seeing.
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