Now I See Why Walking Away From a Relationship is Easier

You will hear the stigmas that no one in this current generation can keep a relationship or make a relationship last for a long time. I always, for long as I can remember, wanted to have a marriage and make it last forever. I wanted to use so much effort and we'd always be happy and love each other for the rest of our lasting days.

I even shit on people who couldn't make it work and it fell apart. I came to realize this very summer a lot of things. But the main thing is WALKING AWAY IS SO MUCH BETTER TO DO. Mostly due to my recent experiences, I realize I feel like I can walk away from anything in a relationship now and not.feel.bad. Now this mytake is mostly about why I feel that walking away is a better option now, then how I felt at 13 years old or younger. Main reason: if you're always fighting, just walk away. I experienced this in my last relationship, and recently seeing my parents. I just can't cope with a guy anymore I don't know what it is but I can't try to work it out anymore in a relationship.

No, I do not hate men, or think all men are horrible. I'm just a straight woman who doesn't want to try anymore in a relationship. Also, I don't want the baggage of a relationship I don't want to cuddle together every night and watch tv, I don't want to be in the same room for every second.Even if we not talking at all, I don't want that. I know this is a unpopular opinion but hopefully there be more people like me on GAG. What is your view are you willing to work out anything? or run for the hills? let me know down below.


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  • Arguing and fighting is not fighting to make the relationship work.


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  • I deserve the kind of love that i give, i had to walk away from someone who dont feel the same way about me. There are times that i doubt my decision, but its for the best. I dont wanna push myself to someone who doesn't want to be with me and it is not happy to be with me. It only makes me sad even more.

    • Exactly I realize that after, now if I feel like I can do better then I walk away because if my heart and head are saying there something not right here. Its better to leave then to waste years and realize what you felt the whole time during that relationship was right.

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  • Relationship aren't just rainbows and butterflies, it requires a lot of work. I remember reading something about marriage and how this one couple would argue all the time during the first years but after that it was just pure love, I thought it was worth pointing it out. It is easier to walk away indeed, if you want to end up alone. But then you'll never experience true love which takes time. Time and work.

    • My last ex was abusive and I realize I can't handle fighting or arguing anymore after what he put me through. I also just not ready or want to in the moment to make anything work.

  • I totally agree with this. And in a bad relationship, I don't get why people want to make it work so badly anyway... like what are you trying to make work? You're clearly not meant to be. Relationships in general are hard work though, not just bad ones. It's like a job sometimes, you've gotta actually work on it.

    • Yes! I after my recent luck in the dating game I just don't want to apply for the job where I'm working at MacDonalds LOL.

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