3 Reasons to Walk Away From a Relationship

1. Physical and emotional abuse

It is never okay for your partner to physically hurt you. I read in a bunch of articles that throwing things, or even slamming doors is considered physical abuse. Emotional abuse isn't taken very seriously, but if he is putting you down or name calling you, then it is time to walk out the door.

2. He makes no time/effort

A guy that likes you and wants a future will make time for you. Whether its an hour a day to eat together or even a phone call, he should want to hear your voice and see how you are doing. No exceptions.

3. Your intuition

That's right...if you feel like something is off and that you are not happy, do not put your feelings on the back burner. There is a reason you have doubts.


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  • Far too many people are incapable of facing a bad relationship, and even more are sadly incapable of walking away from a bad relationship.

    I'm talking about both men and women here. :)


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  • You forgot Manipulation. Come off the top rope at it! Everyone is responsible for their happiness. Life is short not to be happy. Being happy and mentally healthy is a great place to be. Everyone deserves that. Love yourself.

  • These are good reasons to break up

  • Slamming a door is physical abuse now?

    Jesus Christ...


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