5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship



These days everyone is so scared of being alone that they feel the need to jump from partner to partner, without even evaluating what made their last relationship fail. Many people are so desperate for someone to spend all their time with and fill their empty spaces; that they don't take a moment to reflect upon who they choose and who they are. In this take I'll share why I am not desperately looking for a partner. Up next five reasons why I don't care for a relationship at the moment.

1. I'm Not Interested

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship

One of the main reasons I have found that I am not desperate for a relationship is because I haven't found anyone that's made me consider having one. I've had a few relationships in the past and the prospect of a new one isn't currently exciting to me. Most of the time I'm disappointed to find that the guy I've even slightly considered, is not who I thought he was, taking their life somewhere that I can't follow, emotionally unavailable or otherwise unreachable (to put a term to it). For the most part I find myself ready to be done with someone before we've even started having anything.

2. I'm Focused On Myself

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship

I'm thinking more about myself and what makes me happy. I'm a natural people pleaser and I have a really hard time saying no, this single time has helped me realize that I should be focused on me. What do I need? What are my goals? What do I want for myself? I've been able to work through everything that was on my mind for the past few months or so. Being by myself has made me realize that the most important validation comes from within. When I was with a partner I was so obsessed with the feeling of someone giving me constant validation, that I forgot to work on my self-love and what would give me lasting happiness.

3. I'm Working Through My Feelings

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship

One thing that I've learned the hard way, is that one nail doesn't drive out another. I used to like a guy, who for very valid reasons couldn't be with me, however that didn't erase what I felt for him. I tried everything, from hating him to ignoring him, to shoving some other guy in his face, all of which didn't work and left me feeling empty handed. I soon came to realize that the only way to move on was to work through my feelings. I'm not desperate for someone new because frankly I'm not 100% over that last guy and I'm not moving onto to someone else until I am.

4. I Make My Own Choices

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship

While I'm single I live for me. I do whatever I please and I don't have to worry about someone else's expectation. In a relationship all of that changes. Suddenly what someone else has to say matters and how they view and think of you has a certain weight as well. I don't want someone to have that kind of power over me. I like being in control of myself and my destiny. I know that not everyone is controlling, but a certain set of compromises come with being committed to someone. I'm not desperate for a relationship because a relationship ties you down, in a flash it's randomboy's girlfriend, instead of simplyarandomgirl.

5. I Don't Want The Drama

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship

I like my dramaless life. I don't have to worry about someone breaking my heart or cheating. Not to mention worrying about their family liking me. One thing that being single has taught me is that there is much less stress being by yourself than worrying if you meet someone's standards. Relationships over complicate your life, while bachelorness leaves a lot of room for you to be yourself. Of course it's not for everyone, but I operate better while I'm single. I go at my own pace, I wait for no one and I choose to do whatever the hell I want. Drama immediately flies out the window when you're single. While relationships and their emotions cloud your judgement, being single gives you a perfectly clear head.

You are your best self when you're in control of your life and how you feel. Relationships give you dependance, singleness gives you freedom, and that's the main theme of this take. While having a partner might be amazing, you should want your partner, not need it. You need to learn how to let go, be on your own for a while and love yourself a little more. Wanting someone's support is great but constantly needing someone to uphold you is damaging for yourself and others. You're not a half looking for another half, you're a whole human being and that's what you should keep in mind.

Thanks for reading this take

-The End xo

P.S. This was not meant to offend anyone. This is just my personal experience and my humble opinion/advice. As always thanks for reading.

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship
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  • EmperorOfRussia
    Nothing new. We could read this pretty much in every edition of Teen Vogue nowadays.

    The biggest problem with relationships in the last times is that we are expected to be eternal teenagers. Too much self-absorption, too much "what about me?", too much immaturity. Our modern culture leads people to eternal immaturity, that's why people don't give their best when they are in a relationship, they don't even have something remarkable to offer. What could an adult child - female or male - offer in a relationship? Cheating? Unreal expectations and demands? Games?

    It's a culture of mediocrity. After some unavoidable bad dating experiences, many people will eventually take your approach to relationships and give up... There's even a social movement that preaches it: the MGTOW (although focused on men's issues). Well, it's all expected in a society based on hedonism, individualism and materialism, isn't it? And people end up drinking more of this poison thinking that they could "find themselves". Sad.

    Of course people will see my comment as a mindless pitch for having a relationship. It's not. I'm extremely against relationships of convenience and when I merely suspected that a girl was with me for convenience I kicked their ass cheeks out of my life. Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was being unfair. Before I met my wife, I was pretty much used to be with a new girlfriend every week and end up breaking with them for some reason. Sometimes I disappointed, sometimes I got disappointed.

    None of this convinced me to drink more of the hedonistic/materialistic/egotistical poison that is plaguing our generation. Now I have a wonderful wife who loves me with passion and is proving to be the best mom I've ever seen. Because of my bad dating experiences, I didn't put faith in her at our first contact. Everything has changed. Now, every morning - before we are getting out of bed - I look in her beautiful heaven-coloured eyes for a minute and then I give her a kiss on forehead.

    Sorry, but I'm not going to embrace those hedonistic/materialistic/individualistic cheap values, I have a worthy mission to do: bring happiness to the woman who makes me happier, and also be a good father. And I accept every boundary that is expected from me, every self-sacrifice is willingly paid.
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    • It's amazing that you've found someone who compliments you so well, and has built such a great life with you. We lot can only aspire to something like that.

  • lernulo
    Well I don't want to enter into traumatic lifes but as @Guanfei it all sound as the things a person would say to himself to self convince that he doesn't want any.
    In fact most of them are compatible and may be accelerated with a good couple.
    On a healthy relationship its easier to work on your feelings, on yourself that by yourself because in fact we are usually blind with our defects.
    About the rest.
    If you need to be single to make your own decisions, you have a problem.
    And the drama comes with the type of person you want, most of us doesn't have one dramatic history.
    The only one, which I see acceptable in some way, is which says, I'm not interested but even then the reason behind it (disappointing) shows you must have more experience to break the loop.
    I see it like, Im hurt put salt on my wounds.
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    • I guess you're right, but then again I'm simply reflecting on why I've chosen to be single. I've had a few guys who wanted to try having something, but since that last guy I'm just not up for it. Call it self-deprecation or whatever you will, I think I'm just not interested. As to making my own decisions, well that is a problem. Whenever I enter a relationship I kind of lose myself, that's why I feel like singleness serves me better. Maybe I am putting salt on my wounds with this take, but I just felt like I needed to get all of this off my chest.

Most Helpful Girls

  • SueShe
    Good myTake and I agree to all those reasons.

    I am currently happily single and intend to stay that way for all the reasons you mention except for #3 which does not apply to me.

    I have found that I am able to concentrate on what makes me happy, when I want it and I don't have to report to anyone.

    As for intimacy and sex, this is a subject that does not interest me. I have found it to be messy, dirty and honestly not very filling in terms of physical satisfaction. A few muscular contractions is not what makes me say "wow" and want more. There are way too many downsides to that activitiy than positive ones.

    I have my goals in life and the twosome has no priority in those goals. I concentrate on what interests me and not on what advantages others can take from me.

    I am perfectly happy to be a single by choice and when I read through the G@G community and see how many have couple issues, then it really does not make me feel like wanting a relation. Too many are just trials and errors with the errors predominating by a large majority.

    Better live my life alone and happy than in a relation, miserable and on an imposed intimate schedule.
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    • Agreed. You do you and whatever feels good for your life at the moment.

  • HomoFuge
    My reason for not wanting a relationship is that every relationship I ever entered into ended in the guy cheating on me. I don't want to put myself through that again. It's hard finding someone who is actually a good person to date these days. Society has made men and women completely obsessed with fucking as many people as they can
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    • I'm sorry you've had to go through that. Hopefully in the future you'll find true happiness and someone who's worth it. Best of luck!

    • Sabretooth

      I agree with random

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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    I disagree.

    Five reasons why I DO need a relationship:

    1. I need some good dick in my life.
    Life is boring without enjoying good sex. I love being able to come home to get in the arms of and sleep next to the man that loves me. There is nothing better than returning home after a long day and being able to get that sex you need whenever you want it. Being in bed without a man next to me is no fun and lonesome.

    2. I need to have some sort of company besides the usual family and friends
    My family is always there for me and my friends are mostly available for that fun activity. However, no matter how much you love them, you just simply don't want your family to be around for too long, and eventually, your friends have to go home and continue with their regular lives after doing things together. With my lover, I get to spend all of my days and activities with him. He's the man that stays around from the beginning of my day and instead of going home when the fun is over, he joins me because my home is his home.

    3. I could use the assistance.
    There is nothing better than having a good man around. Men are typically stronger and more skilled at handy work. I can't fix everything or lift heavy objects all the time, so my man is great to have around. Living and taking care of yourself is a lot easier when you have your lover with you too. When you're alone, for example, rent or whatever sort of bills you deal with could be a hassle. When you have a family budget and you put your money together, it's easier when you both help each other out with everything you need. I'm not exactly saying that I am heavily dependent on him, but rather we make both our lives easier than what they would be if we were single.

    4. Families are better with two parents.
    I don't have kids at the moment, but I want some. I realize that raising kids is a lot better with both parents. Being a single mother can be hectic and it could result in your children having social issues. It's good to have both parents around that the kids can learn from. Also, by showing them a good example of a happy couple, they too can grow up and find that special someone for them and continue on with the family tree.

    5. It builds character
    Drama and other negativity exists in nearly every relationship, even with close immediate family members. That's just life. However, you deal with those hardships and learn from your experiences to make things better for later. That builds your character, makes you wiser, and ultimately, makes you a better person in the long run. How you and your lover overcome those issues is what makes you more likely to deal with any other future negativity not just in your relationship, but in life in general. It teaches you wisdom on how to overcome obstacles rather than give up.
    • I need assistance too lol

    • Dammit

    • In my opinion, your first problem is that you NEED a relationship. I agree that a relationship can be amazing, but I digress. As I said in my take, you should WANT a partner, not NEED it. That makes you heavily reliant on someone else, who's constancy in your life could vary. And in your case even economical dependence, although you say you're mostly reliant on yourself.

      In my eyes, there's no real need for a relationship. If sex is what you're after, have yourself a fuck buddy. If you need help building IKEA furniture, call a cousin or a friend. If you need intimacy and companionship have a really close friend. Lastly, If drama is what you're after, as you said, any relationship can give you your serve of it. I guess we can agree to disagree, but a partner shouldn't be your world and they sure as hell shouldn't be the only thing that brings you satisfaction.

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  • TenderFantasy
    That was beautiful and made a lot of sense. However, there ARE some poeple/partners out there that are NOT that emtionally demanding and they are respectful. If they really care about you, they'll want to take you to Disneyland/Disneyworld or to the beach to spend time together to make you forget about your worries, even for just a little while. If they really care about you, they will want to see you happy. .. Someone to have sex with? (If you're into that stuff!). ... They will support you and your goals. They will give you space if you need it. Things like that. If you involve yourself with someone that is still immature and needs growing up, THEN you'll be in trouble. BUT, relationships TO ME are still a joy to have. They give your life meaning! I am currently single but I do see both the good as well as the bad for both. If someone were to really get serious with me at my age (35) and I feel the same way, I won't say no! I've been in relationships before and maybe have had a few semi serious and one serious one. I've always learned something about life and myself with each of them. They gave me experience and I honestly don't regret them (only the ones where I have had bad {like truly bad} experiences)!

    I want to be in a relationship. It gives me companionship as I do have bouts of being lonely. HOWEVER, like you said, it shouldn't be a true requirement because #1, what if you cannot find anyone compatible? A lot of guys these days unfortunately fall short of what I want for my life. #2, I'm too busy right now trying to test out my new job. #3, I've been through some things that I am no longer naive enough to believe in Bullshit that people throw out there! Aka I don't have room for drama in my life as much as possible either! ... Life is hard enough sometimes even without that!

    I still do want children in the future but like my life "unfortunately" hasn't gone the way I thought it would be? Ehh, I'm too tired to figure it out anymore haha. All I know is that it's completely different from that of my mother's (married at 23, children like right away, a "stable" career and a house)... AND SO WHAT? :-) I'm not her clone and I don't want to be anymore!
    • mattl338

      I sadly haven't found a girl that great yet.

  • Nivinxus
    I agree with a lot of your points. Case in point, I'm not in a need of relationships as well, but at the same regard, I'm not against it either. Perhaps it isn't a priority is why I don't feel it.

    Good Take.
    • How about getting a guy off with your hands and mouth

    • I'm not entirely against it either. If I find the right guy then I'll definitely give it a go, but for now, I have my reservations. As someone once told me, it takes a right choice to feel like a right choice, you know?

    • I get that

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  • pervertedjester
    I did it with only 4 reasons but to each their own. 4 Reasons Why I Don't Need A Girlfriend ↗
    • We seem to have a mutual understanding of why we've chosen to be single. In your case you are at a stage in your life where your needs have changed and as for me, I'm figuring out myself and what I want. I read your take and I really loved it. It gave off this amazingly wise and experienced vibe. I hope to one day have that kind of understanding about what I want out of life.

    • You two should be in a non relationship together. Lol.

    • I see what you did there. Ha ha

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  • Smelly12
    I think the title is a bit tricky and misleading. You point it out as if its a fact not your personal experience.

    Besides getting ready mentally for a new relationship is not the same as not wanting or needing one. People do have a reason to want a relationship thats why we want it. I know many people are only in one because of the sex or because they feel lonely but if you can manage one without sex then its basically like an extra good friendship.
  • Safa01
    I couldn't disagree more. Relationship are everything and not just speaking about the romantic ones, we need to make time to bond and not just run our own selfish races and egocentric lives. And if a Relationship is holding you back from your life, passions, eyc it probably isn't a very good one anyway.
    • Being single doesn't mean that you're selfish or egocentric, and liking the fact that you're single doesn't make you a bad person. I have plenty of friends, family, work and passions that keep me occupied. Never mind adding a boyfriend to the mix. Relationships and bonds are important but they shouldn't be the pinnacle of your life. You have other things going for you ( I hope) that should bring major satisfaction to your life. At least, I do and a relationship ins't anywhere near the high priorities of my life.

    • Maybe in the future but not right now.

    • Woow you are so sexy and straight.

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  • Passinggas
    I actually agree with this take but I personally don't care about #3. Just never mattered. Yeah, I am blooming in my career right now and I don't want and burdensome relationship distracting me. I sill do ons and a short term but that is it. Agree with this.
    Some one wrote as a comment four reasons why she needs a man... here's my four:
    1. I get pestered by everyone close to me, why am i single, a man means no pestering.
    2. Finances, if we both work... one income goes to saving, one to bills.
    3. Less need to be going on numerous bad dates, hoping to find the one.
    4. Instant best friend
  • Sensmind
    Very wise take - I agree with the premise that only go into a relationship if both people are all in - If not in the underneath layers you can work out what you need to work out some may chose to stay single and others are hopefully waiting for right person, right time, right place and right circumstances. Everyone is different but your reasons probably feature highly with most, you are probably talking for a lot of people - Well done
  • ronaldo75
    Men and women who have whored around don't have the ability to properly form bonds with others because they're addicted to the quick fix of one night stands and cutting people off after they do or say the slightest infraction. As a guy i've noticed that women especially love to jump from guy to guy and toy with a million men in their 20s, then when that life gets old, their bodies sag and they're 37 finding out men dont want them anymore - suddenly here comes the victim card.
    • Poppykate

      I agree with ‘players’ inability to form meaningful bonds with others. And let’s not forget that men look bad too when they get old. Most start to lose their hair in their late 30s, balls and ass begin to drag the ground... so sad! Money can only make up for so much... 🤔

    • Hard core dear

    • Poppykate

      @solidsoul777 🤭 sarcasm is so hard to get across in an answer. I think 🤔 the main problem with relationships is that we focus on the wrong qualities in a partner. Looks aren’t lasting! We need to focus on finding a partner that inspires us to be a better person. Challenges, nurtures, loves, shows kindness, displays loyalty, takes responsibility for their actions, has a sense of humour, resilience, etc.

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  • Bluemax
    Why did you entitle this "5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship" and then go on to begin your points with "I?"

    Nothing here that you said applies to me.
    • Smelly12

      This is what I noticed aswell before even reading the comments. Good I am not the only one

  • Juxtapose
    Humans do need companionship of some kind but it doesn't have to be sexual. Friends and such are perfectly capable of sating your social needs. Sexual relief can be provided by yourself.
    • But what if you want children (in the future) and cannot afford to pay for those expensive fertility treatment stuffs?

    • Juxtapose

      @TenderFantasy Children are a desire, not a need.

    • That is not what science says! Have you heard of people educating you and telling you that the sole purpose of an organism is to survive and reproduce? Well what do you have to say about that!

      And of course they are mostly a want nowadays given the overpopulation we have but back then, I am sure it was quite a "need" hehe (think child labor to help out in the farms).

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  • GreatnessBack
    Forget relationships.
    I know girls and guys who focus on the relationship more than the person they are in the relationship with. Lol
  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    Great MyTake, i am single for many of the same reasons.
    I can relate to a few a things, especially the part about the person, not being who they said they were early on.

    People too often, become something they are not, just to win someone over, and then a few months in display their true colors.

    Doing 2. and 3. right now. Whenever I do get in a relationship, the girl will be super happy i took my time.

    Thanks for sharing
  • Truthatanycost
    I will sum it up very simply as to why I'm not interested in a relationship... The juice is not worth the squeeze...
  • Guanfei
    All of that sounds like excuses for someone who can't find a stable relationship but don't want to admit it affects them.
    • It does

    • Hahaha, maybe that's the problem, but who knows? I'm fine without one for now. In my personal experience, relationships equate to momentary happiness and a large grade of pain. I rather stay on my own than get attached to someone and lose a great deal more.

    • Safa01

      I thought the exact same thing when reading througj. It sounded like a defense mechanism trying to convince itself it was for the better.

  • purplepoppy
    The question I hate when people discover I'm single is "why?" I don't see why I need to justify it to anyone, especially people I barely know. I'm not a problem that needs solved.
  • winterfox10
    I think that enjoying the single life is a lot easier when you have friendships that can replace the intimacy that a romantic partner would otherwise provide. I have an extremely romantic friendship with a girl I know from college, and I'm basically happy with my emotional life. I hated not having some deeper level of connection though.
  • HereIbe
    Translation: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME! I'm a self-centered, bitchy, egotist!
    • Good to know.

    • If you got that take away from the Mytake, then you didn't understand the point of it, to begin with. It's not about being self-centered, it's about knowing yourself before trying to get to know someone else. Also about not letting a relationship suck you whole and remembering that you were an individual before becoming a couple.

    • No I did. I've been single as you have been reading almost 7 years now. I'm stronger than I've been in a while

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  • Arthur_Morgan_1
    I really want a girlfriend. Someone to cuddle with and spend time with. I wish I was so lucky
    • Shamalien

      and we all want to eat as well, but the food is filled with poison, so is the air, water, and the WOMEN so be careful.

    • It's not bad wanting a relationship. I'm sure you'll find someone who'll compliment you accordingly. Best of luck!

    • It’s so depressing not having anyone. I’m not sure if I’m good enough for a relationship otherwise it would have happened already, so yeah

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  • Nada_hemida
    Like every words and yeah i can say that's me.. love take care of myself ♥ and take my own choices.. no interested cause all guy now is fake ( fake feeling wanna juat sex or taking to u to forget another girl then leave and hurt u )
    • There u go. Your a lot further than most in life. And you will know when you know. Stay single. If u get needs once in a while. Fill them. We only get one chance. Make them count and be the best at all of them

    • @solidsoul777 yes we have only one chance so live our life like what we want.. and achieve all what we wanna that's most important.. to me
      Wanna have my own business, car, house, dog ^_^ and travel around the world that all 💜♥

    • If i wait a boyfriend or marriage to achieve my dreams i will not do anything.. so what's diff
      If i do it with myself or partner.. partner make u weak and feel confused most time

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  • asd_nasa
    Ladies and gentlemen, natural selection at its finest, thank you for not contributing your genes to the next generation!
    • I can still reproduce asshat. Which isn't even of the matter, currently.

    • Dargil

      Hoping feminists will do the same thing.

    • @Dargil If you have something you wanna get off your chest, take it elsewhere. I don't care about the laughable third-wave western feminism, or your worry for evolution.

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  • Renae_85
    Relationships these days barely make it past the “Honeymoon phase” which usually last about 3 - 7 years after which time one or the other starts to really lose interest and every little flaw you have really annoys them to the point they can’t stand to be around you anymore, especially if they’ve been flirting or cheating with someone else behind your back.
  • jasco
    honestly ur right and ur wrong being sucks ik but i do agree with the fact that it takes time to make a good relationship sometimes u just aren't ready to keep one so waitng is something bad unless ur like over 50 then u might wanna take a look at ur self by then but sense most people are young here like me i think waiting isn't bad i just hate not having someone to talk to
  • TheAceholeSupreme666
    After my last relationship ended, because she cheated,
    I made the decision to take a year to be by myself to sort myself out.
    It's been 10 and a half months.
    My ex keeps bugging me, and I have told her that she no longer has a say in my life, and that she needs to leave me alone.
    Never, ever date someone with
    • Since she was cheating, she was already in a relationship with the new guy before she and I broke up. Since she left, she's been through about a dozen different brief relationships.
      Rebounding is insanity. That's why I stayed alone.

  • Киттйлинк
    You’re gonna die old and alone. All the reasons will not matter.
    • I'm very much young. Slow your roll. Being single for a few months doesn't equate to being a lonely 70 year old cat lady. My take on not needing a relationship is short term, as I said "I don't care for a relationship at the moment", it doesn't mean I'll never want to be with someone. Right now I don't feel the need to be with someone, but eventually I will want a partner.

    • 😂 ok.

  • Cheetah23
    6. Having a relationship doesn't add to your value in the minds of good friends or family😊 You'll still be who we love and want to be around, single or not. Single pringles are in no way inferior (nor superior) to us, we've all been single.
  • Zachpat3213
    I just think the Internet/social media makes you think that being alone makes you a loser. You just explained it best.
  • Mickey9999
    I’ve noticed that too... how people go from one relationship to another. Like anyone is better than being alone. I have to have chemistry so I guess I will keep waiting alone
  • fulloflife
    I had all of these reasons too. Especially, the "working on myself."
    Until I found that special someone and that turned world upside down and makes u reconsider all of those reasons you just typed up.
    When ur not expecting it, love will hit you.
  • VikingWarLord
    Read 'SEX AT DAWN' by Cacilda Jetha and Christopher Ryan.

    During this time you're 'working on yourself' you should work on deprogramming yourself from all the BRAINWASHING you've been under since birth. Monogamy is apart of that brainwashing.
  • Aitch
    I agree with you. Most people are uncomfortable, being single and I’ve never understood why. Also I do agree on the “no drama” part a lot. I also like my life like a straight line, away from those constant ups and downs.
  • clonesclone
    The real reason you don't want a relationship is because you destroyed your ability to pair bond via serial monogamy.
  • Deathraider
    I like this. Many people center their lives around it, but a reason you should add is having bigger aspirations.
  • Maysexy
    right! I can make choice by myself and spend nice day.
  • Jonessey
    either you (I am) not mature or he or she is not so why not let this slide away, there are more important things to do atm. Things can definitely wait and yes relationships take a lot of toll on your life so be it begone **** you shall not pass dood
  • Smiley_face101
    I think I can understand you but only for the short term, right now I am not sure I want/need a relationship but in the long term I will want one
  • Scorpioqueen1988
    I love this so much. It is so true and more and more people prefer to be independent over being in a relationship.
  • Jennifer_32
    Lol, you ladies always gotta drag shit out. Could have just said ya just don't give a shit about relationships.

    I'm not in one simply because I think they are lame.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    You mean "Five reasons YOU don't want a relationship!" I want one!
  • CoffeeWC
    I'm not looking for a relationship either. Still working on myself.
  • DWornock
    If you read between the lines, you only want a hott guy that is out of league and you reject any guy within your league; i. e., you reject guys equal in percentile and desirability.
  • ThisAndThat
    I haven't been in a relationship for 32 years and I have absolutely no intentions on getting into one either, I'm strictly MGTOW monk.
  • Kiran427742
    We belong to Rigby and Taylor's information, which we know is that the U. S. Focus on the woman. However, we know through Outreach and feel that this fact can be related to women outside of the United States and that's why we are addressing all the women in this post. We all have a favorite bra; It is comfortable, easy to wear, goes with everything, and is super cute. It's perfectly fine, but that does not mean that it should be worn every day! Chances are there that there are more bras that can be just as comfortable and more versatile than a trustworthy bra.
  • iFarted
    Hmmm, I never need a relationship. I just want to be in... sometimes...
  • John_Doesnt
    Many people suffer from social isolation and it is never healthy.
    • Not being in a relationship isn’t social isolation. You do know you can have friends and not be dating any of them, right?

  • buttcrackjoe
    Single for life=good

    Can’t say I agree
  • depressedpepe
    "5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Relationship"

    >All of the points start with "I" or "I'm"
  • memeyboi
    Honestly my girl was cheating on me so I think ima rest from relationships for a while
  • solidsoul777
    Well. Been almost 7 years since I've had the touch of a women but tomorrow I start as a kitchen manager. I need some tension released