The Mutual Relationship Of The Gold Digger

The Mutual Relationship Of The Gold Digger

So you're a 20 something, supermodel looking, broke as hell college student looking around at her one room studio apartment which you're about to get kicked out of due to failure to pay your rent and you've decided that getting a honest job at the sandwich mart or prostitution is not really your thing, so you take a look in the mirror and realize, you're too pretty to be living like this. I mean, really, look at you. So you rent a fancy dress with what little coins you have left, do your make-up and hair up, and follow your friend to a party that is well known to be the coveted spot for 50-60 year old rich men looking to date models and make their ex-wives jealous. And thus, a gold digger is born!

The Mutual Relationship Of The Gold Digger

A gold digger is a person who cultivates a personal relationship in order to attain wealth. I think most people think of this as absolutely deplorable that someone would take advantage of someone like that, but really, I ask, who is at fault here? Granted if the...let's just call it what it, is someone so old and senile that they don't know up from down, then absolutely that gold digger should be stopped by any means necessary, but if we're talking about some business guy in his 50's, 60's or 70's+ with his right mind, I don't really think we can or should put all the blame on the 20 something because the who is using whom factor goes both ways.

Some old rich dude who probably has had the kids, done the married thing, or is just feeling past his prime wants to feel like his old, younger self again. He might not have had the level of wealth he has now when he was a young guy, and so now he wants the life he feels he should have had back then when people thought of him as perhaps, a nobody. Cue the hot girl giving him googly eyes across the room, saying all the things he wants to hear, who has the body he's only seen in his dreams, and he's in. If this old guy can sit there and make intelligent business decisions all day long, it stands to reason that he would be able to see some girl taking advantage of him for his money.

The Mutual Relationship Of The Gold Digger

I'm sorry, I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone in their 60's and 70's would think an 18 year old was so incredibly in love with them or super attracted to the wrinkly skin, the balding hair, the beer gut, and the arthritis in the knees. They know these girls are there for their money, and they are giving it away freely in exchange for the arm candy, to make old exs jealous, to feel young again, to have sex with them (oh God, I just threw up in my mouth)....(sorry, it's still coming up). It really is a disgusting symbiotic relationship of simultaneously taking advantage of each other for their own gain. It's an escort service without the illegality of it.

And kudos, if you can even give that to them, to these girls because I just couldn't imagine taking up some guys old leather wrinkly skin and (redacted) for a paycheck. I...ugh...that's part of some kind of hellish nightmare kill myself dream. Also as far as the guys are concerned, it's their money. If they want to foolishly waste it on some girl, then it's their life and their money, let 'em. These things aren't secrets. They've happened to plenty of men, and plenty of men allow it and they know what they are doing when they agree to these types of relationships. For them, other than staying with someone who has been there with them from the beginning like a similarly aged wife or mother of his children, what's the alternative, they spend it on hookers and blow? Too many risks, so they do the gold digger thing so they can at least be seen in public with their hookers.

Oh, and because I know you're probably humming it already, here ya go...

The Mutual Relationship Of The Gold Digger
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  • Anonymous
    This is what I've always thought too. Really, when they have this agreement or unspoken mutual agreement, he's into her for nothing but her body, and she's into him for nothing but his money... he gets his arm candy to look good in public, and hot sex, and she gets her handbags, shoes and a nice car. It's like a long term escort service really. When i see some of these guys though, I just can't believe some girls can do it haha. Like you can really have that body on top of you and pretend to enjoy it? Crazy.
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    • C'mon it's only for a little bit. They can wash it off and forget about it and move on once they get what they need instead of working and crying almost everyday from an anxiety attack working so hard just to barley feed yourself and get a starbucks.

    • AriadneSky


      majority of 20 somethings seem to manage without fucking older women/ men. i dont see why the only alternative is crying and making barely enough for a coffee.

    • @AriadneSky I have some girls at my work that really can't afford a set of french fries. Or they do but they dig deeper into debt. I know french fries are considered a small item in the grand scheme. But, Honestly I'm getting sick of buying 19-20 somethings food. among other stuff. They're total losers at my work...

      and need to learn to get their shit together and save up instead of blowing their money and expecting boi's to buy them stuff lol. Yeah I'd say these girls I know Manage well. Some of the stories they share with me and their relationships with paralyzed people are gut wrenching.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bandit74
    I agree, if it's concentual then I don't have any issues with it. They are both getting something they value out of the arrangement.

    That being said I would never want to settle down with a girl like that. Otherwise I really don't care if a 20 year old wants to fuck an old rich guy.
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Ummm... that second picture (of Jack Nicholson and Abi Titmuss) was taken when Abi was already in her early 30's.

    Nice try, though...
    • Anonymous

      Found a random picture. Put it up. Not complicated. There is no age limit on gold diggers. You can be a 41 year old gold digger as per the actual definition of gold digging, but most do tend to be really young.

    • Unit1

      Because young girls in their 20s are in their peak points of beauty, they have what old and scrumpy rich men want (generally every man).

  • anonman32
    im not angry about this, its not like gold diggers affect me. on the other side, i find it funny how some women can be so desperate to open their legs for the promise of quick money.
  • slimstiffy
    the kanye's gold digger song always cracks me up, after he married kim. lmfao
    • Anonymous

      Well, the gold digger relationship sort of implies that the gold digger had no money of any consequence before meeting the target, which wasn't the case for Kim. Kim through her own doing nothing for money for a tv show, already had money, plus I believe the two knew each other when they were much younger and had some sort of earlier relationship so I wouldn't classify her as a true gold digger.

    • slimstiffy

      well maybe she isn't a bona fide golddigger, but marrying kanye sure made her richer. and more famous. and before kanye there was ray j. ray wasn't a broke guy either.
      that woman sure is into money and fame.
      pretty much like every other female in her family. she's still pretty much a golddigger to me

  • Demon_King_Alastor
    You're probably some 50 year old woman that hit the wall and spent her life working for everything, now you're jealous that other girls found ways to get it for free.

    It's called mutualism pal.

    It's like marriage, without all the emotional baggage.
    • Anonymous

      Geezus, who hurt you? LOL. I seriously doubt you read a line of this entire take by your response.

      My entire point was stop calling these girls the problem in a relationship that works both ways. Stop pretending these men are just sad poor victims of a relationship that they have willingly signed up for and agreed too. As long as the girls are of legal age, it's two consenting adults who are allowed to do what they please. Now if you actually read the take, maybe you would have understood that, but I've explained it to you, so maybe now you've got it champ!

      Also, really weird that for some reason you think people should have a problem with working for a living. You've got a lot of growing up to do if you think that is an actual problem in this world or that people should feel angry or ashamed about... that. Really?

  • Mrwoo99
    Well if you have the money and she's a smoking hot babe... why not? At least the guys getting laid and respect from peers so I don't see the problem. Lots of money is meant to be spent on things like that. Are you jelous because women can't do the same thing like men can? You see women can always be bought... men can't
    • AriadneSky

      what are you talking about. older women have boy toys they pay for.

    • Mrwoo99

      @AriadneSky yeah but it's rare though whereas this planet is an epidemic of women fucking men for momey... an you know its only women that fuck a mans wallet lol. Usually if you get a very rich granny sometimes they might be a case but it's never seen with the naked or in media like with men.

    • Mrwoo99

      Naked eye*

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  • Luci92
    Cool take and I laughed at you throwing the Gold Digger clip in at the end.
  • AynonOMouse
    To me, gold diggers are the same as prostitutes. Sex for money, except a prostituts is honest about it being for money and a gold digger will lie and manipulate a man to get what she wants.
    I hate those kinds of people.
  • Unit1
    Gold diggers!
    Such integrity-less sellouts selling their own liberty and bodies.

    Buuut I don't want any of that and as long as they do not bother me, I am not bothered as well.
  • smølf
    You can call it mutualism abuse. One abuses the others lust and loneliness, the other the hope for financial gain.

    They are abuses each others strengths and weaknesses, for mutual benefit.
  • abundantlyrich
    No one loses as long they both get what they want , right? Its a business investment but one better than not having any mutual agreement at all!
  • RedVulcan
    Love this post, so refreshingly honest and mutually beneficial. Here's a question: do gold digger grannies exist and guys would you use them?
  • Thrifty
    Can I be a sugar daddy in my 20s for my 20-somethin'-year old sugar babies?
  • Alex88F
    basically prostitution with another name
    • Mrwoo99

      Marriage is legalised prostitution because when you sign a contract you give her access to your resources.

      How is prostitution illegal but alimony isn't they're basically the same thing... your paying for the whore to leave.

    • Alex88F

      @Mrwoo99 true, but guess what? sometimes you can sign to keep your money yours and she can do the same. it's another type of contract and these days, seeing how many cocksucking money vampires are around, i would think about it.

      but in my case i dont i'll ever marry so 0 fucks given. these harlots can do what they want, im outta the game for good

    • Mrwoo99

      Mate prenuptial agreements aren't 100% secure and still can make a claim. Even in a 2 to 3 year relationship your girlfriend can now still claim some of your resources... what is the point.

      Am telling you these feminists have got us men by the balls and there's nothing we can do unless us men or MGTOW movement petition against these unequal laws.

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  • Anonymous
    thats a sugardaddy - sugarbabe relationship and f off with your judgments. i'll do as i want with my money.
  • Anonymous
    "the arthritis in the knees"

    arthritic knees. ;-)

    Having said that, I'm a decent looking guy in my mid 30s who has thought about being a sugar daddy for a younger girl in return for companionship (not necessarily sex) simply for the fact that I miss human interaction. I'm 450 miles away from my family and friends and I'm too introverted to meet someone when I go out. So why not? Not like I'd be going into it blind.
  • Anonymous
    I respect gold diggers more than sluts.
  • Anonymous
    How do gold diggers not get hardcore played?

    1. Flex cash muscles
    2. Pull gold diggers
    3. Bust a nut on them
    4. When it's time to give back, you bail
    5. Profit?
  • Anonymous
    This is so stupid.