7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome


1. They make you feel safe

A lot of money not only brings financial security, it can also buy safety and protection!

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

2. They have big...

They have big bank accounts. They have big chunks of money waiting in the bank.

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

3. They make a lot of money

You know what this means? More vacations, more parties, more shopping sprees, gifts and you can stay at home because he has a lot of money.

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

4. They're so powerful...

The more money you have, the more power you have.

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

5. They can VIP through a crowd

There would be no need to be stuck in a crowd. Look at Lebron go!

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

6. They are more manly

Breadwinners are more manly.

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

7. Your friends will be jealous

Most girls love rich guys more than they love tall guys. Your friends are jealous because they don't have a rich guy to spoil them but you are lucky enough to have a rich guy.

7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome

This is satire by the way. Seriously, make your own money.


7 Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome
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  • Amanda2
    I dated a millionaire that bought me expensive things and took me expensive places, bu never gave me his money physically in my hand. He always reminded me to never feel I am special if a guy throws his money at me, he does so because he simply can afford to. I also learnt that even though my man may be rich, his money is exactly his money, and not mines. If he leaves, he leaves with his money, unless we were married and I got alimony, so yes its always safer to make your own money.
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    • smølf

      "dated a millionaire that bought me expensive things..."

      Ah you where a sugar babe or an expensive one man's prostitute.

      " his money is exactly his money, and not mines. If he leaves, he leaves with his money, unless we were married and I got alimony"

      Yes, the gold digger part.

      "so yes its always safer to make your own money"


    • Amanda2

      @smølf I find it funny that you judge my relationship with a man and refer to me as a gold digger because he was a millionaire. I was never his sugar baby, if that was the case I would have owned a house and a luxury car now. We were lovers but friends, I never felt inferior, I never wanted his money. I was just sharing my experience with this man no need for the name calling

    • smølf

      No name calling, description of the facts you presented.

      "We were lovers but friends" ... sure I you would have done the same with an old poor guy, sorry I do not believe you - I believe you are suffering from self-delusion.

      You are right I can't possible know for sure, but I am telling you what is the mostly likely cause of your relationship, regardless of how you see it yourself.

      I believe point 4 in this take is the main reason why you felt any attracted to him in the first place.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    If I were rich I would only disclose that to a girl after I really knew her and be sure she's really into me as a person. Just to make sure she's not a total gold-digger.
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    • Smart!

    • Dee8774

      It's so sad that's what a lot of people have to do after realizing not just people they date but friends too can take advantage if they know you have $$. I've heard, "oh you need to be honest in relationships, etc & not saying you have money is lying..."

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  • ElissaDido
    Lol haha thanks to my father we have the VIP pass thingy sometimes ><
  • Phoenix98
    A lot of rich men also commit suicide are lonely and suffer from things like depression among other things, because they think having money will fill the void they feel in their heart and soul, it isn't the case. You'd honestly be surprised how many rich people are actually crazy or psycho's there is a surprisingly high murder rate among the 1%.
    • Phoenix98

      By the way can you give us an actual legitimate reason besides money?

    • fuqthegovt

      Sounds like something a 99%er would say just because they are not the ones with the money and are wondering how to pay the rent next month. Name one 100-millionaire or a billionaire that has killed themselves in the past 50 years (it doesn't count if they died poor after smoking and shooting it all up). Hell, ever for that matter. Yeah thought so. Money may not be able to buy happiness but that doesn't mean it can't be rented in perpetuity. Who gives a shit about lonely if you have money and you can afford $5000/hr escorts? Hell a dozen of them all at once.

    • Phoenix98


      There you go bud a list of at least 10 millionares/rich people who committed suicide.

      1. Paul Castle ( suicide )
      2. Howard Worthington ( murder suicide )
      3. Huibert Boumeester ( suicide )
      4. Robin Williams ( suicide )
      5. Christopher Foster ( murder suicide )
      6. Adolf Merckle ( suicide )
      7. Steve L Good ( suicide )
      8. Eli M. Black ( suicide )
      9. Wayne Pai ( suicide )
      10. Pierre Beregovoy ( suicide )

      It's also a statistical fact that suicide rates are higher in richer neighborhoods as well as with rich people themselves. And that they are far more likely to die via suicide.

      I could also list people who belong to rich families who murdered their own families just so they could get their families wealth. That was either taken away from them or that they did not previously have access to.

      And it matters because it doesn't fill the void they fill the emptiness that eventually drives some of them to depression and then suicide.

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  • Unit1
  • WalterRadio
    I am rich, and it isn't all satire.

    The reality is that I could be standing next to you at the grocery store and you would have no idea that I am rich. There are too many guys who appear rich who are only in debt and many rich guys who appear normal... until you get to know him.
  • Browneye57
    Thank you. Till I got to the end I was like, GOLD DIGGER. :)

    Unfortunately if you're preoccupied with going after the almighty dollar like so many men do, you miss out on so much of what life has to offer.

    Try for moderation in everything you do, pursue the things you enjoy and that interest you, be honest, work hard, and everything else will fall into place.
  • NotTheFBI
    For a second I had to check the link to see if I was on Buzzfeed lol. :v
    Then you mentioned it was satire... however, there are a fair number of women that think this way seriously... hmm...
  • AhGojira
    Here you go... For less than 200 you can feel your safe every day...
  • Timidminute
    So the Beatles were wrong-money can buy you love. Well, love for money (as long as it doesn't run out). But when you're past your prime, will he keep you around, or go on to a "newer model"?
    • Dee8774

      Money can't buy you love. It may get you a spouse, S. O., etc but not love.

    • fuqthegovt

      @Dee8774 Maybe not buy it but sure can rent it.

  • John_Doesnt
    I knew this had to be satire because rich men won't make you safe. In fact a lot of women are murdered by rich guys and they get away with it because they're so rich.
  • Stacyzee
    All of the butt hurt men with dust bunnies crawling out their pockets will attack you for this!
  • Triss
    Lol girl excuse me but when I started to read this I was like wtf? O_o but it was a satire so yea I'm gonna say good satire
  • niahc
    I'd rather have a hardworking man than a rich man. Rich man have huge egos and are usually shallow pricks. Nothing in this world is truly free.
  • Thrifty
    lol. i ain't callin u a gold digger but u ain't messing with no broke _______
  • Regulatus
    Why is this labeled as satire? Its a spot on summary of how females think
  • crazyymann
    The money is against the nature.
    Healthy life is from only nature not money.
    if you get cancer or etc, your money will not help you.
    The money is not actually the power.
    • fuqthegovt

      So says poor people. Cancer with money = cryo sleep at Alcor until they have a cure, even if it takes centuries. Poor people can't do that since it costs $200k and about $20k a year for maintenance.

    • Dee8774

      @fuqthegovt lol. Cyro Sleep is for the delusional caused by desperation. You can't freeze someone and bring them back to life. So @crazyymann is correct.

    • fuqthegovt

      @Dee8774 Funny we atheists say that about teh superstitious nuts tha tthin kan afterlife is real. Of course we can't bring them back to life. Not yet, that's the whole point, waiting for tech to advance enough to do so. Unless humans go completely extinct by their own doing at some point (possible but unlikely as numerous as humans are) it's inevitable, just a matter of when. I prefer relying on that than not doing anything and hoping my wishful thinking makes an afterlife real. Like the saying goes wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up quicker.

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  • Riggers
    Haha. It's a shame that this "satire" isn't actually how shit works.
  • nfigure
    >>>>>>"Reasons Why Rich Guys Are So Awesome"
    >>>>>>"3. They make a lot of money"

    LOL :D
  • Raymond_Reddington
    This isn't satire and you know it. The only reason why you said that was to reduce the amount of hate comments you already knew you'd get.
  • Dimmu
    Ok but what you have to offer in return
    Spreading your legs is nothing special, all women come with this feature
    • Who says all women want you? :O

    • Dimmu

      Women do
      But it doesn't make me comfortable
      Still that wasn't my question
      Women want equal rights but not equal duties
      You know what , I always claim I'm poor as fuck when I first get to know new girls just to avoid that kind of people

    • Some women do

      Some women want equal rights, but not equal duties.

      - Good. Make the gold diggers flee.

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  • anonman32
    What makes you think you will be spending his money?
    • "I can make a broke bitch rich
      But I don't fuck with broke bitches"

    • Dee8774

      Wishful thinking. Probably delusion.

  • PlzJustDie
  • fuqthegovt
    This is either satire or written by a girl that works on Backpage. Hard to tell which.
  • Puppylove94
    lmao if you didn't say it was satire at the end i would have thought you were being serious
  • AynonOMouse
    The best part is that they have so much that others get jealous. The poor guy riding his bike back and forth to his minimum wage job every day sees it and slowly anger builds up inside until he decides that he will take what he wants.

    Next thing you know, the rich person's kid is kidnapped on the way home from school for ransom, or the house is burgularized when the rich guy is at work or away on a week long business trip.
    Or there is a home invasion that kills the rich guy and his family and they don't know how to fight back because they are too used to the easy life and can't handle the struggles that the more common folk deal with.
    • fuqthegovt

      The real rich guys have their own armed body guards that won't hesitate to kill anyone that even looks like they are going to touch any of their property and have the army of lawyers to sweep the aftermath under the rug, forget burglarizing it. Also forget about them actually giving a shit if you kidnap their kid. They most likely wouldn't even notice they have been kidnapped since being shipped off to a private school overseas years before. That would be me if I ever won a $500M Powerball jackpot. Then again I'd probably just skip all that and take the cash and then head to Singapore asap before next April 15th while laughing at all you poor people (there are almost no poor people in Singapore to worry about).

  • bustas
    Lol , nice one. Some people dont bother to read until the end , though ,; p
  • YourFutureEx
    This is REALITY!
  • NatashaBeauty
    My boyfriend daddy and brothers are rich and so am I
  • scooogy
    If I hadn't read the "Satire" line, I'd have answered that these reasons were just dumb.
  • Sabretooth
    all pluses... til all their money's gone-then they're nobody.
    • fuqthegovt

      That's why you don't put all the eggs in one basket. Do you honestly think Warren Bufffet, Bill Gates (that was worth $100B back in the 1990's), etc will ever run out of money? At this point it would be difficult even if they tried to spend it all, unless they outright gave it all away or made the world's biggest bonfire out of Benjamins. It's not a gamble if you own the house, since the house always wins.

    • @fuqthegovt unless somebody would rob him.

    • fuqthegovt

      @Raymond_Reddington And how would the robbers do that? It would probably be only slightly harder to rob Fort Knox. Some guys back in 1983 kidnapped Freddy Heineken (the billionaire beer brewer) and held him for $16M ransom. All of them ended up in prison and most of the money recovered. If that was attempted today his personal security detail (if you are rich it's silly not to have your own military) would probably kill them on site. $16M in $100's weighs 352 lbs. It's no wonder they were busted trying to run with that. And if it were done electronically it would be even easier to follow the money and bust them (unless they are North Korea), even though SSL encryption has never been broken even with 128bit, and they have 2048bit now since trillions of e-dollars a day use it to move internationally.

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  • Luci92
    Glad this is satire, nice take!
  • Waffles731
    Good satire
    • Unit1

      It's not satire! ITS TRUE!!!

    • Waffles731

      She literally says its satire at the very end.
      "This is satire by the way. Seriously, make your own money.

    • Unit1

      I know, I have NOT overseen this.
      I'm meant to say despite it's being satire, it's very much true :P

  • Decentguy
    you dont love rich guys you just love money.
  • PurpleTeardrops2
    Rich guys are nice lol
  • 99percentangel
    Lol, great take.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I <3 this srsly
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Thank god I thought this was real 😂
  • pips11
    they can be selfish
  • johari
    Lol but they're shallow
  • slimstiffy
    That last point tough...
  • biggest1
    LoLolwhy are you anonymous to love awesome men?
  • lacorine197
    Troll begone!
  • WhaChaChaKing
    So money basically.
  • Omar5881
    Merci merci 😂
  • Anonymous
    And this is why girls will always be gold digging whores and yes i know this is satire.
  • Anonymous
    Lol wow - but then you have to live with a finance bro and keep yourself in trophy wife shape and nah.
    Not bashing on all rich people. Just the stereotypical image (and I know quite a few finance bros so I do know what I'm talking about. I also know a lot of really nice rich people - to the best of my knowledge.).
    Financial security ftw but I don't care about the parties and stuff like that.
    • Anonymous

      *attempts at financial security

  • Anonymous
    All summed up as "he can give me stuff I don't have, and I am too lazy to get"
  • Anonymous
    Good take but the real take should be about how a girl can land these rich guys as husbands rather than be pumped and dumped in their limo. Or how about a question as to what a girl has to bring to the table to land a wealthy successful good looking guy other than mere looks after all these guys can pay for the services of amazing looking women.
  • Anonymous
    my man is very rich, in real life he look like an avarage person, plain t-shirt, plain jeans.
    Also, he was rich but he knew the cost of money and he tried to save money on everything. Like he usually got cheap haircuts (but it looked good anyway) and he tried to pay less money when he can even for the cheapest things...
    He also, worked a lot, but had more freedom, and yes we went traveling and he bought me presents. I never asked him, but he just did it, bcoz he cared about me.
    If u meet him on the street u ll never know he is rich
  • Anonymous
    that's 7 reasons why you're a snob