8 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

8 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

This mytake is based on how to earn respect from your love interest and keep her happy at the same time. This is guide for anyone who's planning on pursuing a girl or keeping her happy.

1. Tell her sweet nothings or compliments very occasionally. Don't overdo it and it doesn't just have to be about appearance; it could have to do with your support for her. Telling her that you will always be by her side and you know she can do anything.

2. Tell her good morning and ask her about her day, keep contact with her to check up on how she's doing. It shows your concern for her.

3. If she's starting to get distant let her have her space and focus on your own things. Focus on your life and try to be the best person you can be, your life doesn't have to revolve around wooing the girl. If you have no aspirations for the future and if you're just lazy then you'll be less attractive to her.

8 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

4. Don't let her play mind games with you. Tell her you're serious and if she's not serious then you have no plans on continuing the relationship. Don't play mind games to get back at her; nothing gets resolved but it can cause you two to drift further apart.

5. Never let her take advantage of your kindness. If she does this, talk to her in a strict, harsh tone. Stand up for yourself, it will make you appear more attractive because you can stand your own ground. She will start to look at things from your point of view.

6. Lead. Start making more decisions. Don't always go with whatever she wants; you decide what's best for you and her. If you always let her pick, she will feel burdened.

8 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You

7. Appreciate the little things. If she does something for you, let her know you appreciate it. She will want to please you more in the future.

8. Keep physical contact with her, at her consent. This doesn't have to be sex (but it could be) but maybe a warm hug or a kiss on the forehead or a back hug; it will make her feel loved. This increases levels of oxytocin.

Basically when people complain that girls don't like nice guys, it's not exactly true. Girls like nice guys but they don't like pushovers. Also, if you've gotten her to fall in love with you, you can continue doing these things to keep her happy.

8 Ways to Make a Girl Fall for You
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  • BrittBratt2416
    You can't make anyone fall for you. They fall for you own their own accord.
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    Horse shit