The most effective way to get a girl to crush on you


90% of the time, it worked every time. And it's quite simple actually.

Assume that girls are attracted to guys naturally to a certain degree just because of being a boy, so your job isn't to pursue them but to make it easy for them open up to you.

Just go to places where people are doing activities you like. Physically place yourself by the girl you like, and make comments about any simple thing that's going on.

Just keep the interaction rolling, it doesn't matter as much what you say. Invite her to do something simple with you in that particular place.

Killer: make very mild playful sexy comments from the very beginning. It could be as simple as saying "thanks brunette". Just from time to time, not all the time.

And when it feels adequate to touch her, do it without doubt. Touches can be super simple too, like touching her forearm for a second. The important part isn't how you do it, but doing it in a way as if the person has already been touched comfortably before and she liked it.

Bottom line is you don't really have to do anything too special, and specially too intense.

The most effective way to get a girl to crush on you
The most effective way to get a girl to crush on you
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  • Sangita93

    It is said that there is no free mean, and it is also true if you want a girl to like you, you have to really work for it. First thing is get her attention, soon you will get her heart. The easy way to draw her attention is to offer your help without her asking for, but never force her to accept it. Just be supportive. If you are not sure whether she likes you or not, stay cool around her. Just behave and talk as you usually are. Girls love the mysterious side of a guy. Give her the chance to miss you by missing her calls and not replying her texts soon. Heart matters more than looks, but it is your face that shown up first, not the heart. Cut your hair, shave, and use a good fragrance to make her loves to be around with you. Do not wear the clothes that the color has faded or over sized. A guy who is not dress nicely is actually a sore for eyesight. Keep physically fit, girls prefer guys with strong build muscles. Every girls love to be treated like a princess. Open the door for her and pull put her chair. It shows how much you care about them and soon she will recognize the signs you are falling in Love in her. Love starts with a laugh. Throw some joke between your conversations and make sure it is intelligent and funny enough to make her laugh. Look and wealth are something, but not everything. Girls love a guy who is smart. Make a girl feel secure around you. Show her how dependable you can be so she can always rely on you. Always do your best to be one. Talk the talk and walk the walk. Never spread a false promise around. It would be a huge turn off for you. Once you try to hit on a girl, she starts to ask everyone around you about you. Be good to your friends and other people so she will hear only good things about you. There are just many more ways to make a girl have a crush on you. After pursuing all these efforts, you should know if she likes you back or not. Since eyes are the window of the soul, look into her eyes and see whether there is a spark every time you see her. Soon you will see the Signs she likes you on social media once she likes all of your posts and leave a comment in there. If she starts to tell you about her dreams and her goals in life, she is into you. A girl wants to be close to a guy she likes, physically, she will lightly brush her arm to yours and deliberately touches you when you are sitting close. Now get ready to work on it. Good luck to find the ways to make a girl have a crush on you!

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    • Thanks for sharing. Personally I reply everyone twice a day, no more no less. Just an amount that is adequate.

      All day texting, a person that wastes their day. Someone who doesn't reply in days either is unclear on what they want, or lacks basic compromise or personal effectiveness.

    • Now when you say, "shave and dress well" do you mean be clean shaven with a six dollar fade like 80% of guys with no originality and wear suits all the time? Or do you mean to be trim and groomed well? I have a beard that's groomed well and long hair past my shoulders that I take care of It's soft and always smells good and straightened. I'm usually fit but covid pandemic has caused me to gain weight I've lost back and it's hard to get a good workout now that I am working 2 jobs 5 days a week again doing doubles sometimes as a cook. I'm just too exhausted to exercise anymore. The kind of things I'm into not many woman would be into, I like heavy metal music so my style is pretty rough around the edges looking. I don't wanna wear douchy polo shirts or dress like a "pretty boy" just to attract women. But the women I find attractive I don't believe would necessarily find me attractive. There have been instances but things never really lasted. I like what I like, work hard, take care of myself and am a genuine all around good person I would like to believe. I just have a hard time talking to women because I kinda reject myself before I even say hello. And also I just genuinely don't know how to talk to them like I talk to guys. I don't know why it's Soo hard for me. Maybe it's because of the way I was brought up. Living with a single father and 2 brothers and never really being around girls ever. I had no mother to teach me about girls and my grandmother who helped raise me always said stay away from girls I'm the only girl you need in your life did help much either.

    • @Iknowbestgirls Let me help you, you are absolutely pathetic. Read what you write before you post it. You sound like a guy that takes it up the ASS from another dude. You want a women to desire you, show them that even though other women desire you that there is absolutely no way they can have you because you are head over heels in love with her. Bottom line quit acting gay, the vast majority of women are heterosexual and want a man, not a gay dude. There are gay and bisexual women out there but if you have a penis then you are probably not what a gay or bisexual women is looking for. Maybe you are just playing the hole sensitive game to try and take advantage of a women and if that is the case then you are just pathetic and need to spend your time in a gay bar where you will be happy.

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  • anon1903

    There isn't a fixed method.

    What you're saying is basically classic version of PUA books "how to bang them and hang them" (lol).

    I think the most a guy can do is not make romance the central motive for his life but when he finds somebody compatible / finds someone attractive / likes and is liked by someone, the most they can do is give them 200 percent to it.

    A career man is the sexiest, for me. Because he's most probably educated, knows his strength and weakness if he's been successful and isn't low on cash. Of course, a man shouldn't have to take care of a woman the way society expects them to. But money does have a certain charm in most cases, it can in fact buy happiness.

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    • Perhaps it's sounds like PUA, but it's quite the opposite.

      PUA is based on the presumption you should do some trick to convince the girl. What I'm saying is that you don't need to do any of that, and just be honest and easygoing.

    • anon1903

      If honesty worked, we wouldn't have so many psychology books flashing deception left and right.

Most Helpful Guys

  • WhiteSteve

    I saw a movie called The Tao Of Steve when I was around 20 or 21, and it totally changed my perspective on how to approach women. The protagonist has three “rules”, and while they’re more about pick-up artistry in the movie, I think if you take them with a grain of salt, there’s some wisdom in there to be applied to conventional dating, just in terms of your baseline attitude.

    The general summary is:

    1. Be desireless (just hang out, don’t be overtly hitting on her)
    2. Be excellent (Demonstrate your worthiness)
    3. Be gone (Make her chase you a little, don’t be easily obtained)

    I wouldn’t say these are hard and fast rules in reality, but I find some truth in there, especially #s 1 and 2. #3 has to be executed very carefully, or it could blow up in your face.

    Your approach seems to have some elements of this idea too, probably a better application of this same school of thought. It’s not too over the top, and I like what you said about “your job isn’t to pursue them, it’s to make it easy for them to open up to you.” There’s flirtation involved, but it’s mild. And being around activities you like makes conversation easy and casual, and depending on the activity, it might allow you to “be excellent” in front of her, at very least as a conversationalist.

    My mentality has been to show some interest, but don’t be “just another guy” hitting on her. I kind of operate on the idea that women get hit on all day, everyday, so not being just the next guy to do it sets you apart from the get-go. You just don’t want to be too disinterested, that’s where I think the “Be gone” rule can be detrimental. I used to intentionally wait at least a day to call girls back who I had exchanged numbers with. I think I thought that made me seem “cool” and not desperate. But my girlfriend now, I told her how I did that to her in the beginning (because she’s very attractive and gets a lot of male attention and I thought I would make me stand out), and she was like “yeah, that kind of pissed me off”😂 So I almost sunk myself with that whole game, haha.

    I like the sound of how you roll, bro, I’d keep on doing it how it’s been working for you👍

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    • Thanks for sharing, quite funny actually. But not showing your interest? No way! All those rules are actually far from true, for a simple reason.

      The problem with those is that they are tactical, they thing in terms of doing "x" for accomplishing "y". That's a very limited way of thinking, robot like, and it's not the true potential of what human intelligence has to offer.

      For really getting great at something one shall realize the nature of what's going on, then the right action comes naturally and fitted to the situation.

      It's about realizing the obvious:
      - Women love men.
      - Women sometimes hide how they feel, to avoid being too exposed.
      - Women like to be approached, complimented and being the target of adequate male desire.
      - BUT they want to figure out themselves what they want.

      What women don't like is, because of how a male is acting, having to be forced to make decisions on where they stand with that man too soon. Even before having the opportunity to get to know him.

      The problem with most men is that they don't know where they are standing with a woman. For a woman is different being in a flirtatious phase, than being heels for you. Most men don't notice the difference and force the woman, with their actions and attitude, to make decisions before she figures out if she wants that.

      What means that the guy either is overly sexual, or hides his sexual desires all together. Many guys even apologize for their desires. What?

      Those come as off, because it's only an act. Women can sense it, and they run away.

      The solution: being honest, but adequate. Show your interest, say what you really feel and think, flirt with her in an easygoing manner, subliminally poke her about her liking guys!

      If she likes you, she will let you know. If not, it's should stay harmless fun.

  • johnsmithjs

    This is pretty easy, have a good job, dress well, shower daily, brush your teeth, be confident, the first time you have sex with her make sure you send her home with sore abdominal muscles and walking bull legged, the first time you have sex make sure you do not orgasm yourself. Make sure she knows that even though other women desire you that you have chosen her over every other women there, Last but is actually first make sure that you *&^% her mind. You need to peak her interest on a mental level. Unfortunately guys are pretty simple but women are complex, think of a onion, there are numerous layers that you have to get through and once you have mastered one there is another yet to be explored. If you constantly keep changing things up on a women they will always crush on you, the second you become predictable you will bore them, IMHO

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    • That women are complex, I shall digress.

    • Juxtapose

      So how do you maintain a relationship of 30 or 40 years? Play mind games the whole damn time?

    • @Juxtapose is that what you got from that is you have to play mind games. What I mean by "fucking her mind" is that women are emotional and you have to engage their mind first. For most men sex is just short window of time in a day. For women it starts in the morning and ends when they close their eyes at night. In the morning compliment her and maybe run your hand down into her panties and then lick your fingers telling her how good she tastes. During the day text her and tell her how you are thinking about her and that you can't wait to taste her again, when you get home make sure she is the first person to receive your attention. If she also works then make sure you are doing a equal amount of cleaning and cooking. If you have kids, make sure they have a early bed time. DO NOT HAVE A TV IN THE BEDROOM, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping and sexual relations, period. There is so much more but if you are not doing these simple things then do not complain about her not being sexual. DO NOT BE VANILLA WITH YOUR SEX LIFE. Nothing says boring more then missionary for 10 minutes whenever you want something. Also make sure she has an orgasm every time you have sex, even if you need to use a toy on her. Get a WOMANIZER sex toy and if she does not orgasm during intercourse then use it on her afterwards she will thank you for it.

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  • MCheetah

    I disagree with this. This is like, what tall and attractive men think getting women is like. Being neither tall nor attractive looking at all, I assure you none of this would work with me.

    Most women have zero interest in a guy when out and about. Women need to be "in the mood" for romance, unlike men who see a cute girl in the street and want to talk to her. Being perpetually single, I disagree with this "easy" take on getting girls. But thanks for writing it.

  • Texaskid1

    Damn... I guess that's how it is in Spain. Here in the USA if you talk to a women you get accused of sexual harassment.

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  • NightHawk99

    I feel the trick that's most effective is showing care for their well being. Women LOVE when a guy ay least seems to care about them (don't play with their emotions, any fuckboys out there).

    • It's true. A lot of guys just wanna get in my panties, but.. At the same time... Treat me like a friend and that's just what you'll be

    • Those guys don't care about the girl because they are already too overwhelmed by the task of making the girl like them.

      My suggestion is realizing there's no need for that task. Girls like boys the same boys like girls. Either they like you enough or they don't.

  • msbrightness

    You don't 'get her' to crush on you.
    She does, if she finds you attractive, or she does not.

    • Then attractive.

    • To her expectations, that is a given.
      But attractive includes the kind of person you are, even the k8nd of parents one has (or does not have).
      It's a complex matrix.
      Just physically attractive will get you a smile, for sure. And some level of interest (which, once you are attractive, you need to see whether you want to pursue into a relationship - considering having just one is essentially both mentally and physically the healthiest.

    • The worst thing about my personality is that I'm already naked.

  • kevyhanma

    Humiliate and embarrass other guys around her make them look like losers trust me it’s way easier than working on yourself

  • captain_voidwalker

    Best option. Be rich and good looking
    Second best option. Be rich or good looking

  • serious

    I don't care and I never bothered about that.

  • Andres77

    Be a better man.

  • Jamie05rhs

    No, you do NOT touch people without asking.

  • collie22

    a certain girl? you might need a magic potion

  • DiegoO

    Yeah, just have social skills.

  • princeofromance

    This method works. I have used it many of times.

  • djjr33sx

    Just act shy

  • Anonymous

    Omg touching her inappropriate might only send the wrong message dont do that shit unless you're pretty sure she won't be creeped out

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  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t work with me, I would think the guy was acting creepy.

    • like asking her to come over for a swim steak and shrimp on the bar b q pit, then find out he took a hard dick pill just incase she drinks a little to much lol

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just sidle up and grab a tit. That will get their attention every time.

  • Anonymous

    This crap doesn't work. If you're already taking her out to places, there's a chance she either already likes you or is just friend zoning you. I don't know why you preach this method when the main thing you can do is be yourself and also be confident.

    Another thing, some conversations you have to stop because you're not leaving any mystery to yourself. If I know a woman likes me, I'm not going to be mysterious but I'm going to want her always want more.
    Secondly, guys who live interesting lives or have interesting hobbies tend to have better luck with dating then a pickup artist

  • Anonymous

    It only works if you're handsome so ofcourse they would crush on you but if you're ugly, they will crush you.

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    • The reason why you don't get accepted can be your looks. The reason why you get crushed is your behavior.

    • Anonymous

      Im not saying it's never because of behavior.