Ways to Help Get your Crush


Ways to Help Get your Crush

I am well aware that there are always exceptions and different people like different things. But what I am going to talk about is some of the most common and universally true things that make a man feel attracted to you.

"I have a crush on you"

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

There is no use trying to be different than how you naturally are, because this is what men find most attractive. A woman who is being genuine and true to herself, her desires and her instincts. A man wants a confident girl not a insecure needy one. Self-confidence is important and not having any in yourself isn't cute or appealing to anybody.

Tease Him a Bit

There is a fine line of playfully teasing and just plan annoying wrong teasing. Please don't cross the line and become annoying to him. Playfully teasing example: Start with innocent touches and be very nonchalant and natural when you do it. For example, if you are sitting next to each other, you could kind of inch a tiny bit closer to him and have your leg against his leg and don’t say a word about it, just enjoy the moment.

tease him a bit
tease him a bit

Stand out from other Women

If he is an attractive man chances are you are not the only one who has noticed him. If he is sweet and attractive you can bet he has been noticed and liked by many other women. That being said you must separate yourself from the rest of his admirers. You can do this in a multitude of ways but the main point is to use your strengths to get yourself noticed by him. This could be done by looks, personality, I.Q even certain talents others may not possess that you do.


Perfume is actually something that a lot of women over do. Most men do not like very strong perfume. You’re better off sticking with something very light and being very conservative with how much you spray. Psychologically most men prefer food smells like vanilla, cucumber melon, and citrus scents. Subconsciously, men want you to smell like a delicious treat.


Every man has different preferences when it comes to hair and in general all you really need to focus on is that you feel good about it. Most men like longer hair because it is a basic sign of femininity.

Most men like longer hair
Most men like longer hair


Sadly men fall in love with their eyes first. The majority of men say eyes are the first thing they notice on a woman are her eyes (eye make-up) will be noticed as well. Every man has different preferences when it comes to makeup, but there is a consistent theme with what most men seem to find attractive. A good application of makeup can certainly transform a woman’s look so definitely don’t be afraid to put on a little makeup.


This is a very sensitive topic and I don’t want anyone to get offended and say that I am trying to say all women have to be skinny. All I am saying is that being as fit as you possibly can and making healthy eating choices (healthy eating choices not starving) is the key to looking your best.

being as fit as you possibly can
being as fit as you possibly can

Manage your Moods don't Be an Emotional Wreck

No guy wants to be with a crazy emotional female. Most guys want a girl that's cool and chill not all over the place. So, be positive and manage your mood. Making your mood a priority is going to be a huge win for you when it comes to being more attractive to your crush.


Clothing can make a big difference when it comes to being attractive to men. Now, the main thing is that you wear clothes that fit your body well and accentuate your best assets.

It’s a fact of life ladies, men and human beings are visual creatures. There are certain things a man is going to respond to whether he wants to or not. I’m only giving you this information to help you… not to offend or be rude, so please save your bitching and negativity. I frankly just don't care.

Ways to Help Get your Crush
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Most Helpful Girls

    It was reasonable enough until the end. Unnecessary and obnoxious. Like someone trying to appear chill rather than being chill... Also don’t end things saying you don’t care bc obviously you wouldn’t say anything if you didn’t.

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    • I'm sick of hearing people bitch

    • VIVANT

      I can understand that but _people_ you directed this at women... it just seems like an attck at the end when you really were giving helpful advice

      I didn’t mean to sound so callous I was in the middle of something else and didn't even realize who was writing. I see it totally different now bc I know how you are and you come from a good place and you just have spirit !!

      Sorry 😊🌹

      Though isn’t till think wen get unfairly attacked for being emotionally imabalanced and Guys are rally no exception

      But I did like your list !

    • No it wasn't meant to be. I word things bad sometimesit's usually men who want to be tough are ones who bitch. You know I'm a girls girl love

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  • PrincessGrail
    This is so true.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • hindril
    Very good take. I do like how you put about the perfume. The kind of perfume should go along with her own natural scent. The eyes are the first that I look at so too much make up takes away from the real her.
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  • WhoDatGuy
    Usually women give crap advice about men but I actually thought this was quite good. Gold star for you
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  • Logorithim
    Very good Take with excellent advice.
  • JustTheTrue
    Agree with this, that’s when I get soft for a girl. If she go out of her way to impress me and focus on trying to get me, I will make a move on her. If she do it to get a bunch of other guys attention and to make me jealous they better stay away from me lol

  • BigToeJohn420
    I liked it. I use to tell friends that were girls to put a little spirits of there perfume one him. He smells it when your not there and it tells the other girls to stay away.
    Also yes independent and confidence are impotent. But we love to know that you need us also.
    What guy docent like the girl he's looking at to do things for him. Just little things. It lets us know your thinking about us.
  • Anon-ymous1
  • Spawnface
    I find this to be well written, in that it's mostly agreeable and doesn't leave much to be contentious. It's also good advice, particularily the clothing point I thought was expressed well.

    I think something that could be added towards hair is it's conditioning too. I think hair has a naturally beautiful appeal to it but when it's not taken care of it can look repulsive. Even if it's mildly unattended, like frizzled or greasy, it leaves a negative impression. It can be a major game changer whether or not somebody gets noticed or not. It's also a pity because it is naturally a good beautiful thing and it's tragic to see it wasted. So I'd recommend regular hygiene care, showers, shampooing etc, but also combing and other hair treatment. Like, something like makeup can be construed as superficially appealing and hair just can't be degraded in it's appealling worth.
    • Spawnface

      Also the need to place disclaimers is annoying too. Can people ever just read something and try to understand the writers point without arguing how it could be miraclously misinterpretted, or read it without wildly taking it out of context? Or even just skip over the knit pickings of every little tiny contention? that stuff bothers me because its everywhere on this site.

  • killer4212
    I didn't read all of it. But I'm just gonna say most guys are pretty thick and dumb tbh. They'll go for the hot girl and not someone who's trying extra hard to get the attention of some dude. 💁‍♂️
  • Nivinxus
    Solid advice, some can even apply to men such as staying fit and all. Good take.
  • Nxtawm
    Awesome advice, now I just need a crush lol
  • Kelly1979
    Bop them over the head drag them in your room and chain them.
    • cadans

      Woow u look way younger than 39. Thats cool

    • Spawnface

      Thats a girl using her head! Way to go girl!

    • Kelly1979

      Actually a club but eh same thing.

  • debussy22
    Wear yellow underwear?
  • ninjafemme
    very good take. xx
  • finn_
    This is helpful hehe thank you <3
  • :) nice take.
  • vald9inches
    sexy time
  • Virgux
    great now can you do one for guys
  • The_Revolver
    I know a way to stand out from other women
  • Anonymous
    Walk up and let them know you're interested.

    Anything else is stupid. If I feel like a girl is interested in me but she's beating around the bush it lowers my attraction to her if there is any.
  • Anonymous
    Wow! That's the best post I've read in a long time. Very well thought out.
    My favorite part:
    "Making your mood a priority is going to be a huge win for you when it comes to being more attractive to your crush."
    You can look and be anyway you want, but usually your mood will make all the difference if you manage to get it across to your crush somehow.
  • Anonymous
    Nicely done.
  • Anonymous
    Ladies, it ain't that tough. Pick a guy that you want, walk up to him, smile, and squeeze his dick. Bingo, you got a boyfriend.
  • Anonymous
    “Sadly men fall in love with their eyes first.“

    Are you saying that visual appeal is strictly a male trait and women don’t find men visually appealing? If so, then why do women develop crushes on men?