Girls, if you are interested in a guy/like him, TELL HIM





This shouldn't take too long.

Ladies. Girls. Women. Females. Chicks and chickettes everywhere.

If you are interested in a guy/think he's handsome/think he's whatever, TELL. HIM. I know this is something that a lot of girls grapple with, because most of the time, girls (per evolutionary biology) want to BE chased, rather than do the chasing themselves. And that's fine; no problem-- most of the time, guys want to do the chasing (per evolutionary biology)! However, the guy is not going to be doing any chasing if he does not know you are interested at all in the first place.

Trust me, most guys want to chase you if we are interested in you in the first place, but you need to take the first, crucial step of letting us know. I know it may be scary (a bit), but get over it, girl up, and LET. US. KNOW. Then let the guy take the wheel and chase you, and he will, if he's interested.

Girls, if you are interested in a guy/like him, TELL HIM

The problem we run into in the dating world is that girls by and large have NO idea how to actually show us interest. They think that like, looking at us or saying two words to us or "liking" one of our pictures on Facebook or some shit is "showing interest." ...NO. IT'S NOT. I've seen soooo many posts everywhere online and on GaG about that fallacy. Saying "hi" and looking our way IS NOT showing interest.

Telling us that you like us or think we're cute or handsome or whatever is showing interest. Tell us that.

Don't simply look at us.

Don't simply stand there.

Don't give us a single smile and then think that's flirting and be confused when we don't get it.

Fucking *TELL US.*

Girls, if you are interested in a guy/like him, TELL HIM

Think about how easy this is-- you let him know by saying "I like you" in a text or in person, and if he likes you, he chases you. If he doesn't, then he won't, or he's flaky enough that he won't, but that's not cool either. So basically, you win either way; you either get him, or he lets you know that he's not interested or he's a flake. Guys are not psychic, and even when we can tell that you're flirting with us (on the occasions that the flirting is done well), that alone doesn't mean that we know you're interested since casual flirting does occur, right?

So, know how to make it really simple? Here's how: TELL US. Like I said, I know this can be nervewracking to put yourself out there (welcome to being a guy), so if it makes it easier for you to do it in a text or something rather than face-to-face, that's perfectly okay. Guys will still be okay with that.


Tell us.

If I could make the text size bigger, I would. TELL. US. TELL HIM.

It may not be easy, but it's very, very simple. And you're more likely to get better results.

Girls, if you are interested in a guy/like him, TELL HIM

~ Thaaaanks. Hugs and kisses.

Girls, if you are interested in a guy/like him, TELL HIM
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  • Gazzoo
    Abso-fkn’-loutely tell a guy if you’re interested in him.

    Women... I’m not sure you appreciate the gravity of the situation when a guy asks you out. It’s humiliating at best, TERRIFYING at its worst when his advances are rebuked.

    In these times when we’re fighting for equality, please step up and just tell a guy if you’re interested in him.

    Oh! It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a check once in a while. Every time you go out for coffee, drinks, or a meal... it’s about $50 minimum. Multiply X dates a month. Dating ain’t cheap for the single guy. (And none of this “pay cuz I’m worth it” BS.)

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    • inmensus

      Agree with you 100%. I don't understand the whole "they have to pay if they want my attention/because I'm worth it". It's like they're selling themselves.

Most Helpful Girl

  • squirrelgurl29
    I agree. I find poor communication skills to cause all sorts of unnecessary problems and drama. Tell him. If he rejects you, move on. You'll save yourself so much time!
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  • StingRayxoxo
    Understandable. Tell the guy that you like him.
    Then WHY have I always had guys think I'm interested just from eye contact or something? If they need to be told that I am interested?
    • Because since girls don't ^ do this thing that they should be doing, we have trained ourselves to look hopefully for any indication of the slightest amount of interest, since we have nothing else to go on.

    • Ah, okay. Makes sense. So how do we wipe the slate clean and start doing the things we should be doing...

    • I dunno, bit-by-bit I suppose.

  • Cynicaldreamer
    I do tell them!
    But that doesn't mean the feeling is always mutual or he will be attracted to you.
    He can and usually will reject me, or decide we should just be friends, so it's like, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't..." LOL

    Nonetheless, I will be that stubborn female that if I like a guy or think he's cute, will tell him and hope one day, one of them actually feels the same way... hey, being persistent is the key right?
    • Being rejected is literally the norm for a guy on approach so you're not doing anything wrong even if it mostly doesn't work out.

    • Exactly. It sucks when someone you like doesn't feel the same way or rather be friends, but meh, it's better than sitting back wondering if he likes you or not.

      When I was younger, I used to be that girl that waited on a guy to approach me-
      Until I noticed that doesn't work, well for me. I'd talk and hang around them but that's it! So they misinterpreted it as friendship 😑
      Which was okay... except when I wanted more than that!

      So yeah, listen learned! If I like a guy, just suck it up and hope for the best... and I don't make an ass out of myself, lol

  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Agree with that.
    My girlfriend took all the first steps and initiatives to get with me, I was too insecure to start things.
    She actually had to do the pursuing 😂.
  • Burgerboy21
    As someone with very low self-confidence, I wholeheartedly back this take.
    If you don't mind, I'll share a couple of related stories to emphasize the point:

    1. High school [Fail] - I was at a pizza place with my two guy friends and three girls. Somehow my phone came up in the conversation and one of the girls asked to see it, so I handed it to her. She fiddled with it for a minute or so then gave it back. On a different night, I finally noticed that she put her number in my phone. But I thought nothing of it; that it was just a friendly gesture. Years later, she told me she used to like me.

    2. College [Fail] - I matched on Tinder with a girl I actually knew. We chatted for a bit. Thought nothing of it. I invited her to my dorm and she agreed and we just hung out. Still thought nothing of it! Another night, around 4 or 5am, she drunk messaged me. STILL thought nothing of it (yet)! Then I passed out in bed. I woke up next morning to a message from her from that night inviting me to her dorm. I finally thought something of it, but I unfortunately convinced myself it was too late. So nothing ever happened with her.

    3. College (again) [Fail] - I went to Wendy's with two friends. There was a cute girl at the cash register. I ordered my food, got my cup and went to the soda machine. Shortly after, one of my friends came to me with both our meals and said to me something along the lines of, "You know what the cashier said to me? 'This is for you and your cute friend over there.'" I didn't believe him! So we just left and nothing happened.

    4. College (again) (again) [Success] - Opening night of our spring musical. After the show, we went to Applebee's, as is our tradition and one of the new crew members invited her friend. She "just so happened" to sit across from me. I introduced myself then proceeded with usual shenanigans with my friends.
    The afternoon of closing night, my close friend had a cast/crew get-together at his house. We exchanged numbers with the new people of the group, including the friend of the girl interested in me.
    Another night, I got a text from the girl interested in me saying that she got my number from her friend. I suspected her interest here but I didn't act on my suspicion. (Again, low self-confidence!)
    Another night I was out at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends and she texted me again. Just casual conversation at first. That was until she called me cute and then followed up with "To be honest, I think you're really hot." By the way, she was my first date ever and my first kiss ever. And yes, THAT is what it took for it to finally happen.
    • Yeah... exactly.

      The guy will pursue, if he wants to, once he knows the pursuit is welcome. I don't know what's so hard about this.

    • Another thing I'd like to say, though, is it doesn't necessarily have to be stated.
      If the implication is strong enough, it'll definitely suffice.
      In past experiences of mine, a girl has gotten the implication through by holding my hand and/or kissing me on the cheek. Those are very strong actions that are much more effective than 'subtle flirting.'

    • Well, yeah-- because that isn't subtle. So that doesn't count.

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  • Ellie-V
    I am so upfront and clear when I’m attracted to men. I say exactly what I feel, no beating around the bush... and dudes just want to act dumb 😐 They either don’t know how to respond or they don’t understand what I’m saying... even though I am VERY blunt. It’s a lose—lose situation for myself.
    • Then they're just in the "flaky or uninterested" category is all.

  • Inneedofusername
    I never had any problems with letting someone know that I like him if we normally talk sometimes. I don't tell him literally "I like you, you're hot", I'm more subtle but no guy has ever not realize that I'm interested in him.
    However, if he is a total stranger in a bus, then I never know what to say to him and how to start a friendship first. It would be very weird to just come up to a total stranger in a bus and tell him "HEY, YOU. I LIKE YOU. GIVE ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER."
    • Yeah that's true. I suppose you still could, I mean most guys would like that assuming they're into the girl as well and think she's pretty, but I suppose this is mostly in scenarios where the two already know each other or have some contact.

    • crazy8000

      It works!
      We don't bite just like you unless the person is a immature looser.
      (don't let your wooz part of you dictate your life, take charge of it)

      Relationships that lasts tends to start very funny clumsy. love is clumsy messy the opposite of perfect, looks like abstract if you don't understand emotional logic.

  • DakotaNorth

    I know something about love
    You've gotta want it bad
    If that guy's got into your blood
    Go out and get him
    If you want him to be
    The very heart of you
    Makes you want to breathe
    Here's the thing to do

    Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
    Tell him that you're always gonna love him
    Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

    I know something about love
    You gotta show it and
    Make him see the moon up above
    Out and get him
    If you want him to be
    Always by your side
    If you want him to
    Only think of you

    Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
    Tell him that you're always gonna love him
    Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

    Ever since the world began, it's been that way for man
    And women were created
    To make love their destiny
    Then why should true love be so complicated, oh yeah?

    I know something about love
    You gotta take his hand
    Show him what the world is made of
    One kiss will prove it
    If you want him to be
    Always by your side
    Take his hand tonight
    Swallow your foolish pride

    Tell him that you're never gonna leave him
    Tell him that you're always gonna love him
    Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now

    Oh, you hafta tell him now (tell him that you're never gonna leave him)
    Oh yeah (tell him that you're always gonna love him)
    Yeah (tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now)

    Darling, don't you let him go, now (tell him that you're never gonna leave him)
    Oh yeah (tell him that you're always gonna love him)
    Yeah (tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now)

    Take his hand in yours and tell him (tell him that you're never gonna leave him)
    Oh yeah (tell him that you're always gonna love him)

    • crazy8000

      If the other one doesn't see you you have to make that person see you in the right light and don't give up.

  • latinabutterfly96
    I kissed my current boyfriend on our first date. Sounds pretty normal but I have never kissed a guy FIRST. So it was really nerve wracking as you said. But yeah. I’m happy that I did. He ended up having this surprised look on his face and things got better from there. 👌🏼
  • Felinegirl
    I'm in the process of getting closer with him first to improve my chances. Is that a good or bad course of action in your opinion?
    • Getting closer how?

    • Getting friendly. We're in a sports class together, often doing drinks with a few people afterwards. There's plenty room to socialize, so I'm getting to know him better/show I'm awesome first :p

    • Okay, cool. But eventually, do what I'm saying here.

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  • Gord777
    If she has to tell you then you probably aren't interested in her. Cause she just have be opened enough for you to know she is interested. Open means being around you almost all the time and inviting you over for company and being a really close friend to you. That should give you the guy enough time and confidence to express you love for her and to see she cares. Actions they say speaks louder.
    • Huh?

    • Gord777


    • derek2017

      i say you just friendzone as many girls as you can, firstly because you dont get friendzoned yourslef and second because they always have hot female friends literally the first girl i fucked was a friend of a girl i friendzoned!

  • MLGbreezy
    I agree with u so much but that's what females are all about and it's the most aggravating thing in the world how they won't even tell you if they don't like you they'll just not talk to you instead of acting like an adult and they always try to use the excuse that they don't owe an explanation to not like me I'm not asking you to explain to me why u don't like me just say you don't like me instead of giveing people the silent treatment it's fucking childish
    • MLGbreezy

      I honestly feel like this why relationships have so many communication issues girls don't wanna talk and guys are taught to show little emotions that sounds like the same perfect combination for a great relationship doesn't it no of course not

  • serious
    Yes, this is a good take. Women cannot expect a guy to understand things on their own and to pick up all the hints/signs that they give. Okay, some men can do that but most men cannot.

    Hence there is nothing wrong if the woman becomes straightforward and tell the guy that she likes him.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    Will never happen. Women are very happy with the status quo.

    They don't have to deal with possible rejection or worry about the stress of building up the courage to approach somebody only to be rejected because you, like millions of other men, aren't in that top 5% that they demand even when they are in the bottom 25% themselves.
  • Midnight_Kiss
    I agree to an extent and ladies take it from my experience of almost messing up any chance for us, by not saying and in turn signals being miss read.
    Although don't tell every guy that you think you like that you're interested, only the one (s) that gives you that warm-fuzzy-sickly kind of feeling that you just can't seem to fathom.
  • dadsfgasg
    Nah, ladies. You're good. Keep doing what you do. If you told the majority of men you straight up liked him without throwing some hints to see if he's interested, you're likely to scare a lot more away than those who'll accept it.

    Trust me. This dude is in the minority. You're good. :)
    • derek2017

      no he is not there are a lot of friends of mine that hadn't realised the "hints" the girls were giving and there actually a lot guys in general so if you girls like someone its better you tell him so or he won't understand shit!!

    • dadsfgasg

      @derek2017 Yup. He sure is in the minority.

    • derek2017

      no im in the majority but you're not!! not everyone is as good at identifying the "hints" as you are! not every man is like you you know!..

  • Thatsamazing
    Wow, would be so nice if the fucking morons who run GaG hadn't suspended this account, there are a lot of good posts here. Huh. Shame. Guess the admins. or whatever of GaG are just genuinely stupid, or something.
  • FrenchyRomain
    yeah never understood why women waited around for men to make the move...
    • Well that's the point-- I don't believe that saying "hey I like you" should count as really "making a move," I mean it's pretty damn easy especially in these days of pathetically easy mass communication.

    • Afrochick

      Men are hunters that's why.

    • @Afrochick and? girls are physically unable to make a move?

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  • Grobmate
    Great Take!! absolutely Ladies, he speaks the truth.

    Going to give Steve a free plug again for you..
  • Lman3000
    Trust me, you can tell women that all ya want, but you'll get pounded with you have to do it and if ya can't you ain't got the nuts to do it or ya dumb as brick, Fuck dating mate ain't worth the effort
  • Dchrls78104
    It's the only time a guy should approach a girl that way in 2019...
  • Salmon4056
    Good take. I guess intimidation of overconfidence prevented me from doing so when i was young
  • inmensus
    I always do.
    • thank god you exist

    • inmensus

      I genuinely don't understand why they're disliking my comment 😂

    • I dunno, a lot of people on this site are legit just straight-up stupid.

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  • jjeong5
    exacatly. ffs. no guys really like this whole nonsense of playing games. you like a guy? hang out with him. dont like the guy? tell him.
  • Dbwkdncnf
    Well, as long as you follow your own advice I don't see how this request would be an issue.
  • UI_Vegeta01
    Girls have pussies, and they are pussies themselves. They will never approach you so forget it. Fallout's vault survivor won't help with his thumbs up in this case.
  • Ana929
    Wow i never thought of it that way, interesting read, thanks
  • anxiety_16
    I did, he said okay and walked away. I tried to play it cool, but I think he forgot that I like him. What should I do?
  • JulieRoze7
    Mhmmm this is scary/never knowing what could happen
  • IkilledCupid_
    @Anon-ymous1 I'm interested in u
  • Cowboy6666
    Just write in my inbox girls "I love you. ♥️"
    I'm single still. ☺️
  • tonicandgin
    I chased my guy.
    • Oh? How?

    • I pranced up to him and said he has a gorgeous butt chin and asked him to "help me" with an English paper since he's really into poetry and literature.

  • pk2343
    see I would tell my crush, but I'm too afraid he will reject me, he's everything I want in someone
  • CheerfulButterfly
    Where’s the fun in that? 😏 Just kidding...
  • LuvAsh
    Never again
    • Heh?

    • crazy8000


    • LuvAsh

      I've always been the one to say something first and most of them ended up hurting my feelings so bad. I've been told to never chase guys and at first I thought that was stupid but now I understand that if a guy wants to be with you, he'll say something.

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  • BlondieGirl_
    Haha ok I’ll take your advice
  • themomo84
    Ehhh no reason to yell
  • TheHillsRAlive
    Will do... 😏
  • Sabrina_gomez
    hahah chickettes 😂 😂 😂
  • sasukeuchiha7
    The brother has spoken the ultimate truth!
  • CoffeeWC
    I feel like this applies mostly to shy guys.
    • Nah it applies for all, in my opinion, though I understand why you'd say that.

  • ChiPaPa
    I agree.
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • Good take
  • BronzedAdonis
    I agree
  • Muhammad1999
    Great take
  • derek2017
  • gym4ever
    Pls dont tell me, thank you
  • Anonymous
    I did tell him and it didn´t help me.
  • Anonymous
    I bet I couldn't get any girlfriend in my life. I think most of girls liked me but they couldn't tell me. Fuck my life!
  • Anonymous
    I don't believe this. Ever time I attempt to do that it freaks them out. So I don't. It is so annoying. So I just don't.

    I do notice if I make eye contact and look more "open" that seems to help.
    • Anonymous

      @Afrochick Yeah and this has nothing to do with my ed so let keep it that way don't you think?

    • Anonymous

      @Afrochick Yeah notices how you keep looking for me yet... I could care less about how you feel...

      Loser please I Haven't used that since I was...10... um

      ok. if that made your little day... congrats. happy to have given you a... boner of some sort.

      have a nice day.

    • Anonymous

      @Afrochick OH and if you so call know me from MPA you should already know I have no fucks... about your thoughts and im just HIGHLY Seleectivy who I chose to mango with.

      Most know not to that personally. It just my nature. Funny I have no cule who you are.

      Must be why...