11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

These tips should all be helpful in your crush become interested in you. All of these things played a huge part in me being able to have almost all of my crushes like me from my mid teen years to now. I wrote this guide based on my person experience, and also my experience with helping others in this area.

(Disclaimer: these tips probably won’t work if your crush has already written you off. If this person has expressed disinterest in you specifically, people with your character traits as a whole, or people with your physical traits as a whole, then I would suggest moving on from the hope of them liking you.)

Show your personality

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

Sometimes we can nervous around our crushes and be more conscious of how we’re acting, or what we’re saying. Don’t get stand offish and tense up when he/she is around. Be yourself and let your personality shine through on the outside.

Dress to impress

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

Everyone doesn’t have the resources or ability to dress the way they’d like but try your best with you have. You want to make a good impression on this person, and looking presentable is one of the ways to do so. Wear things that are flattering on you and match who you are as a person.

Get to know their friends

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

He/she will be a lot more open to you if they see that their friends enjoy your company. Plus it makes the likelihood of you being invited to a group hangout with your crush much better.

Interact with them often

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

Interacting doesn’t always come in the form of talking but direct communication is the best. You can share small greetings when you see them, like and/or comment on their social media post sometimes, exchange smiles/waves...etc.


11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

The reason I advise texting is because it’s always good when your crush can subconsciously have you on their mind, even when you’re not around. Communicating with them when you’re apart is a game changer. Make sure you get their phone number (directly from them) and text them casually. Calling would be even better but if you’re just in the stages of getting to know them still texting is more realistic. I would text my crushes casually all of the time in the early stages of meeting, and then the text became more in-depth as I got to know them. I feel as though that is a key factor in being able to connect with them, because you’re putting effort into knowing each other even when you’re apart.

Compliment them

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

People like to hear nice things about themselves and your crush will appreciate you communicating to them one (or more) of their positive characteristics. In my personal experiences my love interest would all kind of blush when I gave them compliments. I can tell they were very happy about that.

Learn what they like

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

This doesn’t mean become something you’re not or like something you don’t, but if you know that you both share a common interest, casually dive deeper into that interest with them some time. If you know there is a physical attribute you have that they’re into try to draw attention to it.


11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

Flirting isn’t always over the top and in your face, but if that’s your personality then go for it, just don’t be too forward. There are a lot of ways to subtly flirt someone. Flirting will help keep you from being friend zoned once you start hanging out with your crush.

Make your availability known

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

You don’t have to directly come out like “hey, I’m single” but if you know them already you can casually mention or hint at your relationship status, if it’s appropriate in the conversation. If you don’t know them maybe try mentioning it to a friend or mutual friend while your crush is near you do they can overhear. You can also specify your relationship status if you have them on social media, either on your account, or in a post.

Take the initiative

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

You’re the one with the crush so you can’t always expect them to go after or notice you. After all, you set your sight on them first and you’re not sure if they’re interested in you yet. If you don’t know them, go up to them and strike a conversation. For my bashful people I know this can be hard but it’s worth the risk. The likelihood is higher that a person won’t shut you down when you’re trying to get to know them (if you’re not being overbearing or creepy), than it is that they will. If you do know them, try to arrange a way for you two to hang out one-on-one. If you two already hangout alone often then try to spice it up next time you do. You can hold their hand, put your hand on their knee, lay your head on their shoulder...etc.

Make sure there’s progress

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You

This goes hand in hand with making the initiative. Never get comfortable where you’re at. You can’t go long periods of time doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Always take baby steps to the next level. For example, If you guys have been texting more than anything... great, but now you need to start seeing them in person a lot. Just be sure you’re making progress with the dynamic of you guy’s relationship becoming romantic. Don’t become their friend, do nothing more, and just wait from them to like you.

11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You
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  • alvincasey
    I think all of these might help get your crush to look your way. It’s not going to work for everyone and it’s not going to work on anyone.
    If the other person is totally not into you there is no advice that would change that. Which in that case just move on.

    For those that think your advice is b. s., just look at the flip side and put “don’t” in front of each. For example “Don’t dress to impress” or “Don’t take initiative” and see how that works out for you.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Exactly! If they don’t like it, they don’t have to listen. It’s really that simple, but people like to bold behind a keyboard because it makes them feel good.

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  • Logorithim
    Excellent advice
  • BiggestBoss
    Why you get into so much effort to type something that will never work? This is straight missinformation!
    How to get your crush to like you : ACTUALLY BE ATTRACTIVE and NOT A BETA!
    That was for men.
    For women just be a Stacy and not a Becky!
    • You’ve commented similar things before and I still don’t agree. Everything isn’t determined by the way you look. Also, I’m pretty sure it worked for me... wouldn’t have typed it out if it didn’t.

    • Anyways I didn’t meant to insult you I just believe that nowadays it’s all about looks money and status. You are young can’t you see it?

    • And you are a good looking girl so things would work out for you even if you didn’t do any of these 🤷‍♂️

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  • Don't listen, these are some of the most retarded dating tips I've heard. This further proves that one should NEVER take dating advice from someone without a Y chromosome
    • You again. Very mature of comment 😘. It totally makes sense that only men can give advice on crushes... noted.

    • Rangers

      Yes, only hunters can give advice on how to hunt, not the animals they're trying to hunt. Make sense now?

    • Sexist lol

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  • AuroraRoseat
    I like it, except the dress to impress part. I like that you said that the person should be clean and dress in their personality, but I don't agree with using this as a tactic to gain another person's interest. Yes, they should wear clothes that flatters them: it will gain attention. But if it's not true to who they are, I would tell them not to do it. To me it's a lie.
    • Preston69

      Good comment where do you want dinner and drinks

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    I'm gonna try this on my crush who is currently dating some guy I hate :)
    • Go full Mr Steal Your Girl on him 😊👌.

    • I'm rethinking this, a bit nervous lol, he punched me once before. He can beat me up. To be fair, aside from being a dick to me, he's unironically a better boyfriend to her than I'd be 🤔. I don't know if I should pursue my happiness this way.
      Also I think these tips are heuristics for people to try when they are stuck, heuristics might improve the odds of success but they are not a manual for success (there is no such thing for dating). Some people seem to expect that following these tips then their success is guaranteed 😂. As with any heuristic, if the usual method (i. e. be good looking) works, you don't need to use them. If the usual method doesn't work, try them, they might help.

    • Hahaha the first half of your comment made me laugh 😂. You commented on my last My Take and I thought you were funny then as well... I like your comments. As for the last half, that’s a fair point. I can agree.

  • 007-Tarzan
    I think if you have to get someone to like you in the first place... then you're doing it all wrong.

    That list seems like a lot of effort... ans yeah we have all been there... trying to get someone we really want to like us back... but it almost never ends well. And it kind of borders on pathetic to be honest.

    Sometimes people need to "grow in to each other"... like they have to actually notice who you actually are... other times they will just like you instantly... either way you should always be yourself and cultivate a sense of who you really are.

    All the advice posted above is great if you're actually in a relationship or you have someone who shows mutual interest in you. Otherwise it will be a big waste of time and energy and you will resent that.
    • I honestly see the point that you’re making. I say that first sentence you wrote to people often. I don’t think people should not be themselves. I never said or implied that, I just feel like some things need a push, and effort is required in pursuing someone. I don’t in the slightest see it as pathetic because some people don’t want to directly ask someone out.

      People minds changes in what they want sometimes and unless the crush has written them off there’s always chance. All four of my best female friends have boyfriends. I was able to get 3/4 of my friends into the relationships their in, and with two of them the guy wasn’t showing interest in them. Those guys also never showed disinterest. For the most part it’s better if those people should initial interest in you but some times people don’t project their feelings on the outside. I can think of several guys I would’ve never thought liked me that did. I don’t think it’s necessary to follow all of these tips but some should be helpful depending on who’s on the recieving end. It seems to work for me and the people around me.

    • *they’re

    • Hmm that's a fair point...

      I suppose a mutual friend to help can be really helpful. But that wasn't on your initial list. If I read correctly... I think what you're referring to here is setting someone up with someone.

      Let me give you an example of what I initially meant...

      Imagine you like a guy... like you're crushing on him. And he's unaware.. at that stage your feelings are clearly more stronger than his... so now let's say you decide to spend energy and time on trying to get this guy... so you invest a lot... and still he may have no feelings for you.. now let's say in the end of all this you do end up getting him.. by the end of all that... because you've already invested so much that relationship will feel disproportionate. And if it dont work out you would most likely resent it. You could possibly even become someone you didn't want to be to get that guy... so you end up losing a lot.

      What you just referred to in your reply... is more match making... its minimal investment. It's not the same thing as trying to get a guy to like you... you know what I mean?

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  • AD240pCharlie
    Another thing people often forget:
    Show them that you need them. Don't act like you can do everything on your own all the time, allow yourself to show vulnerability around them. Ask them for help, ask them for support, it's so easy for someone to start asking themselves, "Why am I even here? He/she clearly doesn't need me around."
  • spunkygiraffe
    Good Tips! XD, I'm probably still too nervous to do some of these though. (Flirting or Texting)
    • Thank you, and that’s understandable 😊. I was like that at your age too. I would always get really nervous whenever I even attempted to flirt 😂😂.

  • Twenty2
    I just read the MyTake and this is the shittiest piece of shit I have read in a long time.
    • Dude fuck you 😂✌🏽. I could care less about what you think of it, either you like or you don’t.

    • Twenty2

      Yeah! Please!! Fuck me😍😘 sit on my dick and ride it like hell

    • LMAO she black!

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  • BrittBratt2416
    These great tips for putting yourself out there in order to find a mate but let me be clear, there is nothing that can make someone like you back. If a person doesn't feel the same way as you or only sees you guys having a platonic relationship, the best thing to do is step back and accept it. Once you do that then you can use these tips again for someone else, I'm not saying dont try but don't assume that this is all it takes to make a crush like you.
  • Adelphïné
    And it's so important to be sincere. Too many people do all that is listed but it isn't real. It's an act, which they can keep up for awhile but eventually their true self is revealed (which is often a worse version of themselves).
  • HomoFuge
    Tried all this and my crush still ended up rejecting me for a more attractive lady. You can do all of these tips but if you aren't blessed with good genes, you'll always lose to the most attractive women :/
  • sean1234
    Very funny.

    11 Tips to Get Your Crush to Like You
    1st real tip is for her if she likes me is to NOT run, drive or ignore me as if she's afraid of me. The rest are meaningless.
  • BirdFan360
    My personality is one of stuttering and long pauses when I am first meeting someone. It gets super awkward, and discourages me from trying often. Funny, cause with friends I've know a while I have no issue talking normally. I guess I don't qualify.

    That's fine, I've resigned myself to be the best damn wingman I can be. For both the ladies and guy's. Not everyone is meant to find someone. And that's ok.
  • BCRanger10
    Step One - Ask them out.

    Step Two - Build a connection with them using wit, charm, and interest.

    Step Three - After a few dates, define the relationship.

    *Claps dust from hands*
  • Sweatyotterr
    I get you are trying to help which is cool but this stuff doesn't work maybe 30 years ago it would but definitely not today times have changed. also i agree with another mans comment you should ask fisherman how to catch fish not the fish because women say they don't like players yet they go for them and fall for them all the time, men understand this but you women fail to see it just my opinion
  • Champ78
    I honestly don’t know what I’m doing when it’s comes to dating. I have no idea how to make it fun for me.
    • Why is dating not fun for you?

    • Champ78

      Because I haven’t found a girl who likes me back. I feel like I’m expected to do everything and say and do the perfect things. I don’t really know how to get a girl to talk to me and doing things with me when she doesn’t have to.

    • Snakeyes7

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  • Lman3000
    For me, Throw acid in my face so I can get a new face cause all my crushes clearly had no interest me at all. Might as well be a door mat cause no matter how I try I get stomped on and forgotten. Fuck having crushes it always ends in feeling sorry and being miserable.
  • stormbreaker06
    hahahaha... its never that easy... maybe your easy but other women are not.
    • Excuse me? Who are you to call me easy? I’m far from that. These are things that worked for me and others as well. Your comment doesn’t even make sense. I clearly stated in the take that these tips were formulated around my personal experiences, so obviously they’re geared towards women seeking men. With that logic that would make men easy, seeing as though these things worked on them...

      thank you, next.

  • EnglishArtsteacher
    Unfortunately, people these days just meet on dating applications, so it's hard to apply these tips in the first place.
  • BluesheepOwl
    Sounds good. Great take. That picture on the "dress to impress" the girls outfit is cute. The guys outfit is meh.
  • sonnysunshine
    Show some interest and then ignore. That seems to be the best way to handle women initially. They like to keep guessing in the early stages.
    • It doesn't, unless she's an immature girl. In this case, I would just ignore them forever for playing that game, if i"m assertive enough.

    • @Lynzerilee the quickest way to turn off a girl is too be too aggressive, borderine needy. I have seen it happen over and over and over again when I was younger. The aloof guy who occasionally throws girls a few bones is more attractive because he is mysterious. Women get turned on by mystery and challenge.

    • I'm a girl and I don't. Many other mature ones don't. You can't tell me that attracts me when it doesn't. But it's your freedom to act however you see fits, hopefully those girls would fall for you!

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  • DizzyDesii
    Show personality. Yes
    Dress to impress. No. I stopped doing that because i won't keep it up after the first date or two 🤷‍♀️
    Get to know their friends. I rather not. Last time this happened his friends showed more interest in me then he did. Not a good luck on any of our part. Plus im not really interested in his friendships. Unless its a hot female then i get a little nervous.
    Interact/text/compliment. Absolutely.
    Learn what they like. Yep. Im not into differences these days, so if we’re like complete opposite, im out the door.
    Flirt. I do.
    Make availability known. Its hard to when people flirt with u especially when they know ur crush is right there.
    Take the initiative. I do but i won't always be the chaser. I need a dominant manz
    Progress. Every week needs to be progress made. If not, im out the door.
  • Jemini_Crocket
    You just have to be their type. If you are, they'll come to you or at least let you get close enough.
  • Be hot
    • Twenty2

      One tip to rule them all, one tip to find them, One tip to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!🤣

    • Not necessarily

    • jason222

      @BriannaLuvsYou can u pm me? u just accepted my follow request but i can't pm yet bc im new lol.. thanks

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  • Pejtu
    all of this is bullshit
    u can't make a person like u , its either way he does or he doesn't / she
  • Marcuslrh
    I do like these i already used some before seeing this post
  • Riggers
    Delete all of this, And just put ''be hot''.

  • Pulimuli
    Step 1: be attractive
    Step 2: dont be unattractive
    Step 3:profit

    Thank me later
  • neb34
    Smack their ass, if they want to speak to you again they like you.
    • Even if I did like a guy, if he smacked my arse as I walked by I would instantly change my mind.

  • ThisAndThat
    Other than getting (noticed), which is all one can do. The other 10 are irrelevant if they aren't attracted or interested.
  • Browneye57
    And not even ONE thing about what you'll DO for a guy. Absolutely nothing. And you wonder why. WOW!!
    • Wonder why, what? I’d do lots for a guy, especially as I was raised with traditional values in relationships. However, thats not what this is about. I do my all for that person when I’m in a committed relationship. I wouldn’t just advise anyone to give, give, give unless its completely certain that their love interest wants to be with them. These tips (more psychological than anything)!@ were to hopefully help others get their love interest to want to purse a relationship with them.

    • Well, having reasons they SHOULD would be way more productive. What you have is the brain-fat of a navel-gazer. Your total focus is on YOURSELF!! Narcissism simply isn't a desirable trait.

    • *... brain-fart...
      Not 'fat'.
      Diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. Typical.

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  • Smegskull
    If only it were that easy to overcome 10,000,000 years of evolution.
  • McKellar
    Here's 1 tip you can get your crush to like you,... you need to be her type.
  • Wowgirl30q
    Psychologically implant yourself in their working memory.
    But I'm old fashion 😂
  • StellarDrift
    Sounds like simping to me! Nice starter but it'll just boils down to the first one. Do they like you or not.
  • biffthewonderdog
    Step one tell the truth that your a friendly enough person even if slitely cracked
  • Great mytake
  • RalphMcDonald40
    Amazing tips!!! Hope it will help
  • Lord_of_Penguins
    And if she isn't into you all that stuff won't get you anywhere.
  • YingKim
    I <3 this!
  • bhavy24
    Useful my take
    • Thank you, I’m glad you see that way 😊.

    • bhavy24

      I hope i didn't took it in wrong sense

  • Good take
  • These are terrible tips
  • CharlieDuos
    Smile, don't be a freak
  • meatloafballs
    Spit in their drank
  • Clarity01
  • QueenTanya
    We don't even talk
  • Moonchild714
    Awesome tips, exactly the advice I often give.
  • S_Rose
    :) :) :)