6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

Okay, remember that one time we had a crush? Or maybe not one time... Either way, girls have their own way of making sure the guy finds out or doesn't. And here is how:

1. Hey, what are friends for?

Girls in movies, real life, books and other places often get their best friend - or just a friend - to tell the guy she likes him or get some Intel on him. Obviously, they could just simply ask, "Hey who do you like?" and the boy would respond and the girl would quickly leave the convo and just report everything to her friend. This will seem suspicious to the guy and then it all makes sense after seeing that girl shortly talking with another girl or just simply, "Wait, isn't she best friends with Andrea?"

6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

2. The just tell him yourself method

Some friends could hate your crush and give biased information so it's better to do it yourself and ask. Or your friends could plain just embarrass you. So you decide to do it yourself and this could be through words, a letter or just a text.

6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

3. The manipulator

There are so many versions of this, through text, phone, or real life. Here is an example of one on text:

Girl: "Harley, I really like him how do I tell him?"

Senpai: "Oh, you like me?"

Girl: "Oh sh^t, that was meant for Harley."

(No it really wasn't)

Or on snapchat you ask, 'Hey do you like me coz I like you' and if the answer is a no.....'Sorry that was my friend'. (sure it was!)

Or in real life, a girl could be talking out loud about the guy she likes who is walking alone, and say to her friend how much she likes him and her friend will be like, 'Omg he is behind us'. Or it could be the friend that says it.

6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

4. OMG he is alone

So I don't know if anyone else experiences this but my crush is almost never alone, like dead on never. And I really wanna talk to him. Then there's one day where his mates/friend is/are missing and then you have your chance before someone else goes to talk to him, and then you might chicken out. But it's a once in a month-time thing so swoosh, you start a conversation and somehow you sneak the question, "do you like anyone?" into the conversation.

6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

5. Truth or dare

So you guys play truth or dare. You might not ask who he likes straightaway but you don't wanna hold it because you're too excited, or the game might end quickly and that is another way to find out.

6 Ways Girls Approach Their Crushes in High School

6. Getting close with their best friends or family members

So I became best friends with my crush's best friend and this makes it easier to get info about each other. So, yeah that's another way

This is my first MyTake, I hope you liked it bye xo


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