5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!


Hello and welcome everyone! Do you like a guy and not sure regarding things you should and things you shouldn't do? Well I'm here to solve the latter. If you're a guy, you can check a previous take written by me- 5 Things Guys Should Keep in Mind While Handling Their Crush!. This one is mainly for girls but boys, you're gonna relate to it. So let's start...

1. Mixed up signals

One of the biggest problems of a guy's life since existence lol. Girls tend to give hints to their crushes but guys are pretty bad at reading signals and following hints. We don't really understand those gestures and things rather we appreciate the girls who openly admit things. It might be hard especially for a shy girl but please for God's sake, STOP GIVING MIXED SIGNALS!!

Fix it but don't mix it!

5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!

2. Behavioural Changes

Girls sometimes change their persona and behaviour around the guy they like. While this thing can give him a direct message that you like him, on the other hand, this can make things worse for you. The guy might find you crazy and weird because girls generally become nervous around their crush and become too emotionally imbalanced and end up messing things and speaking either too much or not speaking at all. This all combined can kill your chances.

Just because your pain is understandable doesn't mean that your behaviour is acceptable

5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!

3. Fake Cake

Some girls brag too much around their crush, trying to prove them superior around him especially outgoing girls. They tend to fake themselves and glorify their achievements etc. If you do this, STOP!! No one likes it when you're just boasting about your achievements. They also start talking bout fashion and clothes and we guys literally don't know anything bout female fashion sense. So kindly spare our lives girls. Try to be authentic.

If you're not perfect, don't fake up of being one.

5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!

4. Insecurity

This is the thing that you should avoid even when your crush isn't around. You shouldn't be insecure. You should accept yourself. You are you and you don't freaking need anyone. Who gives a damn? You don't need to be like others and you're unique in your own way. So stop being insecure. You gotta be more confident regarding yourself.

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities!

5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!

5. Jealousy Game

I've seen many girls trying this trick and believe me, it's crap and doesn't work at all. It just complicates and ruins everything. The guy might even stop taking interest thinking that you don't even like him. Jealousy always hurts in a relationship. Even if you two would get together, this factor might keep bugging your relationship now and then. So it's better to not even think about it!

Jealousy is a disease without a cure!

5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!
5 Don'ts For the Girls When Their Crush is Around!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • nbbn5
    Two cases can be true
    1. Yaa to mixed signals diye thee Jo upar se nikal Gaye
    2. Kabhi Kisi ne interest hi nahi dikhaya 😅
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xZoeyx
    Yesssss! Awesome take bro as always❤️

    Is this still revelant?
    • haha thanks😊

    • xZoeyx

      Ugh why'd you give me MHO🤦‍♀️

      You told me I'm only supposed to annoy you not thank you so that's what I'm trying to do. You're welcome:)

    • Lmao Ilyt

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  • LittleSally
    A lot of those people can't control...
    It's like telling a cocaine addict not to snort cocaine if it's lying in front of him on the table... People just do it. It's compulsory.

    You're definitely right, though, those are terrible things to do if you want to be clear in your intentions and/or feelings.
  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    Yeah but like don't forget that sometimes you gotta listen to your gut, even if it leans towards them not liking you then listen to it, cuz last times I told them straightforward they all didn't work out even though I was like 80% sure they liked me too lmao
  • YourFutureEx
    "Just because your pain is understandable doesn't mean that your behaviour is acceptable"

    Are you talking about their periods?
  • UnaKaizen
    the intentional no-no get but c'mon. being nervous is just as it is its not like a be nervous. if he judges her for that fuck him. and you physiologically react to cortisol being released. it dissipates after a while. if he can't be patient move along. dont complain though.
    • UnaKaizen

      mixed signals too are not necessarily deliberate.

      what do you consider a mixed signal?

  • Punzie_
    😭😭😭😭😭😭 well then maybe you could tell us what we COULD do
    • I'm not that of an expert😂😂

    • Punzie_

      Hey, you know your gender more than us girls do. Only you guys can help us. Lol I'm actually serious on for once

    • themon09

      be as blatantly obvious and straight forward as possible. have gotten these sort of messages before and it makes me step back. i step back because if it's not clear i don't want to make a weird situation or make someone feel uncomfortable

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  • QueenofCups
    Wow, Hal. You have totally captured the essence of crushing.
  • Chantel77
    My behavior changes without me even trying, I freeze up automatically
  • SparklingDoll
    Ahaa I'll read this the next dayy. And you know a lot of things, huh?

  • SirRexington
    Good take. I wish we could all balance out between being thirsty and leading people on. We haven't seem to have found that balance.
  • Thomasgun
    I have a lot of crushes that lie to me and it really doesn't bother me to much
    l just go with it l have lots of crushes wanting me
  • scooogy
    Great, I'll print this out and hand it to my ex lover to read and to think about.
  • jdawg_
    wow, this is really accurate! i've seen so many people do this before too and I cringe..
  • evelyn25
    yep i needed this, thank you!
  • CT_CD
  • BackAgain
    I struggle with 1,2 and 4
  • Political_dude
  • Nora_Sutherlin
    And also the denial game.
  • Anonymous
    Great take again. Thank you
    • haha welcome^_^

    • Anonymous

      How long did it take you to become an editor for gag?

    • well I was craving for it since long. Many of my takes were promoted and featured but still I wasn't an editor cuz I wrote little. Then from Feb 2 this year, My head started spinning and I wrote 8 mytakes in 8 days outta which 6 got featured and 2 got promoted resulting in this badge

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  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the info!