3 Ways To Easily Spot a Player

1. He calls you "baby" "babe" way too early

He just met you, he can't call you by your first name.. probably because he doesn't remember it... and besides it is easier to remember.

How To Spot A Player!

2. He has a bunch of women friends that he hangs out with all the time

Tiffany, Jessica, Hillary and of course the 12 others are all just "friends" and for some reason he just needs to spend all of his time making his rounds.

3 Ways To Easily Spot a Player

3. He can't remember when his last relationship was

A player will not want to commit to a serious relationship, as to keep his options open. If he can't tell you when and how long his last relationship was, it's time to close the book.

3 Ways To Easily Spot a Player


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