3 Signs He Is A CHEATER!

3 Signs He Is A CHEATER!
All of these come from personal experience from having been cheated on in a 6 year relationship. These signs are not 100% signs that he is cheating- but were indicators in my case.

1. He is always working late these days, or is "busy"

If you used to see your man all the time, but all of a sudden he is too busy to spend time with you (and there was no significant project at work, or promotion etc) then its time to open your eyes. He may be spending his time with someone else.

3 Signs He Is A CHEATER!

2. He takes his phone with him everywhere he goes

If your man takes his phone to the toilet, shower, and other places that he usually doesn't then its a good sign he may be keeping something or someone from you. Pay attention to whether he has put a password on his phone (which he hasn't given you the code to), or if he started silencing his phone, and taking conversations in the other room.

3 Signs He Is A CHEATER!

3. He stops initiating sex

SIMPLE. If you used to have sex once a week, and now you're lucky if you get it once a month... something might be up. After all, if he loves you then he should want to be affectionate towards you and treat you like a woman.

3 Signs He Is A CHEATER!


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  • Wrong, wrong and wrong.

    He is always working late these days, or is "busy" = Because apperentaly guys are not allowed to be busy, even if work DEMANDS him to be busy? God forbid a man be busy in his life. HOW DARE HE? RIGHT? I mean he has to sit there and occupy his time to please YOU, and if he even looks away once - he is cheating.

    He takes his phone with him everywhere he goes = Yes, because a man isn't allowed to carry his phone with him at all times, have private conversations or messages HOW DARE HE? RIGHT? He is suppose to give it to you, so you can search through all his phone calls and messages in an obvious attempt to find something that you can assume as cheating... and if he asks for you phone, FUCK HIM! RIGHT? I mean you don't have to show him your phone filled with numbers of other guys that can't wait to jump into your pants... He doesn't need to know the array of flirting messages you send out to other guys behind his back. In fact - the less he knows the better.

    3. He stops initiating sex = How dare he not think about sex? RIGHT? I mean he is a man, all they do is think about sex right? It's not like men lose sex interest when a woman starts acting like a child or withholds sex, until only she wants it herself and he doesn't, a man is suppose to ALWAYS want sex, he can't possibly be tired sometimes or not feel like it, possibly have a headache like women right? I mean its not like a womans nagging or other weird behavior can cause a man to lose sex interest in her?

    I really hope this was a stupid joke.


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