The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat


Alright, so I said recently that there's no more need for Game. That's true in the sense that convincing uninterested girls into being interested is largely a myth/ineffective way of dating.

Yet, the dirty word "Game" can't be dismissed entirely. We still need a word to define what you call it when you have the skills needed TO MEET attractive girls effectively. This is why we must look at new ways of doing this all the time. It's a skill set that has nothing to do with the quality of you as a person. What I'm about to suggest either you know and are doing it or, more likely, you know a little bit about but also know you really don't want to do it.

The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat

Mastering Snapchat can explode your dating life.

Snapchat pissed a lot of us guys off when they introduced all these goofy things to put on your snaps. It seemed to make girls really happy. That's probably because they don't see Snapchat as the potential dating Leviathan that it is.

See, there are some key things that make Snapchat essential to any young man interested in poon-tang. They are:

-Nearly every girl uses it and loves it

-You're able to publish "Stories"

-You're able to see who watches your Stories

What? Stories? What do you mean?

Well, for those who really don't know anything about social media, a Snapchat story is just a cut together sequence of videos and photos. To my knowledge it disappears at the end of the day.

Uh, no. I'm not doing that. That's really girly and also what's the point if it disappears?

The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat
It's gonna' be a good day!

Again, you've got the biggest pool possible. Girls who don't even like you really will add you on Snapchat because it's so fun to them. Also, okay, I get the girly part. I do. But think about how easy it is! All you have to do is take pictures or videos of literally ANYTHING and then publish a story.

What's beautiful is that you GET TO SEE WHO LOOKS AT YOUR STORIES. This, a) grabs girls attention and b) clues you onto the radars you've just entered. Sometimes, I'll get snaps from girls I only met once and have to wrack my brain to think who it is. In any case, it's gotten me a lot of numbers. Hell, sometimes i don't bother asking for the number i get the Snapchat and facilitate everything through there.

The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat
Girls can actually be funny too! (Who knew!) Along with poon-tang, Add comedy to the list rewards for mastering your snapchat game

It being girly is only in your mind, gentlemen. Sure, if you don't know how to take photos right you can easily look gay. But that part isn't that hard. And again, it isn't a modeling session (unless you happen to be really good looking) its more just what you're doing, which for some reason I have no clue about, is really fun and interesting to girls. It takes no time, you're doing those things anyway its just now you have to whip out a camera and make sure it pointed somewhat in your general direction.

The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat

Yusss, finally something good comes out of your girlfriend leaving you for a weekend in Mexico with her girlfriends

Snapchat also makes it incredibly easy to find people. Anyone in your contact book will be in your list of adds. And, like i said, many girls will add you on snapchat who don't even know you like that.

Get with the times, and make Snapchat your ********** *****

The New Face of "Game": Mastering SnapChat
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  • Theodorable
    Once I started using Snapchat. All the women in my phone I had forgotten about. And all the sudden there are a list of women wanting to date me. Snapchat is one of the best dating things ever!!!
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  • TheOneAndOnlyBart
    What do you send girls? They never add me or send me anything, and I don't really have anything worthwile to share with them either.
    • pavlove

      you don't send anything to them specifically you just publish stories of you do random shit and then snapchat let's you know who watched it and then you hit them up

    • Okay so how do you make them add you?

    • pavlove

      you add them and they see that or like if you're having a good convo with a random girl during the day and say you wanna add each other on snapchat she is a lot more likely to say yes than give out her number and yet she probably is more active via snapchat (and you can build a faster more fun connection) than she is texting/calling

  • Harry_Richard
    I haven't been successful at finding any people on snapchat. I don't use it because I don't have any friends.
  • SugaryLips
    wow seems interesting!!!
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  • Wwwyzzerdd
    Snapchat makes me want to kill myself.
  • Adigelunar