Guys Have No More Need for "Game"


A lot of guys, especially shyer more inexperienced guys, have a perception on meeting women that goes like:

Hot Girl is With Her Friends----Guy Walks Over----Girl is initially disgusted or simply neutral----Guy spits his "game" and she softens and gets attracted-----They go home together

There's a problem with this and it's not that it doesn't work. It's that it's not a constructive use of time or energy.

Guys Have No More Need for "Game"

See, there's a need for selectivity when the resource in question is so large that no one could actually try all of it. An important fact to remember is

There are so many single, available and interested people to meet that you will never ever "run out"

So then the question becomes how do you justify talking to girls who aren't interested in you or are neutral? Furthermore, how do you justify bypassing interested girls for neutral or disinterested girls? You can't. The problem is with the formula above. You know the formula and so you're looking for the x variable, which in the formula is the disgusted girl for you to charm. Then, you're confounded when it barely works.

I've slept with a lot of girls and the truth is I never really talk to girls who aren't already interested in me"

Notice guys whom a lot of girls find really attractive. Notice how they don't actually spend a lot of time convincing the girl of their worth. Yes, they may spend time convincing them to sleep with them even though they're an obvious dirty player but this is with girls who they know find them hot. Sure, it's a snowball effect for guys. When you start sleeping with some girls you feel confident and other girls naturally are attracted to this and/or there's the harem effect where all girls seem to want the same guy but the fact remains convincing a girl who's not very attracted to you to be with you barely works.

Guys Have No More Need for "Game"

What's the point of Game then? Nothing in my opinion. Game can make the dating process sexy because it relies on a process of mystery and intrigue. When you Game someone you make them feel wanted one second and ignored the next. You make yourself available and then not. If you look at stories like Twilight or even more mature female based stories its actually a very sexy game to a girl.


Game does NOT actually:

Convince a girl who finds you ugly/repulsive to then find you HOT

Work on any consistent basis

Have any justification given that every man has some girls that are already attracted to them.

This does not mean that a man should not pursue a girl, he still has to make the approach. The thing is girls give out signs all the time. And, unless you're a guy who notices everything, chances are she noticed you before you noticed her anyway.

So, look for signs or just say hi and talk to her a bit and you'll be able to feel if she's feeling you very quickly and if she's not just smile and walk on.

Guys Have No More Need for "Game"
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  • GuysGuy
    Look, it's backlash from decades of inequality and equal rights. Doesn't make it pleasant, but does make it understandable.
    But it is pretty basic fellas...
    Play poker? Call the bluff.
    If that girl you want for more than just snapping a batch onto/into (whatever) acts like a complete cunt even for a moment when you approach... feed it back by walking on brother.
    One-word responses with no eye-contact or a basic courteous smile? Don't say a single fucking thing more, look into space, and walk away.
    Eventually those nasty bitches out there that think they're all hot shit playing game will figure out that their stupid demeaning bullshit (what they call walls, defenses, etc) even when waded through, only results in a dude that wants to f**k, dump their load, maybe get some sweet vid to share with their buds or sell on watchmygf, and move on.
    Stick together brothers. Treat the nice girls right. Treat the nasties nasty. They'll get the picture pretty quick.
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  • vishna
    "The thing is girls give out signs all the time. And, unless you're a guy who notices everything, chances are she noticed you before you noticed her anyway.
    So, look for signs or just say hi and talk to her a bit and you'll be able to feel if she's feeling you very quickly and if she's not just smile and walk on." Yes!
    Guys, learn to back feel her out and back off so as to avoid unnecessary rejection. I'm a girl, and I've never moved in on a guy who was only wishy washy or clearly uninterested. It saved me a lot of sadness from rejection.
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    • I fail to see the point in "signs" that women give. Look, in this day and age if a woman likes a guy she should just give a fella a break and tell him. Many of us guys can't see these "signs" that women give and need a neon sign to tell us

    • @stanhelsing Tell that to 13-14 year olds and then I can give the ladies a call for you fellas

    • I'm with Stan here these signs are as intelligible as road signs written in Swahili. Are all women taught by their mothers to only go with boys who are skilful pick up artists?

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  • pnl86
    That's a very interesting way of phrasing that idea.

    My wife and I were comforting a Jewish American Princess the other day, who was complaining to us about how frustrating it is to be dating in 2016. She went on to say about how she has to pay for X, and Y, and Z as a woman, it's not cheap being a woman, and all these guys won't call her back when it's date #2 and she hasn't reached into her purse to equally invest in the relationship.

    My advice to her was, "Look, you pay X, Y & Z for things like your shoes, your clothes, your hair, your nails, etc. All those things, you're not investing in ONE MAN. You get to carry the value of that over to multiple men. But, when the guy dishes out $200 on a dinner, he can't take that $200 and apply it to the next 10 girls he's interested in. You can literally get the benefit of your $500 across a wide net of 100 different guys. He can't stretch his $500 that far."

    Now, that's not entirely true, but in the early 20s, it kind of is. As guys get older, however, we have things that are better than a nice pair of heels. We have businesses, houses, cars, boats, etc. Other than maybe gas (variable cost), those assets allow a guy to cast a wide net across a large number of females. The super-competitive ones will hunt you down and stalk you across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, your firm's website, etc. They will size up your house, your car, etc., and see if you're the kind of guy their circle of female friends would be green with envy and jealousy over.

    Now, up until this point, as a man, you haven't actually done shit. You're just going about your business, and unbeknownst to you, women are scheming of ways to "accidentally" or "naturally" start interacting with you. Oh, maybe I can pop by his office and... maybe I can recommend a friend to him and just go along with my friend for company or help... maybe he shops at this place... I think I saw him hanging out at this place one... etc.

    She's already interested in you before you even know who she is. That's called "efficiency." Then there are the women who just wait by the bar all done up waiting why guys they actually want aren't around, or don't approach them at the bar. It's like, umm, hello, no offense, but why am I going to approach? I got a good thing going on with zero effort.
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    • pnl86

      It's like you wake up every morning and there's $10,000 waiting for you next to your coffee. You don't know how it got there, but every morning, of every week, of every month, for the past 5 years, that's what's been happening. And there's an "employer" that's interested in you that's taken notice of you. So, they post a job ad and wait for you to respond, but it's like you don't even notice the job ad. They can't seem to understand why you wouldn't apply to a job that's so prestigious and pays so well.

      Umm, hello, it's because I'm not interested in working for $120,000 a year, when I have $10,000 per day waiting for me with zero effort on my part when I wake up each morning. You just can't compete with that.

      In a way, the older you get as a guy, I guess you get to experience what really super hot girls felt like in high school.

    • In a way, the older you get as a guy, I guess you get to experience what really super hot girls felt like in high school.

      What do you mean by this statement? I'm confused...

    • pnl86

      @SpinningDude69 like, in HS, there are all these events where guys are looking to prove to themselves that they're sexually valuable to girls, prom, etc., and "the hot girl" is like a prize, and whoever is "the hot girl" has like this feeling like she's walking on clouds.

      Well, after HS, and after college, when people have a taste of the real world, and everyone starts getting married and having babies, life sort of sets up the flip side for women, and now it's about being with "a guy like that." And whoever "a guy like that" is, is kinda walking on clouds. He's a means to an end, the end being the kind of lifestyle women want, the ability to make their friends jealous through social media, to feel like she has what it takes to be with that kind of man. So, guys who have it like that are floating on clouds (sexually speaking). And, ironically, are not that interested in sex lol.

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  • TayTay21
    I agree, most guys don't even give themselves a chance before they give up, and guys are notoriously bad at noticing signs. I've gotten so frustrated with shy guys, not because I don't like them, but because they are their own worst enemies in dating.
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    • j8k322597

      im a shy guy and i am absolutley terrible at picking up signals. I think its gotten worse since one of my my best friends who is a girl found out that i liked her a lot, she started sending mixed signals she would act like she liked me but than when i ask her out she says no, or she just flat out says she doesn't like me. and she still does all the "tease" stuff. So i think she is a major reason i have doubt about signals.

    • TayTay21

      @j8k322597 I know that sucks, but you have to remember that girls are shy too. We get just as nervous over whether you like us as you do over whether we like you. And there are those girls who flirt for validation. Those are the girls who screw with guys' heads, because they flirt it up but have no real interest in the guy. I used to do that but stopped when I got confident.

      When you notice a girl going hot and cold with you, be careful about her. A girl who is truly interested likely won't do that. When I like a guy and he flirts back, I don't go cold, I ramp up the flirting pretty hard. Girls who are just fishing for validation won't give anything back when you put it to them.

    • j8k322597

      thing is she does do it back, and its everytime we hang out, thats why she confuses me.

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  • Kkaos
    I agree completely, that's what I do. I'm not interested in girls who aren't interested in me anyway, so it's very easy to move on if I don't think she's interested. I don't think there's many PUAs/Gamers who will honestly say that you can game a girl who completely isn't interested, there always has to be some interest there to start with otherwise she just won't care about anything you're saying and therefore it doesn't matter what you say.
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    • This.

    • Shorty1991

      That's why you look for the signs first, does she's stare at you a lot or smile at you? Does she get jealous when you talk to other women? You get the idea. If she shows none of these signs then yes you may as well call it a day and look for someone else.

  • JohnDoe3000
    Well there's the part where you have to overcome her defenses* even when she finds you attractive and you still need to convince her you have a sense of humor, etc... you could call that game.

    *sure, not every girl has those but a lot of them do and you shouldn't just settle for one who's easy for you but otherwise isn't very compatible with you.
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  • Gustafsone12584
    Are you kidding me? This gives me no info at all! The Game? Just say Hi? I wish it was that simple!. Looks has a lot to do with things. I know, I'm 31, and single! I'm shy too by the sway, and don't think that way at all (Meaning the first aspect of this one sided view. How embarrassing!
  • Shorty1991
    Great take. I agree, as I have been saying for years. If you are interested in someone, the foolproof way to avoid any rejection is just to talk to them and establish what you need to know first. If you find out he or she is taken. You can still talk to them but obviously dont bother asking them out. Don't play games because no one will take you seriously. They'll just think that your messing with their heads.
  • MusicMayhem
    Girls will generally act neutral or cold for the first 2 minutes that they get to know you. They need to know you're safe to be around and that you communicate well/are confident. Once you get past that stage they'll be more open and even start wanting to get to know you.
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  • Abe90
    Sounds a little biased in my opinion but, that's just my opinion. People wouldn't really have to worry much about game if they just approached the other person and started talking. You'll learn through experiences and start making better judgements
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  • Righttobeararms83
    The real trick to game is not to over think it. Just metaphorically whip it out there and if she's available or interested in your bait she will latch on or not. Too many guys try the white knight/nice guy routine to show how much the respect a girl as a person but forget girls dont want someone who doesn't respect them enough to challenge them or call them on their B. S. Above all take the pussy of the pedestal, its just pussy so just say fuck it.
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  • AdamThomas
    There has to be that initial attraction there, but then you have to take the lead as the man, and you have to know how to read her body language and what she really wants because most of the time she won't be straightforward about it and will put up barriers so she doesn't seem like a slut.
  • DizzyAster
    To add to that, the signs are pretty obvious if you let your gut do the thinking.
    If you try to look for it logically, you will miss it.
    When your gut/instinct speaks, listen to it.

    Good Take.

    I too never go for girls who aren't attracted to me first somehow.
  • FourFifth
    All your fodder comes from me. . all your changes you claim come from me. Tk. Haha. You ain't changed
  • peachblossomluck
    Women already know in their minds when they notice you whether we want to sleep with you or not or if we respect you as a man. There's no talking us into it. We women give out pretty obvious signals whether we would be interested or not, at least I do and no one seems to want to pick up on them or not. It's males thinking they are in charge when by natural selection, they aren't. It's not about what you want, Man. It's about what she wants. If you can't accept that's biologically been going on since the dawn of time, then bad on you for being that dumb.
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    • ughhh if you don't give us what we want then why should you get what you want

    • @CancerianMan81 We feel the same way but a man with sense in his head knows his goal is to give her what she wants first.

    • it's not my obligation if I have to take care of myself first how is that fair to me if I leave myself out

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  • MasterofPlebs
    I haven't been able to attract a single girl via this method, so I am assuming it's true. That doesn't mean I'm giving up, it just means women are hard to please.
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  • RedHood7
    "every man has some girls that are already attracted to them"
    So naive...
    • pavlove

      not naive... girls who play WoW etc etc there are girls for every guy its just harder to find. become an explorer

    • RedHood7

      I've been exploring all my life. I only *hear* about this kind of stuff. In real life it's pretty much a myth at this point.

  • Gommers
    Money + Status = Game

    I'm a
    ((Potential + Effort)(Experience + Effort) / Age) + Smooth Words^2 X Quirkiness = Game
    kinda guy
  • GoldCobra
    I don't know, if still sounds like they need "game" by the end of this take. Your snowball effect idea was right on point though
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  • ProbablyTooMature
    The only thing I disagree with is "no more" in the title. There never was a need for it.
  • fueledbythc
    It's all about looks. That's why l will always be single. I'm an unattractive guy.
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    • Don't be so hard on yourself man 馃槀 馃槀

    • @SpinningDude69 it's the reality of my life. Why are girls so nervous around me? Why do they stare from a distance? I feel like I scare girls so I don't talk to them.

  • F媒rdracaD贸cincel
    So only approach girls who you know like you and leave the rest for the rest? Do I have that right?
    • I'm asking because I'm constantly hearing stories of girls being approached by random guys and just immediately lusting after them like crazy.

    • No cause then you'll limit your options. You can't assume anything about a girl until you get to know her. Give a girl a chance to get to know you amd like you by going and talking to her.

    • Baumber

      There are signs that girls give to random guys to show their interest. For instance, I was talking to a girl in the bar I went to Saturday night. I did not know her, but when she walked up, she brushed against me. Okay... who cares about that? Well it kept happening over and over again. We kinda got into a playful nudging war that ended with me finally talking to her. Little things that most people miss are the signs that should stick out the most.

      There was another one on Friday night at a different bar that brushed her hand against mine a couple times. I finally just placed mine on top of hers and she did not pull away. We held hands for a for a couple moments until I turned to her and said "You know, we haven't said a word to each other but we're comfortable enough to hold hands!"

      Other little signs may be:
      -holds prolonged eye contact with you
      - always stands near you (can look kinda awkward at times)
      - I've had a girl jab at my side before lol
      - smiles at you

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  • Phoenix98
    In other words talk to them lol.
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  • DiogoRibeiro
    Agreed. Great take, man! 👍
  • Adigelunar
  • Anonymous
    "the harem effect". lol. this shit is real. its really a snowball effect once you get female attention and sex. i was invisible before i got my first girlfriend... . its both an internal, confidence etc thing, but also a women paying attention to why other women like you thing... . validation through others in a few words. there might even be a hormonal or spiritual effect in it. who knows... .
  • Anonymous
    The problem is some girls give out signs intentionally with no intention of going out or being with a guy. They just want the guy to give her attention and allow her to reject him making her feel more powerful. One girl I know is trying to do this with me now. She has a boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that I know she has a boyfriend yet she's been throwing out signs that she is interested in me because she is under the assumption that I don't know she's already in a relationship.
  • Anonymous
    That's a good point. Nice take. I agree, there's a vibe already normally.

    My only thing would be what if the girl in question was already taken and you hadn't flat out stated your sexual interest in her yet because of the social context. E. g. lots of people (guys or girls) will meet people in situations like university, work etc, where if you're working with the person in a group or team or are seeing them regularly, i. e. it's the first day you meet them and there's an etiquette involved unlike a bar, that you might clearly click and then find out they are not single.

    And have already made a rapport/have mutual affection for each other. I. e. you know the girl already. At this point, how do you communicate attraction. Especially if they later become single?

    Actually wonder if u could help me out?
  • Anonymous
    I have no game like some people have said and I literally don't give a fuck, I ain't gonna approach any female at all, fuck that shit. 😂 😂
    And for those who wonder, yes, I'm single.
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  • Anonymous
    My issue hasn't been getting women attracted initially but more or less keeping them in the long run.
    • Shorty1991

      What do you do to try and keep them?

    • Anonymous

      @Shorty1991 Keep in contact and then they flake or ghost. Only ones who wanted to stay with me were either very clingy, and I mean very clingy where I couldn't have my own life, or I just wasn't attracted to them.

    • Shorty1991

      Hmmm. I see, clinginess would be a deal breaker for me too and attraction is important too. No use going with someone your not attracted to. Maybe the women you seem to attract aren't really after a serious relationship and maybe that's why they don't stick around.

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  • Anonymous
    Lol, the day I listen to theories on "game" from a guy on this site. smh
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  • Anonymous
    THIS IS BS There are so many single, available and interested people to meet that you will never ever "run out"
    If you are ugly no one will want to meet you, so fuck you
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  • Anonymous
    A Fleshlight is far superior than the modern woman. You get the best part without any of the intangibles like false accusations, constant nagging, financial rape via alimony and child support. VIVA LA FLESHLIGHT!!! $20 bucks and all your sexual needs met without a worthless twat attached to an equally worthless and DISEASE ridden vagina.
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  • Anonymous
    All you need to get girls:

    1. Be good look and/or rich.
    2. Do not be ugly and/or broke.

    There you can now get women. Women care about 3 things pan ultimately:
    1. Money
    2. Social Status
    3. Looks

    Now i've said this before with people thinking i mean girls care about 1 of these things only. No. They care about a combination of these 3 things overall when assessing if they want to be with you.

    Think of a girl like a university you are trying to get into and 3 factors:looks, money, status as 3 separate test papers. Some schools (girls) will weigh money and status more heavily than looks. Others will weigh looks more than money and status. In addition, women will change their preference (score value) for each category as they get older. You'll more likely to expect a girl in her youth who just wants a hot boyfriend and has low req. for dates/gifts to care mostly about looks.

    While an older woman in their late 20's/30's expect a certain lifestyle and a simple going to the movies with them isn't going to cut it. Thus, you'll find as women get older their is less incentive on looks and more on money/status for majority of girls despite what their initially preference might have been when they were teens/early 20's.
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    • mits777

      Only looks matter, my best friend is broke but very handsome and he has girlfriend the richest girl in the town. She pays him anything, recently bought him a car

    • Amorphous

      I doubt that money means much or looks for that matter. Maybe social status because it usually can be equated to having a good personality (?), don't really know. Anyway, the reason why I doubt the first two is because I've known people to be in those same predicaments and ultimately, found a partner that was in a better position than they are.

    • mits777

      @Amorphous From my personal experience I see that looks is the first thing that matters , weird but like that. Also know another guy who is CTO in a company, he is ugly but very well respected guy and has an gorgeous girlfriend, so yeah status too after look is fair

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