The Real Reason We Often Choose Pain


Recently, I've thought about the phenomenon of humans seeking out intentionally self-harming behavior. "Cutting" is no longer the hot button issue it once was (or maybe now that I'm no longer a teenager it's no longer something that I'm as keenly aware of as a problem.) Yet, when I look at the way people live their lives, it occurs to me how easy it is to be happy. Especially if you live in a powerful country where you can get a lot of the things that make you happy. You want for nothing. Yet, we see not only unhappiness but a somewhat intentional focus on things and behaviors that produce unhappiness.

The Real Reason We Often Choose Pain

The easy answer to this question has always been that it is the behavior of the low self esteem individual. I wouldn't completely disagree with that but it misses the point. The reason people inflict harm isn't because they feel they aren't worth anything and deserve to be hurt, at least not usually.

The reason people seek out either physical or emotional pain is because it is the way they feel alive.

You drive to work, you take the bus to school. Do you even remember doing it? Do you have any recollection of it? You ate three meals today, you went to bed and woke up undisturbed. You had similar conversations with the people you've known for quite a while. So much of our lives feel like a blur, the harsh pain of a boredom that can't be lifted because it is everywhere.

And yet if you've experienced too harsh pain too early you may live in continual boredom because it's at least functional. You may life a life of "fronting" appearing to have to have the "strength" that society wants you to have so that they don't bother you anymore. So that they don't hurt you.

The Real Reason We Often Choose Pain

Inside, though, the boredom is crushing insofar as you remember that there was a life before it that you felt something. I realized that pain is, then, our last recollection of feeling before we cut ourselves off emotionally. The last real emotion we felt before we went into our "fronting."

Pain, then, feels good. It explains the phenomenon of the "bad boy" and the "hot bxtch." It explains the obsession with the hurtful parent over the loving one. It explains why paradise doesn't exist in the mind or on Earth. We fell from it and we don't even remember having been there. All we know is Hell. But even Hell is preferable to Purgatory where you live the same day over and over.

So when you see yourself stalking your ex on social media, you see yourself sabotaging your own promotion chances at work, when you feel the temptation to give up and suffer, consider that its a desire to feel alive. That's what you want...not your ex...not freedom from your job...not to lie on your bed and cry. Those are just the means. Take a look at your life and figure out a way to start living.

The Real Reason We Often Choose Pain
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    I nvr thought of it that way b4. Pain is interesting, pain makes you feel alive... excellent point. Like why have love when it can be so nice? So predictable... great points. I don't know how you would feel alive otherwise either though. Like drama can be so addicting.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • j8k322597
    i have been going through a lot of emotional stress lately, but not once have I resorted to hurting myself. Not that I look down on people who do, I just think there are better ways to help emotional pain than physically hurting yourself. You just have to find it.
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  • mermaidrocketship
    I feel this way a lot. Feeling anything is better than feeling like you don't even exist. Thanks for this.
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  • Emiko
    very true...
  • Adigelunar
  • Anonymous
    Very good post. Spot on for an issue I have struggled for a long time to get over.
  • Anonymous
    Physical pain helps distract you from the mental pain that is existence
  • Anonymous
    It really depends on the emotional pain and how severe it is. Sometimes the pain can be too much that sleeping is better.