How To Play the "UGG Game"


Ha, this one is half instructional half hilarious.

How To Play the "UGG Game"

This Take is about how to game not totally ugly but not totally attractive girls either (We'll dub them UGG for now.)

Uggs are probably not your favorite and probably not your least favorite but they account for the vast majority of actual girls and, damn it, they deserve respect!

That's the attitude to have with an Ugg anyway. If they sense you "think it will be easy with them" they'll be out the door metaphorically. You have to show the Ugg the respect not so much of the chase but of the hard to get approach. They want to be hard to get just like an Ugg male wants to prove that he can girls that are "hard."

Uggs typically:

-Are not as impressed with cockiness

-like to verbalize that they "know the deal" when a guy think he'll just easily bang it out with her

-Require the longest though not the tightest game/personality

I've found girls even lower on the spectrum than an UGG (yes, we've all been there at least once) typically prefer to chase you or REALLY be treated like crap. Uggs (Your 4-6s) also might appear to like getting treated like crap but really they just want a challenge/to be challenged because, as you may have guessed, there egos have a very big part in their dating lives.

Let's get a little more clear on what that means. By saying Uggs ego is a central part of dating life, I'm saying that an Ugg is concerned with the opinions of others and what her dating life suggests about her as a person. If she's easy, she's not a valuable. This is because, on some level, she senses that guys don't value her and seeks to escape this feeling by hard earned undeniable proof to herself that they do. As a man, you'll have to decide whether this is the girl for you. If you identify with this and like to put a lot of work into your dating game than an Ugg may be better than a hottie in the long run who comes with her own set of challenges.

How To Play the "UGG Game"

To get down to the grit of things. Consider how you do or would act around a girl you believe is an 8,9, or 10. You treat them with respect and only tease them as is appropriate to how well you know them, you don't text them right away or even right back as to not appear desperate, you consider doing something nice for them just because it's Tuesday. This is how an Ugg wants to be treated: like she's special, like she matters, like she's beautiful. Again, this doesn't mean you just throw tons of compliments at the Ugg. You wouldn't do that with a hot girl. You'd let your actions speak louder than your words which would be chosen more thoughtfully.

To hookup with an Ugg you'll have to make it seem like you put in a lot of work. Some girls like the I see what I want, I act alpha, i take it. The Ugg does not. She is the prize you earned. She has no fantasies of being some alpha's slut that submissively takes the D even if its from some really hot really fun guy. Again, the hot sluts you can pull right out of the party and bang have their own challenges (their hot sluts that get taken out of parties and banged) but, ironically, the approach you take with Uggs currently (that, hey, they should feel excited that a guy who could get more attractive girls is interested in them like that and should be down) is better if not perfectly suited to girls considered very attractive. Sometimes, it just requires a flip.

How To Play the "UGG Game"
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