How to Make Him Chase You!


How to Make Him Chase You!

1. Pull back

Just when he thinks he has you, you need to hold your ground and mark your boundary. Act independent and don't show your eagerness all the time. Make sure that he knows that he has to put in effort to keep you.

How to Make Him Chase You!

2. Show him your worth

If it means that he needs to witness that other men are interested in you, and that you are a high valued commodity- so be it. You're smart, beautiful and awesome! You deserve nothing less than the best.

How to Make Him Chase You!

3. Don't always be available

You don't need to sit by the phone and wait for him to make plans. If he is a last minute sort of guy and you don't like it- tell him. If he continues then you need to make other plans and have fun! He will get the hint and that will give him an incentive to work towards (aka. spending time with you by planning ahead).

How to Make Him Chase You!
How to Make Him Chase You!
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  • Phoenix98
    More or less what @PiuBravoRagazzo said we want to know your interested but don't waste my time women who waste my time and play mind games are of no interest to me.

    This is the kind of advice you'd give someone in high school not the real adult world.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • kaylaS91
    This sounds like dating advice you'd hear being given to someone in junior high.
    Any self-respecting man will (or should) leave a woman who thinks that playing hot and cold like this will 'keep him interested'.
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    • Ugh you got that right.

    • @kaylaS91 yep, it's not rocket science.

      If you both wanna keep seeing each other it should just be like this.

      Hey you wanna hang out on this day? Yes?, cool see you then. You can't? Cool, we'll find another day.

      If someone has plans, then yeah they shouldn't have to cancel them but if someone happens to be available on a day you ask them and they say yes then it shouldn't be oh that guy/girl is needy. They should have pretended to be busy to make me want them more. Fuck that shit.

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  • meatballs21
    How to make him lose interest.

    Pull away: just when he finally thinks you're going to be his one and only, pull back and make him doubt whether or not you're actually into him. Keep doing this until he decides you're not worth the stress and goes to find another girl who doesn't play stupid mind games. Then you can log onto GaG, act confused as to why he went quiet, and declare that all men suck.
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  • NexAngelus
    tips to losing bfs... are u fucking serious girl? i dont know if i would punch the guys or the girl... u know equality and all... if u are both interested in each other, there is a limit to a chase. u are gambling on how much u are worth to that person. just because that person gives up quickly does not mean they are not the best person in the world for u. these little short stories are why people hate women. if u like a guy, tell them u like them. simple as that. if u dont move on. in a relationship u should be able to OPEN UR LITTLE MOUTH and talk about what u think are issues that arise, so that u dont have to play games and pre setup the field before dating even begins because ur stupid and afraid to talk once dating begins... because REALLY thats all this is. u are afraid and stupid. im guessing this is the SAME kind of person who starts another article about how guys need to man up more courage to "chase" girls... only to play their fucked up games... ya ok. no thanks.

    by the way food for thought, think about these dumb games when u seem crimes against women on the tv... because that shit dont just happen for no reason. and how had the last laugh. so rethink ur games before something stupid happens to u.
  • AleDeEurope
    So sad so many girls believe this... no wonder GAG girls are mostly virgins.
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  • Luci92
    Lol sorry OP, but this only works on insecure teenage boys... or men who have the maturity of teenage boys.
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  • RandomBritishGuy94
    This only works with men who already like you enough to care. It won't get that guy you like interested in you.

    Frankly unless you're interested in playing game with someone you know likes you anyway (something nobody should do) this is terrible advice.
  • JesseBrooks
    Ummm, I believe in women having worth too, but some of those points sounded a mite bit shallowish? Maybe not, but I LOL'd @ AlDeEurope's comment. I personally wouldn't wanna be played with like that just to prove worth. >Insert kitten with ball of yarn< And the princess analogy was meh. Guys who act like that get snuffed out pretty quick, NVM I don't know what Im talkin bout. Girls go nutz for guys like that FML
  • godfatherfan
    For any guy that has any self worth, when a woman did these things, he will move on to someone that doesn't play games. I didn't check your age since you don't have the woman balls to post under an already anonymous username. Women that act this way are juvenile and not worth pursuing.
  • Sjeggy
    and this kind of shit turns me off most when dating
    i want to show my girl i love her and i hate having to play immature games
    i want her to be my partner i don't need to be constantly "manipulated" into chasing her. i want her to make time for me and to just do what she wants and not be like "oh i cannot do that it makes me seem too eager"
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  • redeyemindtricks
    ... In other words, "Have a life of yr own"? WHO KNEW.

    Srsly... #1 and #3 are things that should already be happening, automatically.
    If not... Girl you need to get off yr ass and DO something with yr life.
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    • Bobbyhill1

      so you play stupid mind games?

    • @Bobbyhill1 No.

      Regarding #1, a woman SHOULD be independent, and SHOULDN'T be "eager all the time". These shouldn't even be things she needs to fake or front -- she should have an independent existence of her own.
      Too much "eagerness" IS DEFINITELY A BAD THING. That's the kind of thing that turns into excessive clingy-ness -- and into stalker-ness, after a breakup. Bad news bears.

      As for #3... really... if you have things actually *happening* in yr life, then you WON'T be randomly available at the last minute all the time -- and you DEFINITELY won't be sitting there with yr phone available all day long.
      Honestly, someone who can answer messages immediately all the time -- at any time of day -- is someone who has absolutely nothing of substance happening in her life. Best avoid.

    • Bobbyhill1

      ok I see where you are coming from with number 1, but the majority of people have at least a few minutes of free time within a hour. If someone is dry texting me and taking long to reply it just makes me lose interest in a conversation. my best friend does this because he doesn't want to seem ''desperate'' if you have a couple of minutes, you can easily respond and if you can't talk just tell them you are busy and will talk at a certain time. I can't stand conversations that are slow. texting has ruined the actual aspect of socialization. this is why I either call or meet up with people lol. I only text a few people because they dont care if they might seem desperate or whatever. they like to socialize.

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  • Fathoms77
    I would just like to say that Marilyn Monroe performing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" (that's what that picture is from) remains one of the most entrancing scenes in movie history.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Yeah, no. This shit is a headache and makes us go for other women who don't play games like this. Dating someone you like should not require waking on eggshells to win their attraction.

    I dated someone like this who acted hot and cold consistently and it made it more of a pain in the ass than fun.

    Pulling away just makes us think you've lost interest and we should back off or else we're a creep and then go for other women who don't pull this shit.
  • Scrambledagain
    The reason men HAVE to be playing the field. If you give me that much shit, I've probably approached several other women in the background.
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  • PiuBravoRagazzo
    Can I be honest? this works on guys who are really desperate or infatuated. Men like me, and I am sure many mature adults like these sort of games. We want to know you are interested and will display our interest fully.

    Girls who aren't available are annoying, you try to make time, take a day off etc, and they flake. Like fuck outta here! I get plenty bitches I can hit up for the sloppy toppy, you ain't special :p
  • NyomiMcClinton
    Really enjoyed reading this article, I think that every female should be make a guy chase them. Relationships tend to last longer when a man is doing the chasing vs the woman.
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  • Tony1974
    And if you do this all you will have are players chasing you because they do the same game as you "ladies"... they have many skittles to play their games with and you're just one of them honey. Have fun playing your game with losers; you'll be scratching your head at 35 wondering why you can't find a guy to settle down with...
  • lumos
    1. Will just make him think you're disinterested.
    2. It's sad that you think "your worth" is based on what other guys think of you. "High value commodity"? Talk about objectifying yourself.
    3. This is the only point I PARTIALLY agree with. I only agree with the part about not giving someone your time if they're the kind of person who makes plans last minute. That sort of behavior is really annoying, and just proves they would rather wait and see if something better comes up. And if not, they contact you. So they don't value you so much.

    I didn't get my boyfriend by acting aloof and pretending. I showed interest right off the bat. And I'm sure that just made him more interested in me, in return. Had I followed the tips you gave here, I don't think I'd even be with him right now.
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  • LittleSally
    I don't even have to read the comments... I already know you're getting so much hate - just for the title.
  • Rissyanne
    While I dont agree with playing games... this does work... lol
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  • Tarvold
    There's a difference between guys chasing down someone that's wife material, and chasing down a cum dumpster.

    This advice is for the latter.
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    • For #1 and #3, the only objection I have is that the author writes those things as though they have to be faked.

      As I wrote in my own opinion, #1 and #3 are absolutely things that that SHOULD HAPPEN -- but, they should just happen organically. They shouldn't be things that a woman (or man!) has to do *consciously*.

      Like... for #1, yeah, she SHOULD have an independent existence, and, no, she SHOULDN'T be "eager" (except when it comes to fucking... that's another story).

      And as for #3... honestly, if someone is always IMMEDIATELY able to respond to all messages, all the time, and if she is ALWAYS able to make plans at the very last minute... that means she has literally nothing else happening in her entire life. That's how stalkers and clingers are born.

    • Tarvold

      @redeyemindtricks Completely agreed. And it isn't even a gender thing, this goes for guys as well - if you find yourself faking 1 or 3, you doing life wrong and need to go fix that before creeping on dates.

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  • bustas
    If you really want 100 % guarantee way to make him chase you , just steal his phone/wallet/anything, then run ; p
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  • mostwomenshouldstfu
  • FakeName123
    Step 4: Just be open about you want instead of playing stressful games like a spoiled child.
    • cyndyrene

      And the same can be said about men. If you don't want a girl to play games with her then don't play them with her. Period. Men are never honest about what they want. And you can write me a whole essay and say that's not you, but I guarantee if we talked to the last 5 girls you talked to it would be a different story. Lay your shit on the table and see what's good.

    • @cyndyrene

      This isn't math. Two wrongs don't make a right.

      The same naturally also accounts for men - but this topic was about women.

    • @cyndyrene you are a fool if you truly believe what you said is true.

  • TripleAce
    Do you really have to let the secret out. Let's hope not all women see this
  • admles
    Ladies, if you do all this, he'll just leave.

    We don't like playing games.
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  • venomhbk1313
    All that a woman has to do for me is be a great cook everything else will fall into place
  • Blitzkrieger
    I wonder why these mytakes are always written anonymously.
  • Sunflower19
    Yeah no... I don't play mind games.
  • rjroy3
    I was just gonna say have dem Tig ol' Bitties
  • lacorine197
    How to end up single.
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  • Words_and_Wisdom
    How to make a guy pursue women other than you.
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  • Megatron125
    More like "How to make him lose interest"
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  • Bobbyhill1
    this is why you will die alone with 6 cats
  • Adigelunar
    good advice
  • blackeagle007
    As an old man, I'm not eligible for games anymore!
  • MissSakura
  • Anonymous
    This is not to always be used though. If you are playing games with a genuinely good guy (e. g. a guy friend or charming new guy) then you risk not showing him any interest. It'll only work with self centred men. As to why you'd date the latter though in the first place is another question lol.

    I'd just be genuine. Obviously it's the same with regards to women. If a girl doesn't reply promptly, she's being rude. Same with a guy.

    by the way WHO is the girl on the left in the last picture? She is beautiful.

    I mean I think trying to get people to chase you is just playing a stupid mind game. You can tell if someone is genuinely good or they are not. A player for instance doesn't compliment just you, he fake compliments everyone and would play these games back at you (ignoring texts and not having sweet conversations etc).

    Basically just reward good men with your time, smiles and sex and don't act innocent round them. Especially if you're going to act sexual or behave more slutty (in terms of posing etc) around brasher elements. E. g. posing in a revealing pose with a brash friend who doesn't care much about you, versus acting innocent with a good guy friend whose attractive and sweet texts you etc would be totally counterproductive and you'll regret it later.
  • Anonymous
    Nope, it won't work on shy guys.
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  • Anonymous
    this should be titled "how to make him lose interest."
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    • Anonymous

      crap, someone already beat me to this punchline

  • Anonymous
    Also, look like the girl in that first pic! That will definitely help!
  • Anonymous
    I disagree with everything. Sorry. I show my boyfriend that i love him and he reciprocated and its been beautiful ever since.
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  • Anonymous
    Sorry, if you do that I'm done. No point in doing that, and if you do, it means you're insecure.
  • Anonymous
    "How to make him vanish on you" would be a more appropriate title.
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  • Anonymous
    Be hot and horny?
    • Anonymous

      Play to uninterested and we take it as a hint and move on and go for someone else.
      if you want to do these sorts of things they need to be done in context at the right times and that involves reading him. Using this as a general rule will probly back fire and you will just lose him.
      Unless your a social master mind and hence don't actually really need advice be affectionate smile if you can then charismatic and don't play games.

  • Anonymous
    This could also be called:

    'How to make sure the best guys ditch you, and you end up only with only desperate losers.'
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    • Shorty1991

      Doesn't make much difference, when that's all you get anyway. But yeah, all these stupid games don't work. I don't like being chased, all I like is a more straight forward approach with a bit of conversation if he's that serious about getting to know me. These games are bound to attract creepy stalkers.