How To Make Him Jealous!


How To Make Him Jealous!

1. Flirt with other men

That's right... if you wanna make him jealous then a little flirty banter here and there is OK! He needs to be kept on his toes so he knows your worth. When you're out and the waiter or bar tender are nice to you, there is no harm in starting up an innocent conversation.

How To Make Him Jealous!

2. Have male friends

If you have male friends that text you or call you once in a while, this is sufficient to make a man jealous. The fact that some other man has your attention and potential trust will make a man go crazy! It will especially make him jealous if this male friend makes you laugh.

How To Make Him Jealous!

3. Going out with the girls

Girls night out is the territory of "what is she doing and what other guy is looking at her/talking to her". So in order to keep his imagination going, make sure to look hot and have fun that evening!

How To Make Him Jealous!
How To Make Him Jealous!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Phoenix98
    Take note people this is how you get a guy to walk away.

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    • Kkaos

      This this this. See her doing stuff like that and I'm thinking.. Ok, look's like she can be pretty happy without me, I'm out.

    • Phoenix98

      @Kkaos yup.

    • Unit1

      With the exception of male friends, this is on point!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    what if he gets away instead of being jealous
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    • Unit1

      Cleverly thought!

      I'd say then you should not have made him jealous in the first place =P

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  • This_is_my_username
    EH EH EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there ladies and gents!

    Don't do this!! it's called being Childish.
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  • 10dsw
    It will make most guys jealous, agreed.

    To those of us who have standards when it comes to women, it will just make us walk away in search of better.

    Take note ladies.
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    • 10dsw

      Oh ahaha it seems everyone pretty much re-iterated what I just said =P

  • Bleh-___-
    Why would you want to make the person you like and who makes you happy to feel bad. I'd leave if I was in his position.
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  • Dark_Scorpio
    So how is a girl having male friends and going out with female friends supposed to make a guy jealous. Also if I found out a girl I was dating was just doing this or anything else just to get me jealous, I'd by more likely to tell her to get lost because she's clearly too immature.
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  • Junlian
    Wow, this stuff women do on the day to day basis. Ummmm I'm confused. Anyway. Making someone jealous will surely backfire.
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  • cavmanier
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  • Unit1
    With the exception of male friends, this is how a girl deliberately makes any decent guy drop her for the better.
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  • CancerianMan81
    if you think flirting with other men is know your worth then you got a really bad outlook on life and everybody is going to know it and their not going to deal with you
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    So your goal is to get a guy to not be interested in you? Because if you did these things most men would dump you for that (also if you want to hurt your boyfriend by making him jealous then something is seriously wrong with you) and if your not in a relationship with him it will make him think your not interested and he will go some where else, and if you do this to a guy who broke up with you he won't get jealous because he doesn't care thats why he broke up with you to begin with. This is terrible advice, I mean what purpose does that serve other then to get the man in your life out of your life I don't see why you would do this (plus their are far easier and less destructive ways to break up with some one).
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  • Death_of_rats
    so these are all things that happen on a day to day basis... you must be dating some really insecure men.
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  • RandomBritishGuy94
    I swear I just typed this in another "ways to make him..." take but this will only work if he's interested anyway.

    It's probably a turn off for those who are interested but not sure about what to do.

    3 ... Men don't even notice when women do this stuff. They just assume it's because you want to spend time with women (for example) not that you're trying to get their attention.

    2 shouldn't be a thing. Make friends with whoever you want but don't use some guy to get another.

    1 will just make him assume you're not interested. he will either move on quickly or was interested enough that you're just being a bitch.
  • godfatherfan
    Easiest way to get the guy to drop your stupid ass. Jealousy has no place in a relationship. It is a cancer that needs to be cut out. Anyone that would purposely cause it, is also a cancer that needs to be thrown away.
    also, men and women are NOT friends. All those guys you think are your friends, just want to fuck you or get a blow job. we keep women on our radar, even if we are in a relationship, just in case we need options later. It doesn't matter if you think you would never do anything with us. If there is a penis and vagina in the mix, there is potential for sex.
  • admles
    Ladies, take note, this will just make the guy walk away.
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  • charlie_boy
    This is a recipe for disaster. It'll backfire on the women
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  • Sabretooth
    is it getting in here? and where's all that damn smoke comin from?
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Christ you girls are so fucking childish.
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    • Unit1

      Are you sure? Because so far even the girls find this advise pathetic.

  • MissSakura
    but thesee things may make him away
  • Anonymous
    If a man were to do the same my take with roles reversed girls would be saying dump this asshole or Dump him, but then again men are just part of the problem because the modern man is pretty much a spineless weakling who white knights in order to get a girlfriend. a man is expected to overlook a woman having children from thug nasty, a woman can have guy friends but the minute a guy talks to a girl, girls say to confront him or dump him, no wonder so many women nowadays are just pumped and dumped.
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    • CrazyAK

      Its true, but its because a mans intention is more than likely going to be more than just a friend. Girls need people to make social relationships, because they like to communicate and express their feelings with people. Men are more reserved, and we don't like to wine and cry when we have problems, and thats why when a guy has a girl as a friend it is usually a very close relationship... thats just my view tho it varies...

  • Anonymous
    And this my friend, is the Immature way, of keeping a man
  • Anonymous
    I think it's hot if she hangs out with other guys and hooks up with them while I am at home cleaning the house, waiting for her so I can kiss her butt and her feet while she tells me how much fun it was having sex with those other guys. Then she could smack me around and I would make love with her and cuddle.
    Especially if she dressed like in that last picture. I would totally want a girlfriend for a lasting relationship like that. So hot and sexy.
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