How to Make Him Cry and Miss You!

I miss you!
I miss you!

You're probably dating a caring, loving and sweet guy that always makes time for you. And he's a man of his words when it comes to texting you, calling you and taking you out. He made you smile when you felt lonely and was there for you always. While this may be a good thing, a little spice won't hurt right? Adding spice can make him love you even more! This can be done by making him miss you because men love the chase it makes them walk through eggshells to get you. We women had a life before them and will have a life after them.

Here are 10 ways on how to make him cry and miss you

1. Stop communicating with him

Men hate it if you're always there for them, they want a woman who has a life and an independent one. If you cling to him, you'll come across as desperate. So when you receive a message from him, feel free to just mark it as read. Don't reply or return his calls or else you'll be easy to get. When on social media, unfollow him and seenzone him he'll miss you.

2. Find a scent that'll remind him of you

This involves either putting enough amount of perfume that the fragrance sticks on an area for minutes or a spraying the perfume in his stuff. Do this discreetly when he left something so that when he comes back, he'll smell your fragrance and will begin to miss you that you'll start going to his mind!

3. Leave things behind

When you leave an object behind, he'll think of you again and will wonder how you're doing. Leave a simple object such as an earring or a necklace. That'll do it.

4. Always leave him craving for more

If you want your boyfriend to keep chasing you, you gotta be mysterious and keep him guessing. This will make him hunt for you more and will be addicted to you.

make him miss you
make him miss you

5. Have fun with other people

Remember your friends and/or his friends that made you happy. Don't always rely on it from him. Make sure he's not with his friends so you'll be able to talk to them and if he is, ignore him. He'll start to think that you're having fun without him and will be jealous.

6. Brag on social media

Show your independence and life on others as he will see this and will miss you even more! Have you been working out or was promoted at a job? Announce it on social media. He'll start to overthink of you and will stalk your social media profiles.

7. Give him a challenge

Men should fight for a woman to prove that he really loves him. Flirt with other guys and show him he's not the only one. That way he'll be even more jealous and will make him shake that he'll compete with the guys. Make sure it's an extra 2-3 guys you're flirting with.

8. Tame his ego

Show him you don't need him and you're not a damsel in distress for him to take care of you. This will show that you're not a woman he can take for granted and he will start to tear up a bit.

make him cry!
make him cry!

9. Have a new look

I'd suggest making your hair curly or having a pedicure will do it. Feel free to post it on Instagram or tweet about your new appearance. He'll see this and will miss you 100%!

10. Love yourself!

This is a no brainer. He'll keep chasing you and will start to miss you each day. And even if you call him your man, never stop doing this because if he really loves you, he'll pursue you. When he starts to cry, don't feel bad about him as his tears are proof that he's in love with you!

How to Make Him Cry and Miss You!
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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, hun.
    I have a Great Guy, Very Sensitive, He always Cries when we have a Problem or even When he is Being Emotional in Writing to me or Expressing something to me. Just his Natural Nature.
    My analogy is, It has to be in their Heart from the Start, No Lessons to be Taught. xx
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you! I wrote this take for all women.

    • crazy8000

      @myTake Owner

      You most likely totally misinterpret the opinion owner did say.

    • Anonymous

      @crazy8000 Look who's taking. I did understand what she meant okay.

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  • Babygirl_S
    Great take! 🙂
    Tip 11(biggest tip): Don't sleep with him until he marries you 😌
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    • Anonymous

      Yup! Don't commit right away.

    • Lol don't think it's easy for us to choose a girl who don't sleep with us until we marry them.

    • Babygirl_S

      Thanks for the MHO 🙂

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  • PinkChampagne
    More stupid thing than this haven't seen ever. It's just a play for people with free time who like to make others who care for them suffer... I don't see a point.. why someone who has everything good and everything that someone wants from relationship need to spoil it with these nonsenses... No one ever should believe this mytake or do what's told here
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  • coachTanthony
    Ladies if you are dating a man who actually falls for this stuff then YOU have the WRONG man!
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  • ragequeen
    This is borderline abuse in a relationship
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    • ragequeen

      I mean mental abuse. If your objective is to make him cry and miss you, you have serious abusive tendencies.

    • yeah, only the most masochistic guys would go in for this

  • Nikidoll17
    This isn't spicing things up.. Spicing. Things up is like going someplace new with him or teasing him under the table in a restaurant. What you're describing is something that can really scar a person and give them loads of deep unsettled issues. Plus a guys just going to thing this is how every girl will treat him now. That's not what we want, we don't need any more f*d up guys. We want good guys who don't have this shit done to them.
    The title itself is just terrible 'how to make a guy cry and miss you'. When I first saw it I thought okay maybe it's after a breakup? But then I read he's a sweet good guy and he cares for you but here's how to make him cry and spice things up!
    Firstly let me just say it's good to have your own life and no doubt it's good to have your own friends and go out and stuff but you don't do that to purposely exclude him and make him feel bad. Sure in a healthy relationship the couple sends plenty of time together and still has their individual hobbies and stuff. But cutting off contact? That's messed up. If someone stopped communicating with you, there's an issue you just developed. 2,3, and 4 are good. Smell nice, leave things behind occasionally, leave him wanting more.
    However, showing off on social media to get him jealous? Childish. Flirting with 2-3 guys to get him jealous? This is cheating. Hanging out with other people to make him jealous? That's a no. Tame his ego? Firstly in a relationship there shouldn't even be an ego, if there is then it's not the right one for you. Secondly it's okay to depend on your partner now and then it makes them feel actually needed. If you can do it all yourself, just stay single. Have a new look, sure but do it for him, there's no need to publicize it.

    Lastly loving yourself is great but making him chase you isn't. Why does he need to keep pursuing you and competing when he's already with you? You only pursue something you don't already have. And you should never compete with other people in a relationship. You just put in a good amount of effort to make things work. And finally, the last line 'when he starts to cry, don't feel bad , his tears are proof he loves you'. You sadistic person. If you need to make someone cry to understand they love you then there's really something wrong with you. And you shouldn't feel about it? I wouldn't go about any of these stupid steps. You can tell if someone loves you from their effort and actions. Making someone cry just so you get a 'confirmation of their love' is messed up. And women, please don't do this shit. It's the reason why there aren't many good guys left.
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    • Unit1

      Ladies, listen to *her* and not the author!

  • TenPoundTabby
    You are the reason why some men hate women. You are a sadist. You take someone's pain as validation of love when it is truly validation of injury. People don't stay with those who emotionally wound them, especially if that person wounds them ON PURPOSE. Again, sadistic is your unholy badge, earned like the tokens that a serial killer keeps of victims.
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  • MissGeorgia
    If you're playing games or resorting to tactics to get him to want you more or miss you, you're with the wrong person.
    If he's into you, he's into you, and you'll know it. If he isn't, nothing will keep him around.

    Why would you want to make someone cry? Especially if you care for them.
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    • crazy8000

      An narcissist since it's fuel for them

  • insatiable_curiosity
    Babygirl_S shared one of the worst pieces of advice one can give.

    One of the most foolish things is to avoid sex until marriage. Sexual comparability is an essential part of any committed relationship. When people get married without learning if they’re sexually compatible, stress, depression, anger, resentment, domestic violence, divorce, and sometimes death are the results.

    A loving, caring, and committed relationship between partners mutually invested in each other’s interests is more likely to be successful and last.

    None of the above selfish manipulations are reasonable or rational. Real women are confident and understand their self-worth such that they don’t need to resort to any of the above immature games to appease their insecurities.

    If you want to lose a good man, feel free to resort to such nonsense. He will move on and find a real woman. You will be alone having sabotaged yourself due to fear that you’re not good enough as you are. You will only have yourself to blame.
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    • llvjbb

      So true. Was trapped in a horrible marriage for years due to this.

  • purple4ever
    Girl this is bad advice... your telling us to treat him like sh#t and make him feel bad this is mental and emotional abuse and if the guy decides to jump of the roof it just became physical abuse too and now your a murderer. This is the mental game crap h. s. teaches you to grow up from.
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  • sassygirl13
    If you have to play games then you are not right for each other.
    You may do these things not on purpose and they do get his attention but consciously do it is toxic.

    In a good compatible relationship you don't really need to work hard. It just fits
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  • CherryRoseChampange
    Tbh my man wouldn't cry or allow most of this lol. I start ignoring him, and he'll bring it up as soon as he notices.

    If I'm acting flaky or not into him. He'll address it. Same for me, I find this post kind of weird too by the way.

    Why would you want a man to cry and miss you this desperately? It seems like you're fucking with someone else's emotions and playing games for attention. Which is concerning. Most people would hate if this were done to them.
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  • nightdrot
    Not sure I understand the logic behind this. Why not just say, "How to make the person you allegedly love miserable so that you can feel good about yourself." About the best you can say about this is that it is mildly sadistic.

    You write, "... don't feel bad about him as his tears are proof that he's in love with you!" Translation: "If he is unhappy and hurting because he misses you, enjoy it because it means how special you are."


    Is it possible that he shows you how much he loves you when he fixes the broken light fixture in your living room? Is it possible he shows you how much he loves you when he holds you in his arms and kisses you? Is it possible that he shows you how much he loves you when he surprises you with flowers? Is it possible he shows you how much he loves you when he laughs at your silly joke? Is it possible that he shows how much he loves you when he listens to you complain about the boss for the umpteenth time?

    The list goes on. Let's be blunt. You don't want a boyfriend, you want a human sacrifice. It's pretty sad. Love is, classically defined, willing the good of the other. You just want him sad and lonely so that you can feel safe and treasured.
    Just for the record, I have cried over my girlfriend. I cried when she put our babies in my arms. I have cried when, back in the day, I thought I had hurt her. When she is out of town and I wake up in the middle of the night and she is not there, in that split second before I realize where she is I get genuinely frightened at the thought that she is not there.

    There is not a minute when either of us leaves for work or has to go on travel or whatever that I don't think about her and worry about her. She is the center of my universe and I cannot imagine my life without her and the very thought of it absolutely terrifies me.

    She is the same with me. Indeed she told me one time that she can't help it but she never takes a deep breath until she sees me at the door.

    THAT is what real love is. What you have outlined is mere manipulation and is the very opposite of real love. People's feelings are not to be played with just to make you feel wanted.
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  • holograph
    Please don't do any of this. These are all childish games and I would break up with you for playing them (and you would probably break up with me for playing them as well).
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    • holograph

      Okay maybe some of the points in here aren't breakup-level. Like if you post about a promotion at work on social media? That's cool. But why would the author above think that's a way to make me cry and miss you?

    • I feel you brother. There are heartless women like this nowadays, sad but true.

  • Hurlyburly
    Do you want to ruin a great relationship? Because that's how you do it.
    Trying to manipulate someone on purpose is a really really immature and bad thing.
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  • crazy8000
    Do you want to have a toxic relationship or maybe make him blow you of and go for someone that doesn't pull those games and gives him real love?

    Seriously you have some growing to do un less you suffers from personal disorder of some kind.
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  • LordSnuggles
    This is the most cancerous thing I've read today. I hope it's satire. This is the sort of advice you get from a chronically single girl in high school. If I could set this post on fire I would. I'm dumber for having read this.
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    • R_Cakes91

      This is usually shit I read in a sarcastic article or BuzzFeed video with a girl acting like a complete dipshit to prove that girls who say this shit are dumbasses.

  • JohnPrestwick
    This will be one of the kinder responses you will get from male responders. Why would you deliberately want to make a man cry? That just sounds sadistic.

    There's nothing wrong with being independent and having a life outside the relationship. To most men, that's attractive and yes, clinginess is a turn-off. But this needs to be about building up positive qualities, not inflicting negative emotion on people.
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  • YHL6965
    No, stop playing games, you are literally explaining how to make a good guy who really invests himself suffer from being good. What the hell is wrong with you? You get the best you could get and all you think about is to make him suffer? I really hope no good guy falls for a woman like you, they deserve better. You are being emotionally manipulative and you get pleasure from making your victim suffer. And then you wonder where are all the good guys gone, you drove them away.
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    • The6ix

      I agree 1000000% man, this is why men have to stand up, no wonder chivalry is dead, no wonder men lack confidence. Were trying to cater to these bipolar emotions to make women happy and that's not practical. I don't think any girl would want to study for a test or an exam and a professor puts something on an exam that was not relevant to the course just to see his or her students "suffer" make them 'figure it out'.

    • YHL6965

      @The6ix Exactly man, who would want to put effort into something they can't win?

    • Blightly

      this is the female equivalent to "How to beat the sht outta your girl and make her stay"

      i hope no girl actually follows this 10 step program to hell

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  • Screenwriter
    Don't understand all this game playing. If someone genuinely cares for you, they do miss and think about you when you're not together. If you want to make someone cry over you, you're being cruel. This sounds like high school nonsense.
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    I mean this nicely. I don’t know how rude to say it but I don’t mean it as an attack.

    Why is he supposed to be chasing you you guys areIN a relationship..

    Half of this is just being a human being with a life. The other half is craziness..

    None of this is going to make a guy love you.

    If he needs to feel you slipping away in order to want you, he doesn’t love you he loves drama.
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  • Lauren-green
    So to wrap it up; mentally abuse your partner and treat him like shit and he will love you forever! Woooow, such good advice 🤦🏻‍♀️
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  • Syrian_survivor
    Here we see an example of an adult woman with a teenager's brain that tells her to play games and manipulate the guy who loves her, very good!

    And I guess guys can't make girls cry too right? Disgusting
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  • ItsTheNephilim
    ... in the end... lose him and see him dating a hotter chick than you who gives him more than you ever did.
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    • Now who're the poor ladies on whom the tables were turned lol?

    I have been married to the one and only man I have been with since I was 17. These are childish games. I personally hate when people play games. You don't keep a man for 25+ years playing that crap. My husband cries every time I leave him to have another surgery. I hate to see him cry because I know it's coming from the heart. He fears losing me and I fear losing him. You keep someone by communicating and showing each other your vulnerabilities.
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  • NimNims
    This is fucked up. If the roles were reversed you'd lose your shit. If you do this to anybody, whether you're the girl or the guy in the relationship, then you are not deserving to be with. It's just fucking cruel, why would you do those things on purpose knowing it's going to hurt them? This whole post was about how to mentally and emotionally abuse someone. Who hurt you so bad in the past? Ladies if you're reading this, please be better. No one deserves to be treated like that.
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  • Salad982
    This isn't healthy. Where is the commitment, love, respect, and reliability? I'm sorry, but this describes a toxic relationship. I couldn't imagine doing this to my boyfriend, I would be so sick with myself if I made him purposefully cry. I don't want to imagine that...
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  • somethingcoolio
    This is so bad! Manipulative mind games don't make a good relationship.
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  • MsShy87
    No, no, no! You shouldn't make someone cry. I don't care if it's a male or female. Don't play games with someone's feelings and heart like that! If you have a man who actually makes time for you, follows through on his commitments, shows up to dates with you instead of blowing you off, loves, and cares about you then appreciate what you have because that seems to be rare these days. Jesus, I am so unimpressed with the dating scene and dating advice these days.
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  • red324
    This is dumb. Thus is why girl girls cancel dates at the last second. Most guys just move onto the next girl. I had a girl that started making excuses to noy go on another date like saying she thought she responded then realized she didn't. Then I gave up and the next girl did the same thing! It's like you girls get together and rehearse what games you're going to play on a guy.
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  • jessi462
    This is such crap!! If you're acting like how could he like you for who you really are? This will only bring chaos and nothing will work out just fine acting like a bitch who doesn't care. Just be youself already? Is it THAT hard to be ourselves, or society really want you to be something else? My god this post is disgusting.
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  • gym4ever
    You are retarded. DON'T DO THIS, trust me. I would break up instantly :D. There was few girls that tried things like this and played hard to get and it was done, i ended things immediately.
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  • Grobmate
    Title should read : 10 Ways to Lose a Guy (or at least remain single)

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  • Sweety1864
    This is so fucked up. This is not love. If you’re in a relationship where you want to make the other person cry, you don’t really love each other you just want to play power games with each other. I understand feeling under appreciated, but if it gets to the point where you got to play these mind games, I say end it. Find someone who will actually appreciate you. At the end of the day, in a relationship you’re supposed to wish happiness for the other person.
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  • MzAsh
    This goes to an extreme but the basic principle is complete truth. Good men want to put in effort for a woman. He craves a woman who doesn’t put him at the center of her universe.

    Although I wouldn’t suggest deliberately making him cry, but getting him to miss you by making yourself scarce once in a while is absolutely necessary.
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    • NimNims

      That just sounds like a choice towards poor communication. I wouldn't recommend it.

      Put it this way for example, if I want you enough, there's nothing that will deter me from wanting to be with you. Maybe try being more desirable? If your partner isn't happy to be around you, he's not going to miss you.

    • MzAsh

      What men say and what they do are two totally different things.

    • NimNims

      It's the same for women it goes both ways if we're talking about a relationship. If you want to be missed more, just 👏 be 👏 better 👏

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  • The6ix
    To women/girls if a guy put you through this would you like it? Majority if not most would say no, correct? Then why put a guy through it. I have a philosophy in life, treat others the way you would want to be treated.
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  • bpaz34
    Was this article written by a woman that gets all of her self worth from manipulating a good guy who already genuinely loves her? A guy with self esteem will move on from these games.
    I’d suggest she try #10 on her list herself and she probably won’t have the need to write an article like this.
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  • JSmuve
    Nice satire. Very effort. 100% B+. Much goodness. You must work at cosmo.
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  • jmorris86
    A relationship should be a team where both partners build each other up not try to tear down for personal gain.
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  • TonyBologna25
    This sounds extremely manipulative... why not just be yourself and have a man love you for you are without all the games? Are you that insecure to think no man is capable of missing you without fucking with his head? You sound very toxic to date. Literally the worst type of woman lol
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  • Heyathere123
    11. Make him jealous
    I did that with my ex boyfriend and ohhhh he wanted me back again like crazy.
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  • Spiritwander
    Well, tbh, if you acted this way towards me, I'd simply ninja meld into the shadows, and you'd never even know I was gone...

    ... and here's the beauty of it...

    ... I'm a hopeless romantic, and couldn't help glance back one last time... ... and when I saw you in the arms of another guy, I wouldn't even wince anymore. I'd say, "good for her. She'll do fine..."

    But I wouldn't be the one crying...
    I'd be busy freeing up the memory space for the adventure I'm about to embark on, and all of the beautiful potentials it offers, and thinking about all the people I'd soon have the chance to meet.
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  • NicoD
    I was thinking if this very question about an HR ago. Ladies if you caught your man crying not like a little kid but emotionally because he realizes how greatful he is to have a wonderful woman who compliments and completes him and from time to time it emotionally charges him up. Would you love and respect him more or not
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  • ZeQueer
    Why make someone sad because of you? Don't talk to him anymore, make him jealous, show you doesn't care... I don't get it. You just have to be confident and nice, no? He will probably miss you more if you're nice with him when you're together.
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  • CarpetDenim
    Haha, yeah, I sure do enjoy emotionally abusing and sadistically manipulating the one person I love most in this world to the point of tears. Stellar advice. Playing bullshit games like this totally isn’t toxic or unhealthy at all.

    In all seriousness, this is exactly how you ruin your relationship and how you instill doubt, distrust, and anxiety in your significant other. If this isn’t satire, and if you genuinely engage in any of the behaviors you listed above, you’re a disgusting human being and you don’t deserve to be anywhere near a good guy.
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  • Azazeal
    This is complete rubbish, unless you're a teenager maybe
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  • MannMitAntworten
    1, 4, 5, 7, and 8 are pathes to making me kick her ass to the curb. 6 would have zero effect since this nutty site is the only social media I engage in.

    Men keep telling women that they hate to chase, yet women keep believing otherwise then wonder why the guy stops putting in effort in her.
  • bamesjond0069
    Wow this is so wrong. If you did this stuff to me when i was younger id just milk you for sex and cheat on you till you left me. Now as a mature man i dont have time for games. If you ignore me id honestly just forget about you and you would never hear from me again. I run a multimillion company and when im not doing that im traveling and doing extreme sports. Girls who aren't afraid to text and call me first and dont play games always get my attention and priority in my life.
    Disagree 2 People
    This can become narcissistic sadistic behaviour in the making, psychology calls abusive manipulative personalities, mental illness for a reason. Some might ponder playing games, to win a guy at first, but never for the long run.
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  • genericname85
    what the fuck dude. if you feel the urge to make him fucking cry to miss you, at that point you should just let the fucker go and move on... seriously. this is morbid obsession.
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    • holograph

      That and she's literally suggesting that women do this to GOOD GUYS. She's literally suggesting that women treat a good guy like shit for... well, I don't even know.

  • NyfikenSyd
    1,4,6,7,8 should be called "how to get rid of a guy".

    Not talking, playing hard to get, flirting with his friends, bragging... A recipe for disaster
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  • R_Cakes91
    And ladies and gentlemen... the words of an 18-24 year old woman.
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    • Yep, and “Anonymous” as well. Fear and insecurities will never make a man love/care about you.