How to make him die out of jealousy and make him beg for you.


Alright girls, this is for the guys who are caring and for those who are a gentlemen. Do this to your partner because you don't owe him anything.

How to make him die out of jealousy and make him beg for you.
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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    • There's literally nothing good about this, she's promoting her own video and you probably just wrote this to get XPER.

    • scooogy

      @tallandsweet could you please re-post this as your opinion so I can like it? :)

    • @scooogy Lol I will thanks in advance BB

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  • PurpleStorm
    Did not watch the video, there is no point in making someone jealous ever. If you are in a relationship and feel the need to do sht like this, you are either insecure or with a wrong man. If you want to do this to an ex, that is just a waste of time, he already moved on so you should not waste another thought or second on him. if you think you need to do this in order to get some guys attention, let's say it works, he gets jealous of some other guys and decides to pursue you because of that. is that the kind of insecure guy you want? in order for that to work he'd need to be shallow or insecure with ego issues, cuz if he liked you before he would not need to see you with other guys in order to do something If he only started to like you after saw other guys give you attention, he is insecure and heavily influenced by what others think. lets say same guys started telling you are ugly af and how the fck can he date you, he'd be like yeah, they're right. a real confident man will like you even if others are not giving you any attention or dont find you desirable, they will also not wait to see you with them in order to make a move or get jealous at all, cause real men find a girl they can trust, so they dont get jealous because they are not worried she will cheat. jį
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    • Ladies, listen to her and not to the myTake!

    • @just_legit1998 thanks

    • Jealousy is about insecurity. If you have the need to MAKE someone jealous, you're manipulative and vindictive. Especially if you're aiming at an ex who no longer wants you anyway. These kinds of women or men are pathetic and foolish. Find someone who's secure and healthy.

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  • Pejtu
    I be honest haha thats the stupidest video i ever seen because if the guy has broken up with you and he has at least some honor and self respect he will never come back to you
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  • tallandsweet
    There's literally nothing good about this post, the user is promoting her own video and @SecretGardenBlood65 probably just wrote her response to get XPER.
    [ @scooogy ]
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    • roland77

      Maybe she is her close friend?

  • PrimalInstinct
    Thank god I've too much self-respect (and respect for my guy) to act like a self-centered tramp desperate for attention.

    At the OP I see why you want Anonymous, this idea is pathetic. Jealousy is a worthless emotion in serious relationships. Relationships were little respect (self-respect or otherwise) exists, jealousy & purposeful attempts to make others jealous is common though.
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  • MuffinBoi
    If you do the above, you're probably either a sadist, or just really really petty.

    And can I just ask how exactly is a crush going with a different girl other than you bad? Yeah, it'll make you sad, but trying to make them jealous just seems a bit pathetic, don't you think. If you have even a modicum of self respect and pride, then don't do this.
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  • Juxtapose
    That moment when you go anonymous because you know you are being a narcissistic piece of shit.How to make him die out of jealousy and make him beg for you.
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  • roland77
    Hurting someone's feelings is plain wrong and you get a negative response from it. I don't want to be jealous on my girlfriend because she plays around with my emotions. I like her making me wanting her like sending me nudes or telling me how she feels about my penis.

    I found what you write here very toxic for a healthy relationship.
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  • jayden888
    This take is pathetic. If you lived a fulfilled life you'll not find the need to try to make him jealous. The fact that you want to, means you're still hung on something.
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    • roland77

      Also my ex doesn't attempt to make me jealous on her. No, never. It won't work anyway.

    • jayden888

      @roland77 Good for both of you. The attempt itself is condemnable.

    • roland77

      Yes, very much. My current girlfriend would be more angry on her.

  • serious
    My suggestion is never do that. Not every man will fall for this act. Moreover making a man jealous is a very childish and immature act.
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  • girish_shah10
    Try growing up, handle yourself maturely, and don't take breakups personally, it's about your mutual interests and nature of your relationship with each other. If possible, develop a growth mindset for a relationship; try to take feedback to improve yourself and move on.
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  • Catsdaddy
    The one who is the cause of jealousy in the relationship is the one who is insecure and has low self esteem. Not the one who gets jealous. All your doing is trying to prove to others that your wanted and your attention is directed to yourself. If your actually a catch, like one of a kind then the one your with is the real catch cuz he got what everyone wanted, so causing jealousy by using other guys as threats to having you automatically takes the need for someone to beg for cuz you showed you were in the dime a dozen category instead of the one of a kind.
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  • justunlh
    Jealously is a negative emotion. Like anger, rage, pain, and sadness. Because I am a nice guy Who has recently been left hung out to dry by my girlfriend. There's someone Else still in her life, so yeah I felt jealousy it's not very fun so I don't recommend videos of how to make people jealous. That is my personal opinion
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  • ronaldo75
    Women in this generation are seriously fucking pathetic. This is why so many men today can't be bothered to take y'all seriously. Bunch of fucking little girls
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  • GraveDoll
    This seems like too much work... I got bored too. Kind of lame. What human has this much time honest. just move on and live life.

    not enough adhd meds today i guess.
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  • genericname85
    More like "how to get your guy to break up with you"
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    • I mean I feel sorry for her cause she apparently has been with guys that stupid that what she said actually worked...

    • roland77

      And she looks attractive but sadly ends up with the wrong ideas. So good-bye to her.

  • Usernamesrdumb
    Jealousy is not a positive emotion. Making someone else do something is about power and manipulation. I choose not to participate.
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  • YHL6965
    Why would you want to make a good man who cares about you suffer?
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    • Because that is female nature... Women only care about themselves. Nothing else.

    • YHL6965

      @magneto912 No not all of them are like that. Only a minority are like that in my opinion.

    • roland77

      Yes, true. My girlfriend cares also for me, not wanting to make me jealous for example.

  • loveslongnails
    The ONLY thing she said that makes sense was, and I'm paraphrasing, "... if you're done with a guy, especially if he hurt you, why are you focusing backwards when you should be moving forwards?" Exactly.

    Not only that, if he dumped you, he's probably moved on already. Doing the shit she suggests in front of other people isn't going to get him back. The only thing he "might" want to do is fuck you again so he can prove that you're still not over him, not because he wants you. But he's not going to beg for it. If he does, you had a loser in the first place and should be glad he's gone.

    This girl talks way too much, and way too fast. I also tried imagining her without make-up. whoa... I couldn't.
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    • roland77

      It drives him more away and towards his new (and care-taking) girlfriend.

    • @roland77 Yeah, well... there's nothing about this girl that makes me want to say "keeper".

    • roland77

      True, she is no keeper at all.

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  • DictumVeritas
    Any woman who intentionally tries to make me jealous is not worth my time and will be ghosted. You don't play games with people's hearts.
  • Shamalien

    You are trash. Gtfo.

    You are trash.
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