Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve. A few years ago, when I was interested in getting into a relationship I would talk to only one guy.

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

Doesn't sound bad right? Well, I would put all my time and energy into this guy. I wouldn't talk to other guys. Then, those guys would break it off or get into a relationship and I was devastated. So I evaluated myself.

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

Then I realized that I was putting all this commitment into men that were showing me no effort to commit to me at all. I was wasting all that time. I'm too young to deal with that stress. When I got attached I got attached hard.

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

So that was then that I decided that it's better to keep my options open. If a guy ask me out on a date, I'm not going to limit myself to just one guy. I'm speaking out to all the young and attractive women out there. Talk and date multiple men. If a guy is not putting in any effort to show you he wants a relationship, why should you be loyal to him?

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

Dating is not the same thing as an exclusive relationship. Young and single women, keep your options open because something better may come along. Even if you are going on dates still date other guys. The other men may have the best qualities that you want in a future partner.

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once

Now, I do not put all my energy into one guy anymore. I do not know what your definition of dating is, but my definition of dating is only getting to know each other through a series of dates. No sex whatsoever.

Get Your Freedom, Ladies: Why You Should Date Multiple Men at Once
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pussay
    Some users on here either have reading comprehension issues or didn't read past the title.

    I get what you are saying. When you are casually dating someone, that's what it is: casual. You or both of you might want to see where it goes, like in to a relationship. RIght now you are taking it slow and keeping your options positive. But focusing too much commitment when you two aren't committed will more than likely leave you hurt (in which case you've stated it has).

    People are thinking you/ women are sleeping around, when you clearly said NO SEX WHATSOEVER. Not every one jumps in the sack after one date. It just goes to show you how people view women. That and the lack of reading skills.
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    • Yea people are not reading

    • singlebee

      Even if there if no sex I would think you are really looking for a relationship and you are just eating my time...

      Just because you girls think like that didn't mean us guy have the same mentality

    • singlebee

      *I would you are not

Most Helpful Guy

  • Phoenix98
    You do that I'm gone like that *snaps fingers* I don't waste my time with women like you.

    And how about some better advice have better taste in men, if you keep getting screwed that's no ones fault but your own because of the men "you" keep choosing to associate with.
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    • I never blamed men for anything. Im not sure what you are reading

    • Phoenix98

      And I don't know what your reading but I never said you blamed men for anything. I said if you keep getting screwed it's your own fault, never said you blamed us.

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  • ElissaDido
    Yeah I agree, dating and relationships are different.
    • Phoenix98

      So you agree in being with multiple men?

    • ElissaDido

      @Phoenix98 of course not haha! But if I date a man it doesn't mean I'm with him 😅 It's just meeting him and getting to know him etc.
      It's going out like with a friend , no kisses or anything of the sort involved, except for slightly flirting maybe, but it doesn't mean we're in a relationship unless we say it clearly haha :p

    • Phoenix98

      That's actually not true it depends on the people for some like me quite a few like me the two are synonymous most of the time. Because I don't court anyone until I've already gotten to know someone but I'm not dating them either we're just talking but when I ask to be with them and say yes then that's it, we're an item we're courting we're together. That's how it works for a lot of people.

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  • JohnDoe3000
    Good luck with it, just don't ever try that shit with me. I don't have time to jostle for a woman's attention like that: if she can't be bothered to spend some time getting to know me exclusively then I don't even want her.
  • karahiri
    I thought this was the norm... getting to know a few people and then slowing cutting down as one of the attachments turns out to be more meaningful or whatever. I don't get why so many guys got upset over this :o
    • Hypocrisy

    • I'm not mad about it. I multi date all the time because from my experience, putting all my eggs in one basket no matter how much I liked them or how much we clicked, ended up having me screwed over.

      Both men and women multi date. It comes with the territory with online dating. I think it's naive to think you're the only person a guy/girl is talking to if you meet early on and you met on a dating site.

    • karahiri

      @bloodmountain1990 agreed. If you didn't multidate, especially online, you'd never get anywhere. Lol.

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  • AriadneSky
    yeah except i find it a turn off to be involved with multiple guys. and if one guy is not interested ill move on. i'm not going to wait around when he's indifferent. i'm ok going through at reasonable speed. but not ok with multiple guys at once. if it works for you thats great,. but not my thing :)

    i also think people worry way too much about their feelings. it healthy to get attached get hurt get over it and see you can do all of those things. playing it 'safe;'is boring and you don't learn anything. in my opinion. i wouldn't worry about getting attached. learning how to detach is much more valuable than not getting there in the first place. life sucks when your option is being neurotic or shallow. what people call being in control. in control means you can feel everything and handle it.

    so ill stick to one guy at a time and let myself like him and permission to move on if its not working.

    i find multiple dating is often a way of remaining numb to any particular person, it can waste just as much time as not dating at all. it gives the illusion you're getting somewhere but you're just bouncing option to option never knowing. can be fun if thats what you're looking for but i prefer depth to fun. i like to learn about people, not be entertained by them.
    • AriadneSky

      course i dont date until I've known someone for months so i guess in a sense i do get to know multiple people at once but not romantically till i already now i like them.

  • Rahdle
    Good for you. Hope it works out for you cuz if I were one of those guys, I'd drop that relationship fast. Loyalty is #1 for me
    • Dating is not the same as a relationship

    • Rahdle

      Not to you

    • If you read you would know my definition

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  • AlphaMale1
    This idea is a bigger recipe for disaster than dating one person lol

    Try waiting for Mr. Right rather than latching onto the next truck load of guys who happen along. I would never, ever date a woman who is a serial dater. She can never be trusted.
    • Romeotte16

      Oh but it's fine for men to do it?

    • AlphaMale1

      @Romeotte16 This is not gender-specific. I have been single and almost no dating since 2008 as am fed up with women who either are not for me or are living with a hidden agenda while looking for her "man".

  • Notorisch_Arschloch
    Do a lot of paying your own way on these dates? Basically an interview process til you find the guy who gives you your way...

    Okay. I'm down. But two can play...

    Guys: don't put all your energy into one woman. Have sex with as many as you like until you find one willing to do all the things you like your way. No paying for dating whatsoever.

    Shouldn't be a problem unless, you know, hypocrisy.
    • Prof_Don

      I'm 100% on board with this, although your post came off as counter-aggressive like this is a war.

      This isn't about a war on the sexes, this is about both genders being efficient in regards to finding a match.

    • @Prof_Don Makes sense. I was a soldier, and men have been under attack by feminism since I was born. Might be a cold war, no shooting, but it's still a war. One I didn't start.

    • Prof_Don

      Very much a cold war going on in the dating world, I try to remain Switzerland as much as I can!

  • Bandit74
    Exactly why guys shouldn't pay for dates. While you are taking a girl out she is already seeing like 4 other guys on the side.
    • Prof_Don

      I'm for dating multiple people (guys and girls), but i'm not for paying for the whole date unless she isn't working or you make WAY more money than she does.

  • Tephra
    Yess! Definitely agree with you! Always tell my friends to date multiple guys just in case you find someone who your really attracted to or they snob you off. Can't get your heart broken because you've put in shared amounts of effort into 2-3 other guys. Sounds horrible but at least your not left there holding the pieces of your broken heart. Now days guys stay loyal (especially around my age), always about how many girls you can chat up (or hook-up) to beat your mates :/
    • Djaaaaay


    • Prof_Don

      @Djaaaaay I think she meant ""Now days guys *don't* stay loyal"

  • NyomiMcClinton
    I use to do this by not anymore. I find it very time consuming to keep dating multiple men. Means you would have time to go with with each and every one of the, make text time, phone time. It became a headache for me to keep doing that. And so now I just keep it at a text and talk on phone level until I find which one I am feeling the most and then the rest get cut off.
  • QooLipBite
    Being sour from getting fucked over by one guy and then looking for further association with more guys mean that you're gonna get fucked over even more.

    If all the attention and effort you put in the past got you screwed over, how do you expect to get anywhere with multiple men if you just gonna starfish and expect them even consider you.

  • Djaaaaay
    Funny how women try threading us men by being a slut !! LMAO. Still LMAO
    • Djaaaaay

      Threatening *

    • I do not sleep around

    • Learn to read

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  • Loveherbut
    Its a bitch move
    Like what would female think if a guy did this they would say asshole
    • Guys already do this

    • Loveherbut

      Nah sweety i noticed lately men take flirting and datung stage ore seriously than women they are loyal and even think only about her.

    • Loveherbut


  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I've been dating multiple men since I was a teenager. I've always been up front with guys and let them know I was seeing others too and not looking for an exclusive relationship.
  • rjroy3
    The girls I date they usually are talking to at least 2 guys that have been hitting on them for awhile. I just assume girls are already doing this most of the time. Usually they don't say bye to the other guys, until they know they want you seriously. In my experience a girl doesn't put that commitment into just you right from the first date.
  • Righttobeararms83
    Yeah I dated a girl like that and lost her number when I found out.
    • You can't get mad if you are not in a relationship with her

    • I wasn't mad I just knew she wasn't a good long term prospect, alright for a few booty calls but I wanted something more.

  • asdsafgdfg
    I won't date more than 1 man because I am not a slut.
    • singlebee

      Finally someone with some morals

    • Djaaaaay

      How rare these days , although i know there still is good women out there. 😊

    • asdsafgdfg

      Thanks everyone for upvotes and comments

  • singlebee
    Any women who dates multiple guys at a time in my opinion is a women I wouldn't put any efforts in nor even consider dating her... Hey loyalty and attitude of very important to me and I won't date a lose charactered women like that...

    Why should any man put any effort in this kinda women when you are not even loyal? Which is the basic quality you needed to be considered as a dating material? Why even date? You can sleep around without dating...

    • singlebee

      In other words if she wants to come with me on a second or third date she had to be loyal and not see anyone else from the start... Other I am finding someone who will...
      I won't settle for less

  • Prof_Don
    In the last pic, the guy with the white shirt has dyed blond hair, what a brah. :-P

    Ok back to the topic. For both guys and gals, I FULLY recommend dating multiple guys at once. in my opinion it an unspoken fact in the dating world (whether one believes it or not), that if two people dating don't have the monogamous/exclusive talk, to presume the other person is also dating other people as well.
  • hahanoway
    Let me guess, you're also expecting all those men to pay for you "since you're not exclusive yet."

  • BruceWang
    You said "if he's not putting effort into the relationship, why should you stay loyal." Uhhhh, why not just break up with him? That makes no sense to stay in a relationship you don't want just so you can date multiple men. smh
  • Kountry_King
    I thought that was dating period men or women. You date someone to see if they're worth getting into a relationship with. It's just this generation our mindset is different than the one before us it's a good thing and a bad thing in my opinion
  • Lockmeinchastity
    So I'm just going to ask how many dates would you go on be4 you have sex or just no sex at all ever also and when you say that if a guy asks you out you would go out with him but later if another kind of guy asks you out you would also say yes right? And I mean there is nothing wrong with keeping your opinions open and everything but just member that there might be two guys who like you or you might have to pick between one of them wouldn't that be hard for you to-do maybe perhaps
    • I took a long break from dating. So if a guy asked me out on a date I would agree. When I am dating I am still single. So yes if another guy ask me on a date I will go on a date with him too

    • Djaaaaay

      Now with that there said... what do you think that's considered? Asker

    • singlebee

      @ikissestheskyonce - That makes you a cheater... If you go out with another guy...

      The slutty promiscuous women do that...
      No decent women would do that

  • Letstrend
    These man cannot get offended or scared away after reading this. It's the damn truth! If a woman is not in a commited relationship YET, it's okay to get to know/date more than one guy! You don't know how stressful it can be for us women to put all our efforts into one man and receive nothing but bullshit as return from some, where they can simply leave us hanging and very stressed or even heartbroken. It's good to leave your options open in the whole dating process as not ALL your attention is going towards one person and you will be less dissappointed if it doesn't work out. I know that some guys also leave their options open while dating, so looking at this in a bad way makes absolutely no sense cause ya all do this as well to US ladies. Deal with it.
    • Letstrend

      These men*

    • @Letstrend You act like you know all guys by saying all guys multi date or have multi dated.

    • Letstrend

      @MysteriousDarkness Well you're right. I do not know all men obviously, but I do believe that all have/will multi dated at least once in their whole life-time.

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  • CT_CD
    This is why guys shouldn't pay for anything. At least not until you are actually in a relationship. You take a girl out and pay for the date and she's doing the same thing with 8 other guys.
  • supernerd99
    so freedom equals immorality and hurting men? women are smarter than that... .
    • If a man does not want to commit to a girl and she keeps her options open by talking to other men, how is that hurting the men who do not want to commit?

    • Djaaaaay

      Maybe that's why the man won't commit in the first place , maybe he already knows your list of other guys exist !! And how come the big secret ?

  • JohnDoeJr
    Do whatever you want, just be honest about it.
    I don't care if I'm going out with someone that's seeing others as long as they don't bullshit me about it.
  • LeoLionEye
    I once knew a girl like you. I was still getting to know her, a few dates and a lot of texting. I liked her and she seemed cool. Then one night I went to a movie with some friends and I seen her at the theater on a date with some guy. I didn't know she was dating multiple guys at the same time. But knowing that I never asked her for another date after that and I threw away her number. I see that as a possibility of her maybe cheating in a future relationship. Or at least her not putting in the same effort into getting to know me as I am to get to know her. It honestly made it feel like she didn't care about me or a possible relationship at all so why waste my time on a girl like that. I think this is actually horrible advice for women.
    • Prof_Don

      Damn bro get out of your feelings! She wasn't committed to you, so why should she tie herself down? I do understand the awkwardness of seeing her with another dude, because we all can get jealous at times, but u gotta be reasonable.

  • Cherokeehp
    That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Personally I've just found that it's best to gauge how interested this person is and then decide if I'm going to drop all the other guys for him. For example, if a guy just texts me a lot or occassionally hangs out with me, then I'm going to continue to talk to other guys. If a guy talks/texts me on a like a daily basis, has taken me on an actual date, and has showed genuine interest in a relationship then I'm definitely gonna drop all the other guys. When a guy shows
    me that he's serious about me, then I'll stop talking to all the other guys. If I know that he's not serious about me, then why would I get rid of all my other options?
  • godfatherfan
    your free to, just realize you might loose 'the right guy" due to playing these games. I got tired of people telling me to date more then 1 person. I finally tried it even though it goes against everything I am or stand for. It was horrible. I couldn't remember what I talked about with which woman. and I was only dating 2. I went on 3 dates with both over a 2 week or so timeframe. I gave up. It was way too stressful. Plus, if you are having sex with someone, you should only be dating that person. Sex or not, if I found out a woman was dating someone else while dating me, it would be the last time I talked to her.
  • Dipsy
    If you're "talking" to multiple men while not in a relationship, then most likely you're not loyal to 1 person. Skip.
    • Prof_Don

      Dude you're ridiculous. If she isn't committed to said person, then why should she act like she is? Makes no sense.

  • Nuala
    Or you could just not date dicks...
    • I believe i addressed that

    • Nuala

      Not that I saw...
      I think I'll just stick to doing it the old fashioned way.

    • You mean sticking to by not reading before typing? In that case you are a doing a great job

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  • TheRebel69
    You can date as many men as you want when you're the one paying for the dates. Women expecting men to take them out and treat them to a nice time while leading them on while seeing other people aren't awfully desired anyway. And most men wouldn't bother with a woman who is just using them to fill her time-book. That's what friends are for; you know getting to know someone? They''ll save their energy, money and interest for someone who genuinely has interest in them as well and isn't seeing anyone else.
  • bloodmountain1990
    I multi date, but only 3-4 maximum. Any more than that is just overwhelming. I do this because people have so many options these days, especially due to online dating. And any time I've gotten invested in one early on, they either were on the rebound or they just flaked/ghosted out of the blue. I mean same can happen even when you multi date.

    I don't think this is a gender thing as people make it out to be. And it's not about getting with as many people as possible, but rather finding the right person. It's a slippery slope for sure but most people do it.

  • likitb4istickit
    No sex? Then you are only half-knowing a lot of guys. What good are common interests if you don't know if the sex is going to be lousy or not? Relationships don't last long even if you are hanging out with your intellectual clone if the sex sucks. This is why the concept of saving oneself for marriage for sex is such an alien concept to most guys (a huge gamble, weddings and then annulments for "irreconcilable differences" are expensive) and why we fuck/test drive as many as possible until be find a few we like best.
  • Jmarx
    I'd say there's a difference between dating and "talking" to people. When I think of dating I think of something that means you're not in a relationship yet but there is obviously something between the two of you. What you described I think more of "talking" to multiple people, which I think is ok. To me talking is simply flirting and generally getting to know if you like the person without anything serious involved. And I've done this and always broke off the talking with girls if I felt something even remotely like a connection to one person
  • FlyingMantis
    It's interesting to see this point of view, but I couldn't do it myself. I focus so much of my time on school/work/hobbies that I'd have no time for multiple men. Plus... I wouldn't want to go through the process of turning guys down who wanted to take it further because I found someone "better." Not saying it's wrong, but not for me. If I ended up in a relationship, I wouldn't want to hide that I was dating multiple people at the time we were dating. I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt someone, too.
  • Stevan7
    I wonder why are you still single... Let me take a wild guess!
  • bedroomdweller
    One thing you got right is that chicks are against a biological clock. Many of them don't think about it and think they'll stay 20 forever until it hits them.

    The thing you have wrong is that women aren't biologically driven to fuck around with multiple guys at the same time. I'm not saying women can't be with one men after another in short periods of time, no, but unlike dudes they aren't wired to engage in parallel relationships.

    I hear you, dating does not equal a relationship but dating is basically the "try out" period as you will, pre-commitment for a woman. You can try be dry about your desires with these men, pretend you want their company only and for them to pay for a few dinners... but instinctively your imperative is to lock and secure a guy in commitment for your directionality and biological imperative. You will want this and close to hitting the wall you will need it too. Good riddance, though.
    • Bobbyhill1

      so you believe in that gender study crap? I feel bad for you..

    • @Bobbyhill1 Honestly I don't know everything gender studies say, but I do have some background in psychology, and I firmly believe the biological part. Trust me many behaviors of both men and woman can be easily predicted knowing female and male nature.

    • Bobbyhill1

      you can't predict behavior from gender, you can however predict someone who is within the same family because they actually share the close genetics. men and women are very diverse. There are 7 billion of us after all

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  • Raymond_Reddington
    So its suddenly okay for women to cheat?
    • Please read the mytake instead of jumping to conclusions

    • it's not cheating if you're not in a relationship/exclusive. Out of respect, you must be upfrontthat you are casually dating other people and seeing where it goes... if it's not your thing, then fine. Look elsewhere. Multiple dating can work wonders in the short term as it gives you experience and you wise up on who the dirtbags are

    • And I'm speaking for both men AND women.

  • akadatank44
    I think both sexes do this already.
  • lacorine197
    Should've been swallowed.
  • Tiffylynn207
    How onteresting. Follow me?
    • Bobbyhill1

      not onteresting.

    • @Bobbyhill1

    • Bobbyhill1

      nope you are still wrong

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  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Skank alert
  • skeptic002
    Lolzzz have fun
  • Scrambledagain
    I date multiple women for the same reason #poly.
  • Adigelunar
    thats good
  • jacquesvol
    Do you date girls too?
  • MissSakura
    thanks for sharing
  • YOussefElAdl
    look like 2017 will have a mmf Movement