5 Reasons Why I Don't Use Tinder

Lately in this site I been seeing a lot of myTakes and Questions being posted that pretty much favors the Tinder app.

But today I’m going to be a little eccentric and give you the downfall of this app and what consequences you may suffer from of it. Keep in mind though that I am not writing this to prove all those who favor this app are wrong; neither am I bashing the folks who already use it. I’m simply writing this to show you this app isn’t all that great.

Anyway, here are my five reasons on why I refuse to use this app:

1- It Exploits Men

Most women using this app aren’t really using it for what it was made to be used for. They will usually match with you now but afterwards they will not bother to start a conversation, or if you start the conversation first they will ignore you. The ones who don’t ignore you will usually never put in any effort into keeping the conversation going; they will respond to you with cliché statements or one-word answers resulting in the both of you not achieving anything.

All this pretty much means that most women using this app are only there to live off the hype and get an ego boost out of watching guys they’ve matched with try so hard at trying to get into their pants. The large majority of them are probably just there to exchange their vaginas for free dates and statuses just to brag about it to their BFFs and her peers later.

2- Looks Are Deceiving

Not sure if I really need to explain this one, but obviously thanks to all these Snapchat effects and other graphic apps, it doesn’t take more than one brain stem for a person to take a selfie nowadays and make themselves appear like a walking walk of art. Let's also not forget the truckload of makeup they put on before taking their profile pic. Anyway, I'm not so picky when it comes to looks but for those of you that are I would think twice before subscribing to this app.

3- Most Of These Women Don’t Live Up To Their Own Words

The app was clearly made for hookups yet I must say at least seven out of ten people write, “I don’t do hookups” as their headline. If that is something a scumbag doesn’t do, then I sure as hell don’t know what a scumbag is. Others treat it like a normal dating app, so whenever you match with them and they show interest they will interrogate you by asking questions like:

- What do you do for a living?

- How many girls are you fucking?

- What do you like in a woman?

- Can I friend request you on FB?

And the list goes on. Finally, most of them are even too afraid to meet in person. I remember matching with ten women and they used to make excuses at the last minute whenever we came to a meet-up agreement, and I’m not the only one who has experienced this. I have three cousins who were using this app for the same time length as me and will tell you the same.

4- It’s Risky and Dangerous

A while back I was told that hyposexuality in a woman is a sign of insanity. Talking from experience the probability of this is high so if that’s the case then I don’t see any victory in succeeding with women who use the app for what it was intended for. We must not forget that you may never know what the true intentions of some women using this app are, as some may be using it to achieve selfish ends such as:

- looking for someone to commit adultery with

- she may be already taken and looking for that “other man”

- looking for someone to fuck tonight in exchange for favors later

- looking for someone to fuck and then bug the shit out of later

And course the list goes on. So, with that said I really don’t see any point in taking such risks.

5- It’s A Waste Of Time

As I mentioned earlier most of the girls on this app are just in it for the hype; they just want to match up with all the guys they find hot just to see which one of them is gonna waste his time trying to hit on them, so she can have the of her life watching them use cheesy pickup lines on her. Let’s not forget that they always give off the wrong signal any chance they get; I don’t know if they do it intentionally or not. To be honest, the only good thing this app did for me was keep me entertained while I was bored at work. So, if you are using this app I must remind you, be ready to be deceived.


So there you have it folks, the top reasons why I don’t use this app. The other day I was thinking, maybe this app was probably created by a bunch of third-wave feminist computer geeks looking for a way to exploit modern day men even further or to probably give the ugly attention whores easier access to the mainstream. I wouldn’t be surprised because this app sounded too damn good to be true to me since day one.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Men are the same. A lot of men won't write first and many won't even reply if the girl writes first. Me and my friends aren't ugly but still I started to believe that was the case, so we made a few fake profiles with photos of very good looking (but realistic so they wouldn't suspect it was a fake account) girls and it was the same thing - a lot of guys who didn't write anything and lots of guys who didn't even answer when we wrote.

    2. Yes looks are deceiving. I've met 1 guy from tinder (coffee date) and he looked way better in his pictures than in real life. I've also added some other guys from tinder on facebook and more often than not seeing their facebook photos made it clear that they looked nothing like they did on tinder.

    3. A lot of people don't see it as a hookup app and what guys need to understand is that most women are not interested in hookups. You can create how many "hookup apps" you want but that doesn't mean that women will suddenly start to want to use them for hookups. If you believe you'll find an app like tinder where all the girls want to just have sex as well then you're living in fantasyland. Well, either that or you'll have an app/site with very, very few women and A TON of men. Because, like I said, most women don't just want sex/hookups.

    4. Yes it is and it's the same for women.

    5. It's the same for women.

    I have not yet stopped using it but I'm not very active anymore. I used to use it for trying to find a potential boyfriend (I'm trying most dating sites/apps where you meet people) and I made an effort. I answered/wrote to all guys I matched with and tried to keep the conversation going but they were all just very boring (giving short answers as you mentioned) and were "not looking for anything", "don't know why I'm on this app" or was just looking for sex. Some were cheating on their girlfriends and some pretended to be looking for something serious just to start asking for nudes and talking about sex ones we got on facebook or exchanged numbers. It's the same thing as any other dating site - even the ones intended for people who want something serious. I guess most guys don't want a relationship - the same way women don't want just sex. So now I put no effort into tinder or any other site. I swipe when I'm bored and might respond to someone if they look hot or seem interesting, but I don't take it seriously and I stop replying after a few messages. So I don't use it for the "hype"/attention, I use it when I'm bored.

    • obviously I never said it was different for women but I can't speak for them because I've never opened up a false catfish account. so if women dont want hookup then why not look for another app that's more appropriate for actual dating like OKCupid, POF, etc? either you just proof my point that most women who use that app are in it to get an ego boost. I mean this app is notorious for being a "hook up" app so no I'm living in fantasy. perhaps those women who are in it are the ones living the fantasy by acting like scumbags.

      lmao good luck finding a boyfriend in that app! an yea you want to be part of the hype and get the attention when you are "bored"

Most Helpful Guy

  • Reading profiles on Tinder is a waste of time as a guy. This is the most efficient method for Tinder as a guy IMO:

    Continuously swipe right without looking at profiles... until the matches run out. I dont even look at the screen. I just whack the heart button continuously while doing something else.

    Then after 12 hours, rinse and repeat.

    Only read profiles when u get a match. Then either unmatch or message and see where things go.

    • that's exactly what I used to do as well

    • another thing you can do is is use the 2km glitch - if you set your distance to 2kms anyone who has swiped right to you will appear BUT also if there is anyone 2km or closer they will appear as well SO check the distance of the girl because if you set it to 2km and it say 33kms away than she swiped right to you.

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What Girls Said 8

  • It became the hookup app bc the choosing was based on pics first... it wasn't necessarily intended as a hookup app.

    I'm seeing someone now but I used and liked Tinder for a brief amount of time before I ended up meeting my boyfriend at a party.

    I only used online dating in terms of staying open to all avenues of meeting people, not because I couldn't find a date... I just wanted to see what was out there... get to know people... and see who I clicked with, I never had any intent of using a man for a date, In fact, I made sure we met at downtown park and at best went dutch on coffee or juice at most so that way there was no confusion of motives and there was no pressure to have a long date if it wasn't there. A 'real' date could come after we'd met long enough to decide we wanted to spend that kind of time or energy together.

    What can I say... some of us women have respect and chivalry too. I have guy friends so I understood it. I knew it was tougher on the men than it was on us so I made every effort to even the playing field.

    But I honestly don't hook up. That's how you get STD's and unwanted children.

    The reason girls like it, or this one anyway... is the same reason many guys like it... for a change we get to choose based on who we're actually attracted to... without all of the frills. Swipe, swipe, swipe... and then I only deal with guys who show a mutual interest to begin with.

    Do you know how many bad dates I've gone on because I guilted myself into giving someone a chance that I wasn't even interested in in the first place because I was weak rather than logical about it all? How many disgusting fetishes I've learned of or anger issues that quickly came to surface? How many creepy red flag remarks I've endured? And how many psycho ex stories I've been blessed enough to hear about?

    I understand it leaves room for abuse but it doesn't mean it's consistently abused across the board. Believe it or not, some of us women aren't any more complete dicks than all men are. Dating isn't all peaches and cream for us either bud.

    But there are good men out there and there are good men out there... good PEOPLE. We're not a collective bunch of dicks and vaginas.

  • Women made this app to exploit men because they want more than just sex. This is mind mindbogglingly paranoid.
    Did the app say "sex app" in the description? Have you ever MET any women, what did you think they would want?

    Also I got on Tinder and got added by a bunch of douches who never spoke to me. They only added me to feed their ego. This goes both ways.

    • of course its not gonna say "sex app" as their description, dont you think that be kinda stupid? promoting itself as a sex app?

      all you need to do is analyze the app and it function and you will know right away that its not just a dating app. and yes I've matched with 1000s of women during the time I used it and only scored with 2. and I think I already what they want

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    • If you say "if you don't use it like I do, you're a hypocrite", the SHOULD is implied. That is not rocket science either.

    • I never said "if you don't use it like I do, you're a hypocrite" either so you are soo barking at the wrong tree right now.

      sounds like you are confusing my Mytake with someone else's

  • I think it's hysterical that guys get so offended by girls using a dating for dating instead of hookups.
    It's app that is supposed to connect people it's not specifically a hook up app and never was. Realistically it was what people on it want it to be. And officially tinder describes itself as social networking app, so who are you to say it's just for hookups?

    • that's what they want you to believe, I'm pretty sure the people who created this app dont want to fuck up their own image

  • i don't think of it as a hookup app

    • it was up until I guess. either

    • either way it still very overrated and it lost its true meaning now that even prude people decided to invade it*

  • i don't use it or plan on using it anyways

  • I've only ever used it half seriously, but I'm not sure if I'd use Tinder for the purpose of finding a serious relationship.

  • ı aodnt use too

  • ı dont use either these kind of sites are full of perverts

    • I think I rather be in place full of perverts over a place filled with money/status hungry mind game hypocrites any day

What Guys Said 11

  • I heard it was really just meant for hookups instead of anything serious, such as long term relationships, not that it doesn't happen, but it's primarily meant for hook ups.

    When people make and design apps like these it's just a niche. Sure it would be free and all, but they probably earn profits from advertising companies and shit, in the end it's always about making money. If you go to here, you will understand what I meant: en.wikipedia.org/.../Tinder_(app)#Company_overview

    If there was not financial or monetary benefit do you think someone would ever bothered to make something like this app in the first place?

  • Yeah I agree. The women on their just wait for a model level looking guy with an amazing personality because they receive so many messages they think the guy for them will be that special one who will eventually turn up... reality check being he just wants to fuck.

  • Well I don't really do one night stands, their are simply to many negative consequences and for me personally I am just not all that interested so I don't know much about tinder. However I do think that its fairly obvious that its a hook up app, maybe that wasn't the intention but it is now so any one on their claiming to be using it for something else seems unlikely. I have also heard from women (on here) that they do it for an ego boost with no intent to follow through with anything. Personally I think its probably more of a detriment then a benefit to use tinder.

  • Great read! I'm still laughing my ass off... Sorry you let the attention whores waste so much of your time...

    • oh thanx!

      oh well I didn't even try to score anything out of this app, I knew it was bullshit from the start. the reason why I used it for so long was because it help my day go by faster while at work, must also not forget that my friends were pretty much pressuring me to use it to see if I keep up with them.

  • I have my issues with tinder and online dating in general but honestly some of these are a bit exaggerated and you can really say the same thing about other dating sites like POF, OkCupid, etc. Only difference is tinder is more appearance based than the other sites.

    I've met lots of women from all these sites and apps and no two women are the same. Besides not everyone on there is looking for just a hookup.

    I think the biggest issue with online dating as a whole is people get so many options and have the "grass is greener on the other side" mentality that flaking/ghosting is the norm, which makes it hard to find something serious from these sites. That's not to say it can't happen, but it's rare.

  • Yea bro I totally agree with u. I have been there before

  • I don't use any dating app because i 'm not looking for a date. LOL.

  • You need facebook for it so i dont think i will ever use it.

  • Tinder is made for attractive looking guys and for a women to hook up. It's an internet version of clubbing. If you're not a an attractive male and trying to get laid there or if you're looking for a girlfriend on Tinder, then you're really dumb.

  • right

  • First off, it's designed for people in their very late teens/early twenties... and it's mostly used for hookups by the college crowd (at least according to articles I've read recently), just not interested in it.