Some Fragmented Musings and an Alternative Take on MGTOW


Of course, this movement has become topical of late! I actually have sympathy for some of the notions that these men are trying to get across. Namely respecting oneself sufficiently that one doesn't put themselves under the feet of women, or feeding into their bullshit games (that some partake in, I should say).

The rest of the problem is a wider kind of societal sleepiness and descent into materialism. Namely, valuing men and women in terms of how they can materially benefit you and improve how one is esteemed (and I don't just mean overtly financially, but in terms of social status, 'hotness', other intangibles, all come under the umbrella of materialism).

As Goethe said: “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

The problem is, unconscious materialism is misery inducing. And the man (and woman) has to free himself from thinking his only value derives from how he is perceived by others in 'society', that his happiness depends on it! In reality, the only person you are responsible to is yourself and your conscience. You can't fool that. That you respect yourself and try as hard as you can to progress in the many spheres of your life: Personal development, facing your fears, challenging yourself and your preconceptions; no self delusion or escapism! What other people think of you does not matter one jot. Look at their preoccupations, the state of 'culture' and society in any case.

What we're missing from all the clever use of statistics, and all these aloof and lofty labels we wish to ascribe to ourselves, is love; and respect for each other as well as ourselves: The foundation of real relationship! If people wish to play these games, let them. But if we can free ourselves from them, then I am hopeful that we can find a partner who also doesn't believe in that bullshit. The 1% in the sea of madness. It's my belief too, that this goes hand in hand with self respect, the elusive love for yourself. If you don't treat people as an object, then you become less of an object yourself, so easily thrown on the scrap heap when others are through with you!

Of course, in reality, the problem is wider and far more entrenched than I have given voice to. That problem is of course, how we view ourselves and others is the unconscious consequence and conclusion of scientific-reductionist-materialist thinking. This may be an uncomfortable square to circle! In any case, I think we owe it to ourselves to try and change our way of thinking and be aware of how deeply our upbringing has influenced it.

Some fragmented musings and an alternative take on MGTOW

(I am obligated to add an image because apparently your attention span is insufficient to read a few paragraphs otherwise. So, here is Yoda, he has inspired this take greatly!)

Some Fragmented Musings and an Alternative Take on MGTOW
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  • madhatters4
    haha about the image thing. i posted a mytake and editor staff inserted a bizarre picture... sort of sad that people need pictures to be entertained...

    that aside i hope everyone reads this take. it is excellently written and really addresses fundamental aspect of relationships that seems to escape many people
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  • TuMeManques
    Oh my Levin, I love everything about this. If everyone had this mindset the world would be a better place.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    It's pretty rare that I read text heavy takes but this one was worth it. And it's also rare that someone on gag writes something with MGTOW in it without outright trashing the thing.

    So kudos. Good take, dude.
    • Levin

      Oh thank you, I appreciate that :) I don't normally write things like this, not sure what came over me, haha.

  • Luci92
    This is lovely. <3
    • Levin

      Cheers Lucy. And g'day from England!

    • Luci92

      Welcome and g'day mate :P

  • Adigelunar
  • bruce3
    good post