Get Girls Like An Old Man

There are many obstacles to having a nice flow of options when choosing a mate. The major obstacle, however, are the rules of society. For women, it's an unwritten but commonly understood rule that girls don't approach guys, period. And many girls let the "right guy" slip through their fingers and even go with guys they know to be jerks because they are aggressive and do the approaching even despite initial rejections. For men, it's an unwritten rule that approaching random girls is "ok" but also, most times, weird and borderline harassment. The rules are good if you think about what they accomplish--a system where girls never have to taste rejection and men never come off too aggressively. They're bad when you think about the fact that it doesn't allow for freedom.

Get Girls Like An Old Man

But you know who doesn't care about the rules anymore? Your grandpa.

Yes, every man, no matter how timid, eventually gets to the tenacious old man stage in his life. He doesn't care anymore. He doesn't have time to and for whatever reason they just don't bother him. You might already have a few old man traits such as not caring if you pay the meter or park inside the lines or cut people in line or say swear words when little children are present. These traits make you kind of an ahole but its traits that are very helpful when it comes to meeting people.

The Old Man system as it applies to dating can be used by both men and women. Basically, it's totally ignoring the rules of decorum and class. Being classy is actually the biggest inhibitor to meeting people because a lot of the time it will say don't for vairous reasons. It depends on them wanting to talk to you beforehand which is obviously impossible if you've never met them.

So then let's take an Old Man example and call him Leonard. Leonard happens to be sitting by you at the Starbucks. He sees you're reading a book about writing screenplays. He asks you what that book is and you tell him the title he says is it good you say eh its alright I've ready better he say he always wanted to write a screenplay then asks what kinds of scripts you write you say oh i don't know i jump around but maybe sci fi he says oh thats exciting like the movie alien and you're like yeah kinda and he's like my granddaughter loves sci fi you all would get along really well i bet.

So what's interesting about that painfully boring conversation? first off, leonard interrupted your space and time when he asked what you were reading and then either didn't get or ignored the hint when you only said the title and didn't elaborate that that meant you didn't want to talk to him. in fact, he repeatedly ignored your hints that you weren't interested and just kept rambilng forcing you to continually engage him back. Yes he's an old man so you have more patience but also he's an old man so you're more than likely not going to get any satisfaction out of talking to him and so are more likely to disregard him.

But what's really interesting is that for a lot of guys (and substitute granddaughter for grandson for girls) this last statement would actually pique their interest. Yet, if leonard had interrupted you from your reading with my granddaughter is into sci fi you two would get along really well as an opening statement you would been like uh ok well i'm seeing someone so thank you but yeah...goodbye. so on some level leonard knew what he was doing even though he seemed to just be an overly curious old man. he knew he needed to engage you somehow even though you didn't want to and get you to invest a little in the conversation before dropping the bait. The bait of course is his granddaughter. Now you WANT to talk to him. he can sit back with his bald head and big belly and his old eyes and just have a nice conversation to make his Wednesday afternoon.

So then with your own dating life...take into account that hey if you're not at a bar or a club people don't usually want to talk to you which sucks cuz thats how you meet people more often in terms of long term relationships. As such, you have to know how to keep someone on the line and break down their defenses of thinking you're trying to bother them like an old man would. Yes this is boring and many times you will have long conversation and lots of numbers that lead no where. Yes this is not original, girls do it a lot hoping guys get the hint that they like them and want to be asked out. But what it is good at is again flipping someone anywhere anytime. So get your old man swag on...

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  • Basically, you are saying that more girls could try taking the initiative? I just think anything is moderation is fine.


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  • Old men have money, but I don't have any money..

  • "Get Girls Like An Alpha"




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