What I've Taken Away From My Rejections

1. If a girl is in your class and is asking for your help with homework all the time while being flirty, don't trust her. She is just using you, and if you try to get anything else out of it then you're being an idiot (me in middle school).

2. If a girl is being hot and cold, stop trying to pursue her. This has come up several times, but mostly in high school and the beginning of college. A girl will seem to click well with me, we will talk on the phone together and maybe even go for coffee or to lunch together to get to know each other. Everything will seem great and then you will get ghosted out of nowhere. Yeah, don't try to text or call her again. She was either using you for a free meal, boosting her ego in some evil way, or didn't have the heart to tell you she didn't want to see you anymore and was being fake throughout the entire lunch date. She doesn't care about you.

3. If a girl makes an excuse as to why she can't go on a date, then don't ask again. She doesn't want to do it, but, again, doesn't have the heart to just say no. Why is this so damn hard for women? Who knows. They can leave you high and dry out of the blue but feel that a direct rejection is "too harsh."

4. If a girl decides to text you a bunch of flirty things and then decides to completely ignore you the next day when you see her in person, she's just a bitch I guess? Don't really know how to explain that one.

5. If you've been going on dates with a girl for four months like once a week and then all of a sudden she doesn't show up on a date and doesn't ever talk to you again, she's just a bitch I guess?

Conclusion: Women are not for me and I will no longer be dating or attempting to do so. For whatever reason girls believe they can mess with me constantly and see no harm in it. I wouldn't feel so bad if it were just constant rejections, but it's way worse being strung along and dropped just like that and not knowing what happened. Every now and then I'll meet a girl who seems absolutely amazing and it seems like she might be someone I could see myself truly loving one day. And then again, at the drop of a hat, she doesn't talk to me again.

What are you supposed to change when a girl acts flirty with you and then all of a sudden doesn't want you? And it always happens? At this point in my life, the correct decision to make is to simply give up. No more torturing myself by trying to get women who will never care about me the way I want to care about them. If there isn't a beautiful girl out there who will care about me then so be it. I've been alone my whole life and don't mind being alone for the rest of it either. I find that whenever I try to pursue a girl who seems great that's when I'm the saddest. Not going after women seems like a freeing way to live and logical for someone who hasn't had any success. The reward is so low anyways. You only live for 80 years or so, why continue going through all this shit? For what? A girl I will never be able to fully trust based on all I've been through? Someone who can drop me just like that and have no remorse? Seems like a pretty awful investment if you ask me.

What I've Taken Away From My Rejections


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  • For 1 and 2 - She wants to have sex with you.
    For 3 and 4 - You dint have sex with her , so she is trying to get rid of you.
    For 5 - She found a better guy who is good looking than you, richer than you and is good in bed than you.

    Bottomline - 1,2,3,4,5,6 these type of women are not loyal, you should just pump them as long as she or you find the person of your dreams and then toss them aside like trash, they deserve this.

  • I'm sorry to hear that... That girl is playing games with you... Thank you for drinks... Thank you for meals... Maybe buy me that neck lace in the store... I've seen some did that for years. I hope that you can find somebody better. Hugs!


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