Top 5 Ways To Ditch A Bad First Date

So you are on your way to meet up with a new guy or girl for the very first time and you are thinking in your head, "This date could go extremely well or horribly wrong". It is normal to be both anxious and excited about meeting a man or woman for the first time; after all you probably know very little about them which doesn't help the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

There are many ways of approaching a first date and having an ironclad back-out plan, or five, is very important. What if he or she turns out to be a creep? What if he or she is very uninteresting and you know for a fact the date is going nowhere? You wouldn't want to waste anyone's time, right? Here is a list of the top five best ways to ditch a date according to how bad it is going.

#1- The Fake Phone Call

Plan ahead and have a close friend call or text you at a certain time where you know you'll be far enough into the date to have assessed the situation, but not far enough that it's too late to escape. Anyone that has ever gone on a first date before has probably set up some sort of fake phone call with a friend. The purpose of this is to give you some sort of out, and if you don't need it (say, the date is actually going well) then you can click 'ignore' on your phone and enjoy the rest of your evening.

What if he or she turns out to be a creep? What if he/she is very uninteresting & you know for a fact the date is going nowhere? Having an ironclad back-out plan is very important.

#2- The Straightforward Approach

"Honesty is the best policy" is a phrase that my parents drilled into my head over and over when I was a child, and you know what? It's true. Sometimes you have to suck up your pride and tell the honest truth if your date is spiraling downhill. If you're on a date with a person that you know doesn't deserve a "fake phone call" or "lame excuse" the best you can do is tell them the truth. Don't worry about interrupting what they're saying - you'll probably never see them again. All you have to do is keep it short and sweet. Tell them you don't feel any sort of connection and it would probably be best to end the night early. If your date has any sort of common sense, they will appreciate your honest actions.

#3- The Fake Illness

This is the easiest ditching method to use at the last minute. If you realize your date isn't going well, or there is no spark, or you are creeped out by the person, etc. just fake an illness. Pretend you ate something bad for lunch and it is starting to bother you. Claim you are coming down with the flu and you need to get home asap. Tell him or her that your ear is killing you and you may be coming down with a bad ear infection. Any illness excuse will work. Sure, you will appear to be a very obvious liar considering the term "I'm not feeling so well" has been over-used for years, but it will still do the trick.

  • Have a close friend call or text you
  • Tell the truth, and keep it short and sweet
  • Claim you are coming down with the flu
  • When your date has gone to the washroom, get up and leave
  • Start acting like a fool!

#4- The Quick Dip

Probably the most cowardly of options, this one occurs when your date has gone to the washroom. You get up and leave as if nothing ever happened. Never call him or her back. Never answer their phone calls. And pray that you never run into them on the streets. This is a successful method, however it is pretty low, and should only be used in extreme cases i.e. when your date is being extremely rude or crossing any sort of first date line.

#5- The Crazy Approach

I find this method works great, however you have to be able to stick to a certain role for it to be successful. Think about it, no one would enjoy dating a crazy person and all first impressions are created on the first date. If you want to turn off your date, start acting like a fool; be loud, outlandish, crazy, talking about your ex, play with your food, yell over to the bartender for another beer etc. Hopefully, if all works well, your date will want to leave all on their own.

Top 5 Ways To Ditch A Bad First Date
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