5 Tips for a Good First Date (For Guys)

5 Tips for a Good First Date (For Guys)

So, you want to make a good first impression, eh? Well here are 5 tips to improve your chances of date # 2! Remember, this isn't a flawless victory guide, it's ways to make you look like a real man worth dating.

1. Be Confident!

A big date-killer is the shy routine of "if I stay quiet and awkward, she'll totally dig it!" NO! Listen, you may or may not be a social guy, but show some self respect, dude! Girls like nice guys, but what they love is a CONFIDENT nice guy!

2. Be a Gentleman

Is a tux required? No! Must you rent a limo? God no! Can you still show her a good time? Hell to the yeah! Remember, don't be a lazy ass who is just in it cause she's hot. Show this woman you aren't just thinking with your penis. Remember, You're a man, and REAL men aren't defined by muscles or cars. They're defined by respect! Respect your woman and be the real man you are!

3. Set an appropriate mood

Is she a gamer? How about a LAN party, then? Likes movies? Hey, I think a new one just came out! Loves to eat at restaurants? There's an Olive Garden down the road! Don't be afraid to make suggestions, but let her steer the ship. If she's dating you, chances are you like SOMETHING similar!

4. This is a Date, Not a Honeymoon

Listen, I get it. The night was great, you had fun, and she looks like an angel in your eye. Remember, it's still date 1! Don't start doing the crazy stuff, like cruises. Save it for the well earned alone time you'll get with her for waiting.

and 5. Be Unpredictable!

Don't do the same things and act the same way all the time. Spice it up! You know who is predictable? A boy. You know who dates a boy? A girl. You don't want a girl, you want a woman! You're not a kid anymore, so don't act like one! Women like men, not boys. So be mysterious and interesting, get her hooked and keep her wanting to know more. Don't play your trump card on the first hand, slowly build in you're openness and bravery!

*Note: Girls, if any of this seems wrong, feel free to tell me :)

5 Tips for a Good First Date (For Guys)


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  • awesome take you deserve a pat on the back and TWO COOKIES! :D

  • I'll be unpredictable by making her pay for what she got. She'll never expect that and she'll love that I keep her on her toes.


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