Technology Is Ruining Friendships and Dating!

Technology is ruining friendships and dating!

Think about it. Young people nowadays are socially awkward. Instead of doing fun things with friends, people stare at their iPhone screens. I see groups of teenagers hanging around and they're all just looking down at their phones. People are missing out on life!

When it comes to love and dating though, it's a joke. Young people don't date. Instead, they go on Tinder and look for sex . Why? Because they're too shy to be in a relationship. Most girls now are sl**s. They don't look for a guy to date or anything, they go on Tinder and go to clubs and get f**ked by a new guy every weekend. I know so many girls that are younger than 25 and have slept with around 50 guys. If girls stopped giving sex away so easily it would fix the dating scene. Guys would have to work for sex, rather than get it after 1 hour of meeting the girl! And girls would be better off. Guys would start respecting them. They wouldn't just sexualise every girl they see. They would have to get to know them before sex and they would basically have to develop feelings. Guys would take girls personalities into account. It would help both men and women. If people just started living life rather than looking at an iPhone it would help society continue and maybe improve, but as of now. The only people REALLY benefitting from this internet driven era are Apple, Samsung, app creators etc. There ruining society for their own profit, typical Capitalism.

Technology Is Ruining Friendships and Dating!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • independentman
    Everyone blame the people because of autocontrol but it's not people.
    Most parents prefer to keep their kids indoor because they are more safe the problem is that the kid has no people to interact with and he end up interacting with screen which is very familiar in ruining nimal developing and create false expectations about real world.
    Also there is another thing call space and time which tehnology fix and seaching for a real partner to fit in requirements takes a lot of effort and time to find which in most cases is not a great deal after all. Tehnology offers to much which makes people confortable which is so relaxing and so bad at the same time.
    Considering that food nowadays don't bring enough energy and we are all tired after work we have a lot of friends at our home an in our packet then to worry about the judge and critisized by others. In fact when someone laughs at you online or you feel embarass you can delete edit or create a new account in real life moving isn't that easy like online enviroment offers
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Most Helpful Girl

  • bang678
    " If girls stopped giving sex away so easily it would fix the dating scene"

    But there shouldn't be pressure on guys to stop trying to sleep around? Thats kinda messed up logic.

    And sexualizing every girl they see is their own fault. No one controls how YOU think or behave. If you're an adult. Act like it.

    This seemed less like a discussion of phone use and more of a discussion about how you're sexist.

    As for phone use while it can interfere with socializing (My boyfriend and I are both guilty of looking at our phones while talking to each other.) I also think it can enhance socializing. It depends how you use it.

    For example when my brother brought his girlfriend over for the first time it was really awkward at first. We broke the ice by showing each other our favorite memes or vines and conversation grew from there.
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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    No, it would not 'fix the dating scene' if women stopped going on Tinder for cock. They would still have their awful attitudes.

    I won't say that Tinder and the like aren't contributing, because let's face it, they are. But they exist *because* the dating scene sucks so bad.
  • loveArt1983
    Don't forget walking and text typing as they go, that is so dangerous. Don't forget if walk into parking lot texting your guy he texting back how is that even possible he could run her over? I think safe to see I am so far from my phone. I don't even think of it, only time I want use it when I need to call relatives... if I want use for dating I have get phone with bigger hard-drive or something handle messages?
  • Unit1

    It's the people abusing it, that are ruining it.

    It merely connects us together.

    Next thing you tell us back before the computers and internet existed, that writing letters are ruining friendships and dating. Same thing, different method.
  • meatballs21
    You can't blame the phones because people get addicted to them.

    People absolutely do go out and do fun things with friends, but it sounds like you're too much of a curmudgeon to actually see it.
  • FatherJack
    The ( phone ) zombie apocalypse is here !! It's like a friggin' disease , too many Dorkus & Dorketta McDweebs wandering around aimlessly , never looking where the hell they are going , this has cost lives already in my local area , they just wander into busy roads , not even looking up from their phones.
  • Charlotte0204
    It also seems to lead to the guy you're dating liking some girls photo... and then u having an argument over something which means nothing.
  • zagor
    Yeah, I was in a fast food restaurant near UCLA a while back and 5 girls, obviously students, came in together as a group. Instead of talking amongst themselves, all 5 were glued to their phones. Kind of sad.
  • Prof_Don
    The technology itself isn't so bad. The main issue is that too many people overindulge on technology and depend on it too much.
  • Anonymous
    I'm really not so sure, I think they just exported their bad behavior to phones and social networking so that made it more common place.

    There's a bigger deeper problem at work here.
  • Anonymous
    that's right. hey talk on phone hours but when it comes to meeting face to face everybody is on their phone
  • Anonymous
    There are issues with online dating, but it isn't the phone's fault. There are people who go out and do things.

    That's like saying it's a car's fault and alcohol's fault there's drunk drivers.