Why The First Date Should Just Be A Potluck Picnic

Forget about fancy restaurants and movie theaters and bars and night clubs.

Forget about amusement parks and theme parks and tourist attractions.


Why The First Date Should Just Be A Potluck Picnic

The first date should be a simple potluck picnic in the park.

A picnic is:

- inexpensive

- flexible

- social

- has fresh air

It's inexpensive, because obviously, you'll buy ingredients that you can afford to make dishes that you know how to make. Besides, home-made cooking means having the ability to control the ingredients. In other words, you'll get to eat healthy cheaply and abundantly.

It's flexible. Don't like garlic or ginger? Don't add it then. Are you a strict vegetarian? Make something vegetarian then. Cooking is a very personal activity. So, sharing something that you've made is sharing a little bit of yourself. Also, if it rains, then you can always change the date easily. You never have to worry about contacting someone else to cancel an event for you.

It's social. Having a picnic in broad daylight allows you to see your date partner's face more clearly. Compare this to seeing your date in a dimly lit room in a restaurant, a movie theater, a bar, a night club, or some place at night. People can hide too much at night. By setting the picnic in the afternoon, they present themselves with virtues and flaws.

A picnic has fresh air and allows you to exercise after eating. A walk around the park is a good way to talk to your date partner as well as get your heart pumping. This should be a healthier alternative than sitting in a movie theater or sitting in a restaurant.

Ditch the dinner and movie. Have a picnic instead.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Very good advice. I tell people to ask them out to coffee. Not dinner, not a movie, but coffee. It's relaxed. It's not like a date, in the formal sense. It's more comfortable. But a picnic works great too.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Fuck it imma settle for girl who has this mind set. Fawkn love this mytake fo life.

  • Yes I've always thought this would be a great date, but I doubt I'll get there anytime soon

  • It also can be very romantic 😎😎


What Girls Said 2

  • I've always those were cute and simple. I like it!

  • Agree and it can be just as if not more romantic


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