The Fat Boy Pilgrimage

As a good looking guy who is also tall, I never was burdened with feelings of ugliness. Seeing just a bit of what "ugly" people go through, I can only imagine how hard that is to overcome in an increasingly superficial society. However, I think like with any of what I call the "golden external factors" such as money, looks, status, access--there is the tendency to rely on those things unconsciously not only as a primary attractor but as a sort of self esteem supplicator. Furthermore, I feel that people don't always see "you" when you have a golden external factor going in your favor, they see that thing you have and when that novelty eventually wears off so do you...

So starts the fat boy pilgrimage. I think every guy should effectively "let himself go" whether that be hit fitness, his dress, his status (say he's a friendless loser with no job don't actually be it just say it to the girl) so that he can learn that none of these things really matter. They're simply ways of meeting girls but shouldn't be the primary mover of attraction.

Realizations You Will Have:

1) Women are more comfortable around you...

When you let yourself go, you are effectively letting go of the standard society is pushing you to keep up. This will get you less head turns but more comfort. People will feel like they can be themselves around you. They will feel as though you speak authentically. You now have warm blanket like powers which oddily beats the guy who is hotter but makes her feel more insecure a lot of the time...

2) You will get tested

Of course, women will test you on this. The funny thing is that this is a good thing. A lot of people of both genders like someone who can take a joke made at their expense. This is because mockery is a very funny form of humor barely enjoyed because people can't hurt others feelings without feelings of shame and guilt. When you are unbothered by a few jokes made at whatever golden external factor you gave up, this seems to make people strangely happy. Also, by voluntarily choosing a golden external factor that doesn't matter much to you, you control what the jokes are about as oppose to them going for them you are actually sensitive about...

3) You will get tempted...

Your ego will seduce you in the background. It will give you visions that if you got that six pack or told that girl how much you make then you would be fighting girls off with a bat. This is mainly a lie. While wealthy businessmen and athletes date attractive girls, many of those girls get "burnt out" by the narcissism and want a guy who is really grounded and makes them feel like a star rather than makes them their fangirls. Que the slightly eccentric pudgy boy who dresses badly and everyone is like why does she date him?...Yeah, you're a dissapointment only because you don't conform to the societal standard everyone secretly wishes they could be free from. You are leaving breathing example that the system is BS and so those controlled by the system will feel really uncomfortable as you are a reminder that they live fake lives. Ironically, once you step outside the matrix, you can go back in and manipulate it. You realize the "attractive" woman are insecure, the "unattractive" women are overconfident, the "good" girls want a bad guy, the "bad" girls want a good guy. You see the system as it is because you're not trying to see the system make sense you know it doesn't. It functions primarily to keep everyone striving and perpetually unhappy so that they continue to support the Earth with their work which is done in pursuit of goals that don't exist. In other words...

Experience the fat boy pilgrimage for yourself...

The Fat Boy Pilgrimage

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  • Interesting-I've never dated a really chubby guy. A little chubby yes though. I was in high school, so, the system wasn't really a thing yet.


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  • Is this a ploy for you to get other men to become slobs so you have free reign over attractive women?


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